GOLDSCHMIDT, LUCIEN (FIRM : NEW YORK, N.Y.). Records, 1930-1991
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Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Records, 1930-1991


Main Entry
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc.

Records, 1930-1991 (bulk 1937-1986)

Physical Description
7 linear ft. (12 boxes; 16 bound volumes)
7 photographs

Historical/Biographical Note
Lucien Goldschmidt was born in Brussels 1912 and studied in Berlin. From 1930 to 1932 he worked in Berlin for the auction house of Max Perl. In 1933 Goldschmidt joined the Paris firm of Pierre Berès, and in 1937 he established the New York shop. While maintaining the shop, he served with the United States Third Army from 1943 to 1945, rising to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Among his assignments was the interrogation of German prisoners of war. Goldschmidt worked as the manager of Berès shop until 1954, when he opened his own shop and gallery. The business was first located at 6 West 56th Street, later moving to 6 West 56th Street, 33 East 75th Street, 1116 Madison Avenue, and finally to 1117 Madison Avenue in 1966. Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. dealt in European drawings and illustrated books as well as art books and French language books. The gallery issued 63 scholarly catalogs in the course of its existence and finally closed its doors on 28 February 1987. Goldschmidt remained active until his death in 1992. His private collection was sold at auction by Swann Galleries of New York City on 12 May 1994.

Goldschmidt joined the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America in 1949, the year of its founding, as manager of Pierre Berès’ New York shop. From 1954 he was a member as proprietor of Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. In addition, Goldschmidt was also a member of the Art Dealers Association of America and of the Grolier Club (1963-1992).

Marguerite Goldschmidt, a professional librarian with a diploma from Geneva University (1935), became an Associate of the Library Association (Great Britain) in 1938. She worked briefly at the Tübingen University Library (Germany) and then as a cataloger at the Bristol University Library from 1935 too 1945. She was working as a Librarian for the BBC at Bush House (1945-1946) when she met and married Lucien Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt came to New York with her husband in 1946 and worked in his business as a cataloger and in other capacities.

General Note
Lucien Goldschmidt was a member of the Grolier Club from 1963 to 1992. Marguerite Goldschmidt has been a member since 1996.

Scope and Contents Note
Business and some personal correspondence; ledgers and other business records. The collection also includes correspondence of Pierre Berès (1948-1954), including personal letters relating to Berès’ divorce, as well as bound and unbound catalogs and special lists issued by Berès in Paris and New York (1933-ca. 1955). The business correspondence of Lucien Goldschmidt includes letters from, among others: Jean Adhemar, Louis Auchincloss, Gabriel Austin, Leonard Baskin, Huguette Berès, J. Rives Childs, Caresse Crosby, Marcel Duchamp, Peter Gay, Philip Hofer, Ada Louise Huxtable, Mary Hyde (later Vicountess Eccles), William A. Jackson, and Andre James. Also: Abe Lerner, A. Hyatt Mayor, Paul Mellon, Robert Nikirk, Howard M. Nixon, Charles Ryskamp, Lessing Rosenwald, Leo Steinberg, Francis Steegmuller, and Donald Wing. A separate correspondence file relates to the purchase of a collection of works by the French artist Felicien Rops by film director Michael Wilson. The unbound collection of catalogs issued by Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. between 1957 and 1986 includes annotations regarding prices, purchasers, and dates catalogs were mailed to customers. Also, an extensive collection of obituary and other articles on rare book and fine arts dealers. Miscellaneous material includes: appraisals of the collections of Frank Altschul and Claus von Bulow; documents relating to William Smith (1727-1803), Provost of the College of Philadelphia; galley proofs for Unpublished Correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, edited by Lucien Goldschmidt and Herbert D. Schimmel (London: Phaidon, 1969); and several lists of materials prepared by Goldschmidt’s wife, Marguerite Goldschmidt.

Restrictions on Use
Personal correspondence of Pierre Berès and Simone Groger restricted for ten years following death of Pierre Berès.

Finding Aid Note
Unpublished finding aid available in repository; folder level control.

