HOWELL, ALFRED COREY. Papers re Frederic Warde, 1924-1954
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Alfred Corey Howell: Papers Relating to Frederic Warde, 1924-1954

Main Entry
Howell, Alfred Corey, d. 1961, collector.

Papers Relating to Frederic Warde, 1924-1954.

Physical Description
3 boxes (1.2 linear ft.)
12 photographs

Organization and Arrangement
Organized into five series: I. Original Warde material (1927-1939); II. Correspondence regarding death of Frederic Ware (1939 Aug.-Dec.); III. Isabella Grandin correspondence and correspondence 1940-1954; V. Miscellaneous.

Historical/Biographical Note
Alfred Corey Howell was a banker and member of the Grolier Club, a New York City bibliophile society. Among his friends was the book designer and fellow Club member Frederic Warde (1894-1939). During his career Warde was associated with the Printing House of William Edwin Rudge, the Princeton University Press, the Oxford University Press, and several private ventures. He is also associated with the design of the Arrighi typeface. In his final illness Warde identified Howell as the person who should act for him in the event of his death but died intestate. Immediately after Warde’s death on 31 July 1939, Howell set about contacting friends and trying to identify heirs. Over the next fifteen years he continued to gather information about Warde and unsuccessfully attempted to realize the publication of a memorial volume and an exhibition. A small exhibit on Warde’s work was held at the Grolier Club in 1985.

Scope and Contents
Correspondence of Alfred C. Howell with friends and colleagues of Frederic Warde. Collection includes the typescript of substantial excepts from Warde’s letters to Isabella Grandin arranged topically and a bibliography of books designed by Warde and prepared by Howell with the assistance of Massey Trotter of the New York Public Library. Correspondents include but are not limited to: Beatrice Lamberton Becker; Herman Cohen; Alfred C. Cohn; P. J. Conkwright; Emily C. Connor; Geoffrey Cumberledge; Ralph Duenewald; Betty Dumaine; Philip Duschnes; Charles Ede; George Elderkin; Crosby Gaige; Isabella Grandin; Ruth Shepard Grannis; Anne Lyon Haight; William A. Jackson; Giovanni Mardersteig; John de Monins Johnson; Henry Watson Kent; William A. Kittredge; L. M. Knepple; George Leslie McKay; David McFarlane; George Macy; C. R. Morey; Stanley Morison; Donald Oenslager; Will Ransom; Carl Purlington Rollins; Rudolph Ruzicka; Paul Standard; Clarence Stratton; Grace Stuart; Paul Tomlinson; Massey Trotter; Daniel Berkeley Updike; Henry Z. Walck; and Alexander Wollcott. Also photograph of memorial tablet designed by Bruce Rogers.

Finding Aid Note
Unpublished inventory available in repository; folder level control.
Access points:
Warde, Frederic, 1894-1939.
Becker, May Lamberton, 1873-1958. Correspondence.
Cohen, Herman. Correspondence.
Cohn, Alfred C. Correspondence.
Conkwright, Paul J. (P. Jefferson). Correspondence.
Connor, Emily C. Correspondence.
Cumberldege, Geoffrey E.
Duenewald, Ralph. Correspondence.
Dumaine, Betty. Correspondence.
Duschnes, Philip C. Correspondence.
Connor, Emily C. Correspondence.
Ede, Charles. Correspondence.
Elderkin, George. Correspondence.
Gaige, Crosby, 1882-1949. Correspondence.
Grandin, Isabella. Correspondence.
Grannis, Ruth Shepard. 1872-1954. Correspondence.
Haight, Anne Lyon. Correspondence.
Howell, Alfred Corey, d. 1961. Correspondence.
Jackson, William A. (William Alexander), 1905-1965. Correspondence.
Johnson, John de Monins, 1882-1956. Correspondence.
Kent, Henry Watson, 1866-948. Correspondence.
Kittredge, William Albion, 1891-1945. Correspondence.
Knepple, L. M. Correspondence.
Macy, George, 1900-1956. Correspondence.
McFarlane, David. Correspondence.
McKay, George Leslie, 1895- Correspondence.
Mardersteig, Giovanni, 1892-1977. Correspondence.
Morey, C. R. (Charles Rufus), 1877-1965. Correspondence.
Morison, Stanley, 1889-1967. Correspondence.
Oenslager, Donald M., 1902-1975. Correspondence.
Pforzheimer, Carl H. Correspondence.
Ransom, Will, 1875-1955. Correspondence.
Rollins, Carl P. (Carl Purlington), 1880-1960. Correspondence.
Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883- Correspondence
Smith, Datus. Correspondence.
Standard, Paul, 1900- Correspondence.
Stratton, Clarence, 1880-1951. Correspondence.
Stuart, Grace. Correspondence.
Tomlinson, Paul. Correspondence.
Trotter, Massey, 1921- Correspondence.
Updike, Daniel Berkeley, 1860-1941. Correspondence.
Walck, Henry Z. Correspondence.
Warde, B. L. (Beatrice Lamberton), 1900-1969. Correspondence.
Woollcott, Alexander, 1887-1943. Correspondence.

