CARTERET BOOK CLUB (NEWARK, N.J.). Records, 1902-1958
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Carteret Book Club (Newark, N.J.) Records


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Carteret Book Club (Newark, N.J.)

Records, 1902-1958 (bulk 1908-1945).

Physical Description
7 boxes (3 linear feet)
7 photographs

Historical/Biographical Note
After an unsuccessful attempt to form the Collectors’ Club of Newark in 1902, the Carteret Book Club was founded 12 December 1908 at a meeting at the Public Library of Newark under the leadership of James E. Howell. It was named for Philip Carteret, the first colonial governor of New Jersey (1665). The club’s mission was to bring together book collectors, printers and other bookmen; to publish original or previously unpublished material (often with specially commissioned illustrations); and to hold free exhibitions of rare and fine printing. Thomas L. Raymond, Mayor of Newark, was the club’s first president. The long-time secretaries were, first, John Cotton Dana, librarian of the Newark Public Library, and then William Macey Stone, who held the position until his death in 1941. The club was organized as a corporation in which members bought shares of stock. It was dissolved in 1957.

Scope and Contents Note
Includes correspondence files (1908-1958) concerning publications of the club, exhibits, election of offers, general club business, and the liquidation of the club (1955-1957). Much of this is directed to the secretaries, John Cotton Dana and his successor, Wilbur Macey Stone. A small amount of correspondence and printed materials concern another bibliophile organization, The Stowaways. Also included are typescripts and galley proofs of a few of the books and essays published by the club; printed materials, including registers of officers and members; ballots; exhibit catalogs; programs for dinners and other events; and a club handbook. Also minutes (1908-1946) and a scrapbook (1902-1913) containing some of the meeting notices, programs and other printed materials and ephemera produced by the club. Includes a folder of material for memorial volume for Wilbur Macey Stone which includes biographical notes and essays, printed material and bibliographies of his work, and a holograph tribute by Frederic W. Goudy. Also proofs of club citations to Arthur Guiterman and Lynd Ward (1942).

Collection includes correspondence from: Elmer Adler, Paul Bennet, Joseph Blumenthal, Melbert B. Carey, Richard W. Ellis, Rowland C. Ellis, Walter Gilliss, Ben Grauer, Philip Hofer, James E. Howell, William Southworth Hunt, Willis Fletcher Johnson, Douglas C. McMurtrie, Christopher Morley, Thomas L. Raymond, Frances Twombley, and Daniel Berkeley Updike.

Finding Aid Note
Unpublished inventory available in repository; folder level control.

Dana, John Cotton, 1856-1929.
Dana, John Cotton, 1856-1929. Correspondence.
Stone, Wilbur Macey.
Adler, Elmer, 1884-1962. Correspondence.
Bennett, Paul, 1897-1966. Correspondence.
Bluementhal, Joseph, 1897- . Correspondence.
Carey, Melbert B. (Melbert Brinckerhoff), 1892-1941. Correspondence.
Ellis, Richard W. (Richard Williamson), 1895-1982. Correspondence.
Gilliss, Walter, 1855-1926. Correspondence.
Grannis, Ruth Shepard, 1872-1954. Correspondence.
Grauer, Ben. Correspondence.
Guiterman, Arthur, 1871-1943. Awards.
Hofer, Philip, 1898- . Correspondence.
Howell, James E. Correspondence.
Hunt, William Southworth, 1879-1940.
Johnson, Willis Fletcher, 1857-1954.
Jordan, William.
McMurtrie, Douglas C. (Douglas Crawford), 1888-1944. Correspondence.
Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957. Correspondence.
Raymond, Thomas L. (Thomas Lynch), 1875-1928. Correspondence.
Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883- . Correspondence.
Rogers, Bruce, 1870-1957. Correspondence.
Twombley, Frances. Correspondence.
Updike, Daniel Berkeley, 1860-1941. Correspondence.
Ward, Lynd, 1905-. Awards.

Carteret Book Club.
Stowaways (Organization)

Book clubs. New Jersey. Newark. 20th century.
Book collecting. Societies, etc.
Ephemera. New Jersey. Newark. 20th century.
Printers. Societies, etc.