Publications Note
Goldschmidt, Lucien, and Schimmel, Herbert D., eds. Unpublished Correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. London: Phaidon, 1969.

Adhemar, Jean. Correspondence.
Altschul, Frank, 1887-1981. Appraisals.
Auchincloss, Louis. Correspondence.
Austin, Gabriel. Correspondence.
Barker, Nicholas. Correspondence.
Baskin, Leonard, 1922- Correspondence.
Berès, Huguette, d. 1999.
Berès, Pierre, b. 1913-
Berès, Pierre, b. 1913- Correspondence.
Childs, J. Rives (James Rives), 1893-1987. Correspondence.
Crosby, Caresse, 1892- Correspondence.
Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968. Correspondence.
Gay, Peter, 1923-
Goldschmidt, Lucien. Correspondence.
Goldschmidt, Lucien, ed. Unpublished Correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 1969
Goldschmidt, Marguerite.
Groger, Simone. Correspondence.
Hofer, Philip, 1898- Correspondence.
Huxtable, Ada Louise. Correspondence.
Hyde, Mary. Correspondence.
Jackson, William A. (William Alexander), 1905-1964. Correspondence.
Jammes, Andre. Correspondence.
Lerner, Abe, 1908- Correspondence.
Mayor, A. Hyatt (Adolphus Hyatt), 1901- Correspondence.
Mellon, Paul. Correspondence.
Nikirk, Robert. Correspondence.
Nixon, Howard M. Correspondence.
Rops, Felicien, 1833-1898.
Ryskamp, Charles. Correspondence.
Rosenwald, Lessing, 1891-1979. Correspondence.
Schimmel, Herbert D. 1909- ed. Unpublished correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 1969.
Smith, William, 1727-1803.
Steinberg, Leo, 1920- Correspondence.
Steegmuller, Francis. 1906- Correspondence.
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri, 1864-1901. Correspondence. English and French. Selections. 1969.
Von Bulow, Claus, 1925- Appraisals.
Wilson, Michael. Correspondence.
Wing, Donald, 1904- Correspondence.

Antiquarian booksellers. New York (State). New York. 20th century.
Antiquarian booksellers. New York (State). New York. Catalogs.
Antiquarian booksellers. United States. 20th century. Obituaries.
Antiquarian booksellers. France. Paris. 20th century
Antiquarian booksellers. France. 20th century. Obituaries.
Art dealers. New York (State). New York.
Art dealers. New York (State). New York. Catalogs.
Prints. Dealers. New York (State). New York. 20th century.
Rare books. Catalogs.

Appraisals. New York (State). New York. 20th century.
Bookseller catalogues. New York (State). New York. 20th century.
Bookseller catalogues. France. Paris. 20th century.
Clippings. 20th century.
Financial records. New York (State). New York. 20th century.
Ledgers. New York (State). New York. 20th century
Photographs. 20th century.

Occupation (as reflected in collection)
Antiquarian booksellers. New York (State). New York. 20th century.
Antiquarian booksellers. France. Paris. 20th century.
Antiquarian booksellers. 20th century. Obituaries.

Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022-1098.

Collection Inventory

Box 1
Lucien Goldschmidt and Pierre Berès
[Lucien Goldschmidt’s connection with Pierre Berès ended in 1954; a shop bearing the name Pierre Berès is still active in Paris as of 2001.]

Statement signed by Pierre Berès specifying that Lucien Goldschmidt would represent him in New
York City and start his business there. 1937 June 17. In French
Testimonial from Max Perl (Berlin auction house), stating that Lucien Goldschmidt was employed there from 1930 to 1932 and praising his capabilities, etc.] In French
Business correspondence of Lucien Goldschmidt with Pierre Berès, 1948-1954 (bulk 1958-1951).
Incoming (originals) and outgoing (copies). Includes some cablegrams.
1951 [includes a few letters dated 1952-1954]
Personal correspondence regarding divorce of Pierre and Huguette Berès, 1950-1952. In French.
Pierre Berès to LG. 1952.
Simone Groger (assistant to LG Berès) to LG). 1951.
Misc. correspondence. 2 ALS (photocopies)

Librairie Incidences (Paris shop operated by PB at 24 Rue Lafitte, Paris IX): Catalogs: Unbound
#5 Autographes de Peintres. 1933.
#6 Editions originales. 1933. (2 copies)
#8 Editions originales…Autographes, etc. n. d.