Grolier Club.
Princeton University Press.
Oxford University Press.
Pierpont Morgan Library.

Publishers and publishing. United States. 20th century.
Type designers. United States. 20th century.
Decedents’ estates. New York (State). Peekskill. 20th century.

Photographs. New York (State). Peekskill. 20th century.

Occupations as Reflected in Collection
Printers. United States. 20th century.
Type designers. United States. 20th century.

Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022-1098.

Alfred Corey Howell: Inventory of Papers Relating to Frederic Warde

Note: The original order of the folders has been retained in boxing. This inventory groups the material into series which reflect Howell’s [ACH] collecting activities, his inquiry into the life of Frederic Warde (FW), and his attempts to have published a memorial volume and/or a selection of FW letters. Items are located within the collection by box and then folder number (i.e.:f. 2.13 for Box 2, folder 13).

Series I: Material By and About Warde Dated Prior to His Death on 31 July 1939
These materials were obtained mainly from colleagues of FW; a few may have been purchased. They are listed chronologically and located within the collection.

f.1.2 T. L. Shear (author of Roman Villa at Carthage which FW designed) to FW. TL 1927 Dec. ?; Pinkney Tuck (American Consult in Geneva). TLS 1926 No. 4. Requests information about artist Fernand Giauque who illustrated Musset's Fantasio desigend by FW.

f.1.3 National City Bank (New York City) to FW in Paris. 3 TLS regarding payments to him. 1927.

f.1.4 “H. M.” to Cass Canfield of Harper Bros. Regarding Giauque drawings for Fantasio (see 1.2); TLS 1927 Feb. 12.

f.1.5 Imprimerie Bishop & Garret to FW regarding printing of prospectus for Thomas Urquhart’s Admirable Crichtoun designed by FW. 2 TLS 1927 25 May and 7 June.

f.1.6 Ignaz Wiemeler to “Holyroyd-Reese.” TLS 1927 April 8. German.

f.1.1 Correspondence regarding The Tapestry by Robert Bridges [the first book to use FW’s Arrighi type face]. ALS and TLS 1931-1932. Correspondents include H. F. Blackett of Monotype Corporation, Giovanni (Hans) Mardersteig of Officina Bodoni and H. L. Bullen of the American Type Founders Co. 24 items

f.1.11 FW to Bruce Rogers. TLS 1932 Feb. 5. [FW encloses a chemical formula and explains it.]; Photostat of an original whose location is not given.

f.3.11 Statement regarding life and work of FW in form of memorandum to F. P. Kneppel of Carnegie Corporation. 1934.

f.1.43 FW application to the United States Army for adjusted compensation . 1936-1937. Folder includes TL from ACH to Crosby Gaige summarizing biographical information contained in application.