Ephemera. New Jersey. Newark. 20th century.
Galley proofs.
Scrapbooks. New Jersey. Newark. 20th century.

Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022-1098.

Carteret Book Club (Newark, New Jersey): Inventory of Records

Box 1 Correspondence and Other Material about Publications of the Carteret Book Club
f. 1 Publications of the Carteret Book Club: A Checklist from 1910—1941, with holograph additions 1943-1957? 10 March 1942. Typescript. 21p.
f.2 Correspondence regarding Letters of Hawthorne to William D. Ticknor, 1851-1864. 1910. (2 vols.) [Letters written mainly while Nathaniel Hawthorne was U. S. Consul at Liverpool, 1853-1857. File includes clippings about the book.]

f.3 Correspondence regarding Criticism: an Essay, by Walt Whitman (1913) and Charles Dickens: an Appreciation by Charles Dudley Warner. 1913. [Includes letters to John Cotton Dana, librarian of the Free Public Library of Newark and Secretary of the Carteret Book Club.]

f.4 Correspondence regarding Rubyait of Omar Khyyam . 1915. [First publication of the Carteret Press.] Title-page wood engraving by Rudolph Ruzicka.

f.5 Correspondence regarding Alfred W. Pollard, Modern Fine Printing in England and Mr. Bruce Rogers. 1916. [Includes clippings about the book and TLS by George Watson, John Cotton Dana, A. L. Harding, and Bruce Rogers.

f.6-9 Correspondence regarding Life of Giambattista Bodoni, by Frances Twombley. [Includes correspondence with Henry Bullen of American Typefounders Company’s Typographic Library and Museum, typescript drafts (1915-1917), and clippings.

f. 10-12 Correspondence regarding Newark: a Series of Engravings on Wood by Rudolph Ruzicka with an
Appreciation by Walter Pritchard Eaton. 1916-1917. [Printed by Daniel Berkeley Updike; 1 ALS from Rudolph Ruzicka.] 3 folders.

Box 2 Correspondence and Other Material about Publications of the Carteret Book Club
f.1 Correspondence regarding Alias Walt Whitman by Harvey O’Higgins. 1930. [Correspondence with printer, Richard W. Ellis, proprietor of Georgian Press in Westport, CT and clippings.]
f.2,3 Correspondence regarding Stephen Crane by Thomas L. Raymond. Frontispiece woodcut portrait by Rudolph Ruzicka. 1923. [Includes ALS from Ruzicka. Also paper read at unveiling of a tablet placed at the Newark Public Library on the 50th anniversary of Crane’s birth. TLS from Willis Fletcher Johnson of the New York Tribune giving many details of Crane’s career from first-hand knowledge.
f.4 Correspondence regarding “Meadows,” or Dutch Houses. 1919-1924. [Project was not realized.]
f.5 Correspondence regarding The Pageant of Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire. 1927. [Includes clippings.]
f.6 Correspondence regarding Frank Forester/Henry William Herbert: a Tragedy of Exile. by William Southworth Hunt. 1933. [Includes correspondence from Fred Anthoesen of Southworth Press and William Southworth Hunt.]
f.7,8 Correspondence regarding Colonial Dutch Houses in New Jersey/Twenty Wood-Engravings by Rowland C. Ellis. 1933. [Includes typescript of introduction by James O. Betelle; ALS from Ellis; TLS from Betelle.]
f. 9 Daniel Berkeley Updike and the Merrymount Press. 1940. [Published by American Institute of Graphic Arts; 85 specially bound copies made available to Carteret Book Club members.]
f.10 Harsh Words: an Address Delivered at a Meeting of the American Institute of Graphic Arts….1940. [Designed by Thomas M. McClelland; includes ALS from Paul Bennett.]
f.11,12 Material prepared for memorial volume on Wilbur Macey Stone. Includes lists of his publications and clippings about him. Holograph “Tribute” by Frederic Goudy. TLS from Christopher Morley and Elmer Adler. Also 3 photographs of WMS and 4 photographs of his library.