Pierre Berès, Inc. (6 West 56th Street, New York City): Special Lists: Unbound (all undated) (see also
Boxes 2 and 11)
#55 Literary Criticism
#56 Music and Musicians
#57 Philosophy
#59 Autograph Letters and Manuscripts
#62 Music
#70 Baroque Book Illustration
#72 French Literature: 20th Century
#73 Bibliographies and Reference Works
#74 Middle Ages
#75 Gay Nineties
#76 Autographs
#77 Russia

M. Edouard Girard (Paris).
Auction catalogs. Appraised values by M. Pierre Berès.
1933 March 6
1933 June 22

Raoul Dufy. “The Story of Light and Power.” Lithograph. 1937. Brochure announcing reproduction of
this 20-foot lithograph published by Berès. 1953. Includes color reproduction of a portion of the
lithograph which was issued in an edition of 350 copies.

Box 2
Pierre Berès Catalogs (see also Box 11)
Paris: Unbound catalogs
#2 Books and Bindings/Autographs and Portraits. 1938
Exposition Balzac. [1939] (not numbered)
#21 Beaux livres anciens. N.d.
#22 Livres reliures et autographes. 1939.
#23 Livres anciens et modernes. 1939.
#24 Livres anciens et modernes. 1940.
#40 Beaux livres des XVIIeme et XVIIIeme siecles. N.d.
#44 Livres anciens…du duc de Chartres. N.d.

New York City: Unbound catalogs
#5 Autograph Letters and Manuscripts, 1576-1940. 1941 (2 copies)
#6 Illustrated Books 1941/1942 (3 copies)
#11 French Books 1946/1947
#12 Christmas 1946
#13 Books on Social Thought. Spring 1947
#14 French Books… Winter 1947 [Includes list of purchasers and prices]
#15 Surrealist Movement. 1948 [Includes list of purchasers and prices]
#16 The 17th Century, N.d. (4 copies) [One copy includes list of purchasers and
#17 Books about the Fine Arts. N.d.
#19 The 18th Century. N.d.

M. Edouard Girard (Paris)
Auction catalogs; valuations by M. Pierre Berès. 1933 6 March and 22 June.

Box 3
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Correspondence
Correspondence with customers, collectors and dealers, etc. 1954-1989. Includes incoming and outgoing (copies) correspondence. English and French.
A to F
G to K
L to Z
Correspondence with film director Michael Wilson (James Bond 007 films) regarding his purchase in April
1977 of the Broccoli-Wilson collection of the drawings and photographs of artist Felicien Rops.
Correspondence with customers, incoming and copies of some outgoing. 1960-1978.
A to H
J to Ri
Ro to W
Folder of lists of correspondents prepared by Marguerite Goldschmidt.
Correspondence with customers, collectors and dealers, etc. 1954-1986.
Correspondence with Lucile Johnson Rosenbloom re sale of her husband’s collection. 1979 February
24-1986 June 10.

Box 4
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Correspondence
Customers’ letters to LG. 1974-1991 [Most are ALS]
A to F
G to M
N to R
S to Z
Customers’ letters to LG: Private File. 1977-1979.
A to K
L to Z
Andre Jammes. Confidential correspondence to LG. 1981-1984. [In French]
2 Autograph postcards
Customers’ letters regarding closing of gallery and shop. 1987.