f.1.7 FW to Mr. Willert. Discusses use of collotype process for book with illustrations of medals.

f.1.9 Geoffrey Cumberledge of Oxford University Press to FW. 2 TLS 1936 Oct. 8 and Oct. 12. Cumberlege offers FW an assignment to “create an Oxford style,” or standard for its American book production.

f.1.22 Lawrence Thompson to Oxford University Press. TL 1938 July 18. Thompson inquires into process used for illustrations in Stanley T. Williams’ Life of Washington Irving published by Oxford in 1935. File includes copy of AL 1938 July 18 as well as typed copy of text. Unsigned but in calligraphic hand of FW.

f.1.8 FW to G. F. Cumberledge. TL 1939 10 January (2 letters). Discusses meaning of “French fold” in printing and binding.

f.1.12 FW to Belle da Costa Greene (librarian of Pierpont Morgan Library) regarding Oxford’s inability to reproduce work by Rudolph Ruzicka. ALS 1939 Jan 23.

f.1.10 FW to ACH. Photostatic copy of letter send as ACH prepared to sail on Majestic. N.d.

f.3.14 Miscellaneous material by and about FW. 1937-1940.

Series II: Letters to Alfred Corey Howel in Connection with Death of Frederic Warde: August to December 1939
ACH wrote to every person listed in Frederic Warde’s address book to inform them of FW’s death and to ask for reminiscence and biographical information.. All letters are addressed to ACH unless otherwise identified. “TL” indicates the copy of ACH’s original letter which he retained for his files.. The series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

f.3.12 Canadian National Telegraph. Telegram notifying ACH of death of Frederic Warde and asking ACH to agree to autopsy. 31 July 1931

f.3.13 Listing of names and addresses taken from FW’a address book.

f.1.59 Holograph notes of sources ACH contacted after FW’s death and dates of responses.

f.3.9 Associated industries of Massachusetts. TLS 1939 Aug. 8. Concerns FW associations with the state and question of his attendance at Harvard.

f.3.6 Dorothy Chamberlain to Will Ransom. ALS ?Nov. 26. Inquiry about proposed memorial volume for FW. TL ACH 1939 Dec. 13.

f.3.6 Crutchley, E. A. 1939 August 15. File includes letter from W. Lewis to ACH. TL ACH 1939 Aug. 8.

f.1.42 Alfred C. Cohn (Rockefeller Institute). TLS 1939 Oct. 16; Oct. 20; Dec. 15. TL ACH 1939 Sept. 22; Oct. 19. [Correspondence includes discussion of FW’s personal reticence.]

f.2.46 Betty Dumaine. ALS 1939 Aug. 28; Sept. 15. TL ACH giving details of FW’s death and legal and personal issues.

f.1.44 Marian Chase to (secretary to Betty Dumaine) to Anne Lyon Haight. Both are 1939 Sept. 27.

f.2.54 George Elderkin. TLS 1939 Aug. 23. TL ACH 1939 Aug. 21.

f.3.3 First Farmers National Bank (Blue Earth, MN). TL 1939. [Information about birth of FW.]

f.2.58 Crosby Gaige. 1939 Aug. 31. TL ACH 1939 Aug. 25; Aug. 25.

f.2.53 Ganymed Co (Berlin; Bruno Deja). TLS 1939 Oct. 25. TL ACH 1939 Aug.. 21.

f.2.39 Statement by Mrs. Crosby Gaige(?) on interview with May Lamberton Becker regarding FW. 1929 Sept. 15. (M. L. Becker was FW’s mother-in-law; interview gives circumstances of cutting of the Arrighi typeface.]

f.3.10 Guaranty Trust Co. (New York City) regarding Oxford University Press group life insurance coverage for FW. 1939 Aug. 1.

f.2.49 Guaranty Trust Co. (New York City). TLS 1939 Sept. 6. TL ACH 1939 Aug. 23. [Correspondence includes suggestion that FW was raised in Italy by the American writer F. Marion Crawford and that he went to Harrow School; also letter from Harrow relating it has no record of such a name.]