Box 3 Correspondence and Other Material about Publications of the Carteret Book Club
f.1 Correspondence regarding Thomas Bewick, Engraver by Rudolph Ruzicka. 1943. [Published by the Typophiles; 55 copies for the Carteret Book Club. TLS from Fred Anthoesen and Paul Bennett.]
f.2-4 Correspondence regarding Henry William Herbert and the American Book Publishing Scene, 1831-1858. 1943. [Frank Forester was pseudonym of William Henry Herbert (see Box 2, f.6). Includes photograph of his tombstone, and copy of photograph labeled “The Cedars”; galley proofs of book. ALS from Elmer Adler; TLS from Ruth Shepard Grannis and Fred Anthoesen. This title was selected as one of the 50 best books of the year by the American Institute of Graphic Arts in 1944.] Correspondence in f.2.
f.5 Owed to the Book. [Published by the Typophiles; slip inserted: Dividend no. 1 in Liquidation of Carteret Book Club. ALS from Paul Bennett dated 10 October 1957.]
f.6 Bruce Rogers: Marks and Remarks. 1946. [Published by the Typophiles; 60 copies printed for members of the Carteret Book Club. TLS from Paul Bennett.]

Box 3 Correspondence and Other Material about Exhibitions Sponsored by Carteret Book Club
f.7 First Exhibition 12 April 1909—3 May 1909. Exhibition shown in connection with printing exhibit at the Newark Public Library. [Includes clippings and correspondence with lenders. Also catalog: Catalog of Rare and Specially Printed Books Shown at the Third Annual Printing
Exhibition in the Free Public Library by Members of the Club.] 4 copies of the 1,000 printed.

f.8 Rudolph Ruzicka Exhibit. 1917. [not numbered] An Exhibition of Wood Engravings by Rudolph Ruzicka with Illustrative Examples of Past Times. Carteret Book Club by the Museum Association. Newark Public Library, 5—31 March 1917. [Consists of engravings for a book on Newark scenes by William Pritchard Eaton (see Box 1, f. 10, 11). ALS from Rudolph Ruzicka.]

f.9 Fifth Exhibition 12 April—1 May 1920. An Exhibition of the Evolution of the Art of the Book and in Praise of Printing. [Held at Free Public Library of Newark (16 copies). File also includes clippings. Also: Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester, New York). Catalog of an Exhibition of the History of the Art of Printing, 1450—1920. September—October 1920. Also information and correspondence on competition for public schools sponsored by the Carteret Book Club with competition questions and ALS from student prize winners. ALS from Walter Gilliss.]

f.10 Exhibition: The Richard Pritchard Jenkins Collection of Books Illustrative of the Art of Fine Printing. 1925. Shown at the Public Library of Newark from 21 May to 20 June 1925 under the auspices of the Carteret Book Club. [Includes announcements, clippings, etc. Jenkins was a Newark manufacturer. ] 10 copies of exhibition information leaflet.

f.11 Miniature Book Exhibition. 1925. A Showing of Miniature Books under the Auspices of the Carteret Book Club of Newark at the Newark Public Library, 17 December 1924 to 17 January 1925. [Includes clippings, announcement, pamphlet with essay on miniature books.]

Box 4 General Correspondence
f.1 Correspondence 1908-1910. [Includes many letters addressed to John Cotton Dana.]
f.2 Correspondence of James E. Howell, 1908-1909 with John Cotton Dana. [JEH expresses strong view that the club should print original work.]
f.3 Correspondence of John Cotton Dana and W. H. Arnold. 1909.
f.4 Correspondence with American Typefounders Co. (Henry Bullen).
f.5 Correspondence regarding books borrowed for club exhibit on New Jersey Imprints (April 1910) with listing of 60 books bound by William Nelson.
f.6 Correspondence 1912-1919.
f.7 Correspondence of Daniel Berkeley Updike and Thomas L. Raymond (1913-1914) regarding club plan to publish a series of books on printing. Includes TLS from Updike (21 December 1913 and 12 January 1914.
f.8 Correspondence 1915-1917. Includes 3 TLS from Douglas C. McMurtrie about publishing program.
f.9 Correspondence 1924-1926. Mostly regarding publications. File includes clippings.
f.10 Correspondence and memorabilia regarding The Stowaways and Carteret Book Club member William Macey Stone.
f.11,12 Correspondence 1942-1943. (2 folders)
f.13 Correspondence of Secretary (Wilbur Macey Stone), 1925-1928. Includes letters to him and TLS dated 23 May 1934 from Joseph Blumenthal of Spiral Press about possibility of doing work for the club.

