FINAL DAYS! Now through Saturday April 26 in our Ground Floor Gallery: "The Dean of American Printers: Theodore Low De Vinne and The Art Preservative of All Arts." This year marks the centenary of the death of Theodore Low De Vinne (1828-1914), one of the most important American figures of the 19th century book world. De Vinne was a founding member of the Grolier Club, and his De Vinne Press was responsible for most of the important Grolier Club works published during his lifetime. But he was also a leader in his profession (particularly in the development and adoption of new printing technology), a committed scholar in the history of printing, and an accomplished author of works on the origins and history of printing. The exhibition will feature more than 150 books, manuscripts, letters, photographs, and other objects illustrating De Vinne’s life and accomplishments, many drawn from the Grolier Club’s own collections. A number of public events are planned in connection with this show; for details on those and other upcoming Grolier Club events, click here. Gallery hours Monday-Saturday, 10 am-5 pm. A comprehensive illustrated catalogue of the exhibition is available at the Grolier Club, and through Oak Knoll Books.  

Now through Saturday May 24 in our Second Floor Gallery:
The Bardo Matrix Press was founded in Kathmandu in the early 1970s by original Velvet Underground drummer, artist and poet Angus MacLise and poet, photographer and publisher Ira Cohen as a publishing outgrowth of the Colorado artists’ collective of the same name. MacLise and Cohen commenced issuing pamphlets, booklets, posters, books, and broadsides by not only themselves and their fellow travelers, but also by some of the most important names of post-war literature: Paul Bowles, Gregory Corso, Diane Di Prima, and Charles Henri Ford were among the chosen. This exhibition is a comprehensive gathering of Bardo Matrix materials.