f.2.50 Guaranty Trust Co. (New York City). Statement regarding FW includes statement that he had no connection with Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate or medical student. 1939 Aug. 23.

f.2.45 Guaranty Trust Co. (New York City) to William Ward inquiring about any relationship to Arthur F. Warde (original name of FW). TLS 1939 Aug. 30.

f.3.7 Anne Lyon Haight. ALS 1939 Aug. 10; Sept. 18. File includes TLS from David McFarlane to ACH.

f.2.38 ACH to Typography regarding death of FW. 1939 Sept. 17.

f.1.45 ACH to John Russell (Assistant to President of the Carnegie Corp.) TL 1939 Oct. 25. [Describes proposed bibliography of FW, work to be done and audience for such a book. File includes draft sent by ACH to Henry Watson Kent 1939 Oct. 21.]

f.3.5 William A. Jackson (Harvard College Library). TLS 1939 Aug. 11; Sept. 7; Sept. 19. Correspondence includes verification that FW did not attend Harvard Medical School.

f.3.4 John Johnson (Printer to Oxford University Press in England). 1939 Aug. 15. Related his two meetings with FW. ACH 1939 Aug. 8.

f.3.8 Henry Watson Kent (Metropolitan Museum of Art). ALS 1939 Aug. 7. Describes actions taken immediately after death of FW with additional ALS 1939 Aug. 10; Aug. 23; Aug. 31. TL ACH 1939 Aug.. 9; Aug. 15; Aug. 24.

f.1.51 William A. Kittredge. TLS 1939 Nov. 14. Discusses aspects of possible book and Grolier Club exhibit about FW.

f.2.12 L. M. Knepple, M.D. (Kokomo, IN) to A. J. Priest of Guaranty Trust Co. [Notes that FW was not a member of the Polyclinic Hospital (MA) class of 1915; he used to visit the hospital and watch the technicians and Knepple insisted that FW be included in the class photograph.]

f.2.55 Hans (Giovanni Mardersteig). 1939 Sept. 7. TL ACH Aug. 21.

f.1.47 George Macy (Limited Editions Club). TLS 1939 Oct. 22. Proposed memorial volume to FW and difficulty of finding information on his personal life. Also in file: Will Ransom to ACH writing on letter head of American Institute of Graphic Arts. TLS 1939 Nov. 1.

f.2.41 Manufacturers Trust Co. (New York City). Letters to stockholders regarding German debt in light of war in Europe.

f.2.52 Charles R. Morey. ALS 1939 Aug. 24. TL ACH Aug. 21.

f.1.46 Martin Moriarity. TLS 1939 Oct. 31. [Discusses book he lent to FW while in New York Hospital: Henry Watson Fowler’s If Wishes Were Horses.] TL ACH Oct. 25.

f.2.44 George L. McKay (Grolier Club) regarding books from FW library to come to the club. TL ACH 1939 Sept. 2. File includes TLS 1939 Sept. 20 from Ruth S. Grannis (Librarian of Grolier Club) to ACH referring to “books and proofs” Warde lent for Bruce Rogers exhibit; club to retain them.

f.2.51 Princeton University Press correspondence regarding FW employment at the press. 1939 Aug. 24 to 31. 4 items.

f.2.48 H. L. Satterlee. ACH TL to Satterlee 1939 Aug. 25. Inquires about use of life of J. P. Morgan in possible FW exhibit.

f.2.56 Grace Stuart. ALS 20 Aug. 1939. [Includes notes on FW and comments on personal reticence.]

f.2.43 Grace Stuart. ALS 3 Sept. 1939. [Comments on fate of personalia she said FW wanted her to have.]

f.2.47 Alexander R. Stevens, M.D. ALS 1939 Sept. 1.[States that while in the hospital FW identified ACH as his “nearest relative or friend.”]