Box 5
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Correspondence
Correspondence 1987-1991
A to E
F to H
I to L
M to Z
Correspondence with Philip Hofer. 1966-1983. [PH had retired as the founder and first Curator of the Department of Prints and Graphic Arts at the Houghton Library of Harvard University.]
Includes “Confidential letter” to LG 1981 October 28

Box 6
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Catalogs
Master copies with annotations re purchasers and prices and date catalog was mailed to customers
#26-45 1957-1974
#26 New series #3 French Literature. 1957
#27 New Series #3 Illustrated Books from the 16th to the 20th centuries. 1958
#28 New Series #4 1959
#29 Mannerism: 1530-1640. 1961
#30 Beautiful Cities of Europe. 1962
#31 16th Century Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts. 1963
#32 Architecture. 1964
#33 Illustrated Books. 1966
#34 Books about the Fine Arts… 1968
#37 Jacques Villon. Exhibit November 1970.
#38 Books about the Fine Arts and Illustrated Books. 1971
#39 Dutch and Flemish 16th and 17th Century Engravings and Etchings.
#40 Illustrated Books from other Renaissance to the Present. 1972.
#41 Books about the Fine Arts. 1973
#42 French Literature. 1974
#43 Prints by European Masters. 1974
#44 Books about the Fine Arts. 1975
#45 llustrated Books from 1472 to 1974. 1980

Box 7
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Catalogs
Master copies with annotations re purchasers and prices and date catalog was mailed to customers.

#46 to 62 1977-1986
#46 Prints by Old and Modern Masters… 1977
#47 Prints by Old and Modern Masters… 1978
#48 Charles Maurin (1846-1914): Exhibition 2-29 November 1978
#49 French Literature…. 1979
#50 Jacques Villon…Exhibition 31 October-27 November 1979
#51 Prints by Old and Modern Masters. 1979
#52 The Good Citizen. 1981
#53 Prints by Old and Modern Masters. 1982
#54 Illustrated Books… 1982/1983
#56 Prints by Old and Modern Masters. 1983
#57 Illustrated Books. 1984
#58 Prints by Old and Modern Masters. 1984
#59 Illustrated Books. 1985
#61 Prints by Old and Modern Masters. 1986
#62 The Vaporizer: Watercolors of Charles Maurin. Exhibition April 9-
May 3 1986.
“Last Catalog: Final Announcement and Offer.” Not numbered.
October 1986.

Box 8
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Special Lists and Misc. Catalogs
Special Lists #78-111: Unbound and Undated
#78 New Series no. 1 Italy
#79 New Series no. 2 French Literature
#80 New Series no. 3 Modern French Illustrated Books
#81 New Series no. 4 Autograph letters and Manuscripts
#82 New Series no. 5 Music
#83 New Series no. 6 Literary Criticism
#85 New Series no. 8 Books…Literature and History
#86 New Series no. 9 French Books [ca. 1956]
#87 New Series no. 10 Bibliographies and Reference Books
#88 New Series no. 11 Literary Criticism
#89 New Series no. 12 Italy
#91 New Series no. 14 French Books
#92 New Series no. 15 Book Arts
#94 New Series no. 17 French Literature
#96 New Series, no. 19 French Literature
#97 Latin and Neo-Latin Texts
#100 French Literature
#103 French Literature
#104 French Literature
#105 Books on Art
#106 Architecture and Ornaments [December 1965?]
#109 French Literature
#110 Illustrated Books. 1863-1977
#111 Illustrated Books from the 16th to the 20th Centuries. 1980

Unnumbered Sale and Exhibition Catalogs
French Modern Drawings of the 20th Century… Exhibition 1-27 February 1965.
Jacques Villon Drawings and Watercolors.
Landscape Drawings. 10 January-7 February 1968. [Prices marked]
Fine Modern Bindings… Exhibition 15 November-9 December 1972.
Old Master Drawings of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries. Exhibition 14 November-10 December 1973.
Miscellaneous sheets on Jacques Villon catalog, etc.
Special Offer [catalog]: Books about the Fine Arts. n.d.