Box 5 General Correspondence
f.1 22 August 1940—18 March 1941.
f.2 24 March 1941—13 September 13 1941 Includes some galley proofs.
f.3 29 September 1941—29 December 1941.
f.4 29 December 1941—19 May 1947 (bulk dates 1941—1942. Concerns printing and reprinting of catalog of the Comte de Fortsas hoax. ALS from Ben Grauer; TLS from Paul Bennett, Melbert B. Cary, and Philip Hofer. Published by Cary at his Press of the Woolly Whale as: The Fortsas Bibliohoax, by Walter Klinefelder with a Reprint of the Fortsas Catalog and Bibliographical Notes and Comment by Weber De Vore. 1941.

f.5 Correspondence 1942—1946.
f.6 Miscellaneous with notices 1931-1937. Includes clippings and items about club’s 25th anniversary.
f.7 Correspondence regarding William Jordan, book designer, and illustrator, and member of The Stowaways. Includes TL from unidentified person at printing house of William Edwin Rudge and letters to Wilbur Macey Stone about Jordan.

Box 5 Miscellaneous Materials
f.8 Miscellaneous clippings. 1909-1917.
f.9 Proxies, etc. 1990—1911. Includes some correspondence about proposed members and publications.
f.10 Liquidation of the Carteret Book Club. 1955-1957. Includes announcement, correspondence and plans to dispose of stock of club publications.

Box 6 Charter, Bylaws and Minutes
Minutes. 15 December 1908—27 October 1932. 1 bound volume. [Includes “Preliminary Notes” on establishment of club and material on incorporation. Club was organized as a corporation in which members brought stock. Holograph bylaws of the club as adopted 4 January 1909. Occasional financial statements.]
f.1 Charter and Bylaws. Drafts 1908-1909.
f.2 Charter and Bylaws. 1910. (4 copies) 1931 (6 copies). [Includes Members, Officers, Charter: Bylaws 1908-1920. (6 copies). [Outlines purpose of club and issues invitation to join; limited to 80 members.]
f.3 Minutes 27 February 1932—July 1946. [Includes “Modest Proposals for the Rejuvenation of the Carteret Book Club” by Dean Edward Hodnett (ca.1941) and other open letters to members.]

Registers of Officers and Members: 1926 (4 copies); Supplement dated January 1928.); 1931; 1934 (2 copies).

Box 7
Scrapbook: clippings, reports and other items 1902-1913. [Includes materials on attempt to form a Collectors Club of Newark in 1902.
f.1 Committee on Publications. Miscellaneous notices, etc. 1925-1942.
f.2 Committee on Publications. Prospectuses: Newark (1917; 2 copies); The Printer and Civilization. (1920; 3 copies)
f.3-5 Printed ephemera: Annual meeting and dinner announcements, etc.
First Flight: a Collection of Writings by Students and Recent Alumni… 1938 .Dedicated to members of the Carteret Book Club. [A collection of writings by students at the University of Newark, published by Easterwood Press; unnumbered.]
First Flight. No. 2. Spring 1940.
f..6 Carteret Book Club Citation to Arthur Guiterman for his contribution to American Humor. 1942. (Proof sheets).
Carteret Book Club Citation to Lynn Ward for his contribution to American Book Illustration. 1942. [Handset in Civilite type and printed by Robert and Carola Hinke at the Easterwood Press.]
f.7 Proposal on John Woods Press. [Proposed press to be operated by the club and named for the first printer in Newark, 1791. Includes information on corporate status of the club.

Information on John Woods and Philip Carteret.

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