f.2.59 Paul Tomlinson. ALS 1939 Aug. 8. [States that he recruited FW to design for the press and believes he was the “grandson of Julia Warde Howe and went to Harrow School in England”; praises his work at Princeton.]

f.3.1 U. S. Dept. of State to Guaranty Trust Co. (New York City). Information on FW birth and some other details as revealed in his passport 1939 . TLS Aug. 11.

f.2.40 Daniel Berkeley Updike. TLS 1939 Sept. 9. [Notes on FW’s antecedents and Updike’s personal view of his situation.] TL ACH 1939 Nov. 11.

f.2.14 W. R. Valentiner (Detroit Institute of Arts). TLS 1939 Dec. 5, TL ACH 1939 Nov. 24.

f.1.49 Edith Hall Vivian. ALS 1939 Nov. 9. TL ACH 1939 Nov. 13; Nov. 22.

f.2.57 Henry Z. Walck (Oxford University Press. 1939 Aug., 17. TL ACH Aug. 18 [Includes query about possible FW will and knowledge of his heirs.]

f.2.42 Bernard Washichek to National Memorials (New York City) regarding engraving for an FW memorial tablet. 1939 Sept. 5.

f.2.60 Ruth Whitbeck (Mrs. Robert). ALS Aug. 14; Aug. 29.

f.1.50 Alexander Woollcott. ALS 1939 Nov. [Declines to participate in any memorial volume for FW.]

Series III: Excepts from Warde Letters to Isabella Grandin and Related Correspondence
Isabella Grandin of Boston and Martha’s Vineyard was among several young women with whom FW corresponded during the last decade of his life. He may have met Miss Grandin when he was designing material for Miss Hall’s School where she was a pupil; between 1934 until shortly before his death he wrote her 39 letters and they met several times. After his death she corresponded with Alfred C. Howell over the possibility of making up a book of extracts from these letters, possibly for a volume to be sponsored by the Typophiles. She worked with Mrs. Edwin Martenet of New York City to select and arrange extensive excepts and provided a copy of the resulting typescript to Howell.

f.3.2 Isabella Grandin. ALS 1939 Aug. 11 and Aug. 19. TL ACH 1939 Aug. 10; Aug. 15.

f.1.52 Isabella Grandin. 1929 Nov. 21. [Indicates that Mrs. Edwin Martenet will edit her Warde letters.] TL ACH 1939 Nov. 15.

f.2.10 Isabella Grandin. ALS 1939 Dec. 28. Discusses preparation of excepts from Warde’s letters. 1.53 ACH to W. A. Kittredge. TL 1939 Nov. 24. [Describes her collection and notes that many of his own letters from FW have disappeared.]

f.2.1 ALS 1940 Aug. 20. Isabella Grandin encloses a 90 page typescript prepared from letters written by FW between 1932 and 1939. TL ACH 1940 Aug. 22 (from his secretary) and Sept. 12. [File includes TL 1940 Jan. 25 from ACH to William A. Kittredge discussing creation of a book of FW’s letters.]

f.1.55 Isabella Grandin and ACH correspondence regarding possible book. 1942 Dec. 14 to 1943 Jan. 21.

f.1.13 Frederic Warde to Isabella Grandin. “Excerpts [from letters] Revealing Literary Style and Character of Mr. Warde.” Typescript. 52 leaves. [Letters written between 1934 July 10 and 1939 June 7.]

f.1.14 Frederic Warde to Isabella Grandin. “Excerpts Referring to Typography, Bibliography and Book-Binding.” Typescript. 16 leaves. [Letters written between 1934 Nov. 11 and 1938 Nov. 24,]

f.1.15 Frederic Warde to Isabella Grandin. “Excepts Showing Gourmet Interests.” Typescript. 2 leaves. [Letters written 1935 June 25 to 1935 Nov. 1]

f.1.16 Frederic Warde to Isabella Grandin. “Excepts of Academic Interest.” Typescript. 10 leaves. 1935 May 8 to 1936 Oct. 11.