Box 9
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Miscellaneous
Appraisal documents re collection of Claus von Bulow. 1981. [Includes some legal documents relating to
Trial of von Bulow vs. von Bulow. 1986.]
Appraisal documents re Estate of Frank Altschul. 1981.
Exhibition announcements. 1948-1982. (26 items)
Philip Hofer Symposium. Corrected typescript of talk by LG and associated materials. 1988-1989.
Photograph: LG in his shop. 1986. Black and white photograph. 13x18cm. Photographer: Cynthia B.
Matthews, New York. [Used for article on LG in Manuscript Society News]
Theft reports, etc. 1980-1981.
Grolier Club. The Truthful Lens: a Survey of the Photographically Illustrated Book, 1844-1914. Lucien
Goldschmidt and Weston J. Naef. New York: Grolier Club: 1980. Miscellaneous entries from catalog. Photocopies.
Miscellaneous notes for catalogs. N.d.
Jean Hugues (Bookseller of Paris). Collections of Manuscripts by Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine and
Rene Char. Sold at auction 1988 20 March. Catalogs. Also ALS to Marguerite Goldschmidt
dated 1998 31 March.
Visitors book for years ca. 1950-1968. Records visitors to exhibits at Goldschmidt gallery, starting with
those to the exhibit on Molière held to mark the visit of the actor to Louis Jouvet to New York
York City to play the title role in Le Misanthrope.

Box 10
Clipping, etc. Files on Antiquarian Booksellers and Art Dealers, etc.
Obituary notices, memorial tributes, etc. collected by Lucien Goldschmidt from the New York Times, Antiquarian Bookman, and etc. ca. 1952-1991.
A to F
G to L
M to R
S to Z
“Rare Book Chase,” Vogue [Magazine]. 15 February 1952. LG mentioned on p. 95.
List of obituary notices in collection compiled by Marguerite Goldschmidt.
Photographs: Black and white glossies. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) and smaller in photograph envelope
Mildred Bliss (Dumbarton Oaks article)
Louis Carre
Peter Deutsch
Francis Edwards, Ltd. (London)
Marjorie Kovler
Museum of Modern Art (Bernard Karpel with Rene d’Harnoncourt)

Box 11
Pierre Berès Catalogs (see also Boxes 1 and 2)
Pierre Berès (14 Avenue de Friedland, Paris). Bound catalogs. Text in French
#10-15 1935-1937
#16-20 1937-1938
#21-26 1939-1940
#27-34 1941-1943
#35-39 1944-1946
#40 n. d. (Beaux livres des XVII & XVIII siècles)
#41-42 n. d. [New York address on inside of front cover]
#43-46 n. d. [New York address on inside of front cover]
#47-49 n. d. [New York address on inside of front cover]
[Bound with this vol.: Nova Galeria de Arte. Livres rare concernant l’Amerique du Sud et principlement le Bresil… (Rio de Janeiro: n.d.)

Pierre Berès, Inc. (8 East 54th Street, New York City). Bound Special Lists: Mostly undated
#4-8; 10 (includes annotated copy of catalog #7). [1941-1942?]

Pierre Berès, Inc. (New York City). Bound catalogs
#1-4 1938-1940 [Paris address on inside front cover]
#7-8 1943-1944
#9-12 Winter 1945-Christmas 1946
#13-20 Spring 1947-n. d. [1952?]

Box 12 (Portfolio Box)
Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. Financial Records
Ledgers. November 1978 to December 1986.
New York State. Division of Taxation and Finance. Sales Tax Bureau. Resale Certificates.
1950-1987. Arranged alphabetically by dealer.
A to F
G to R
S to Z

Lucien Goldschmidt. United States Army material
Reports by Master Sergeant L.G. on his interrogation of German prisoners of war. 2 folders. Extremely fragile.

Holograph Documents
Document 1815 December acknowledging that sous-lieutenant Hachard is leaving the service.
Oxford University. Certificate concerning William Smith of the College of Philadelphia where he serves as
provost. March 1759 Vellum. In Latin.
Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin). Certificate concerning same William Smith who holds the degree of Dr.
of Theology. January 1761. Vellum. In Latin with several signatures and paper seal.
Document about a marriage. 1817. In French.

Printed Documents
Charles Smith of Washington College. Printed text of commencement speech, cut from Maryland Journal.

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