Series IV: Letters to Alfred Corey Howell About Frederic Warde: 1940-1954
For fifteen years, with a few breaks, Howell continued to collect FW material, tried to find financing for a memorial volume, and made inquiries about his professional life. In the listing below “TL” indicates a carbon (typed letter, not signed) of Howell’s original letter that he retained for his files. The arrangement is alphabetical by correspondent.

f.1.32 American Institute of Graphic Arts. TLS 1949 March 10. Discussed photograph of FW’s memorial tablet engraved by Bruce Rogers.

f.2.24 May Lamberton Becker. ALS 1948 Jan. 3 with enclosed hand-painted Christmas card.

f.1.30 May Lamberton Becker. ALS 1948 Mar. 10; Oct. 22. TL ACH 1948 April 23.

f.1.31 Chiswick Book Shop (Herman Cohen). TLS 1948 Jan. 28. TL ACH 1949 [Jan.] 9. Correspondence regarding typographical error in The Tapestry, designed by FW with is Arrighi type.

f.1.27 Chiswick Book Shop (Herman Cohen). TLS 1949 Apr. 20. Offers ACH an autograph collection of Warde letters with some indication of what they contain.

f.2.26 P. J. Conkwright. TLS 1948 Jan. 20. Discusses FW’s work at Princeton University Press.

f.1.33 Emily C. Connor (Marchbanks Press). TLS 1949 Jan. 25.

f.2.20 Ernest F. Detterer (Newberry Library). TLS 1947 Oct. 27. TL ACH 19947. Oct. 4. Discussion of FW material at the Library.

f.1.40 Philip C. Duschnes. TLS 1948 Oct. 28. Regards ACH order for Limited Editions Club edition of Leaves of Grass designed by FW.

f.1.41 Ralph Duenewald. TLS 1948 Oct. 11.ACH TL 1948 Oct. 3.

f.2.11 Dumaine, Betty. TLS 1940 Jan 6; ALS Feb. 8. Telegram 1940 Feb. 13.

f.1.26 Charles Ede (Folio Society, London). 6 TLS 1950. 2 ACH TL 1950. [Correspondence includes list of books FW designed for the Princeton University Press and TLS 1951 Feb. 16 from P. J. Conkwright , typographer at Princeton.]

f.2.31 Crosby Gaige. ALS 1948 Feb. 25. Suggests ACH write to Stanley Morison about books FW designed for Pegasus Press.

f.2.36 Crosby Gaige. TLS 1948 Oct. 5; Oct. 11; Oct. 14. Reminiscences for possible book. TL ACH 1948 Oct. 13.

f.1.60 Ruth Shepard Grannis (Grolier Club Librarian). TLS 1940 Dec. 15. Discusses books from FW library to come to club. TL ACH 1940 Dec. 18.

f.2.6 Guaranty Trust Co. (New York City). ACH to A. F. Priest of the Personal Trust Division. TL 1940 April 30. [Priest will confer with Public Administrator so that FW’s body can be released for cremation. ACH to get friends to write to the P.A. regarding FW’s desire to be cremated. Ashes to be interred on estate of Crosby Gaige in Peekskill, N.Y. in herb garden designed by FW.]

f.2.18 Guaranty Trust Co. (New York City). Statement on estate of FW. 1941 April 30.

f.1.57 Anne Lyon Haight. ACH TL 1943 Feb. 9. Details projected Typophiles book on FWe.

f.28 Anne Lyon Haight. ACH TL 1948 Feb. 6. [ACH discusses his intention to work on FW as a retirement project and seeks personal information.]

f.1.17 Anne Lyon Haight. ALS [undated but evidently in response to above]. Indicates FW designed letterhead of her writing paper.

f.1.39 Harcourt Brace & Co. TLS 199948 Nov. 10. Publications designed by FW for Pegasus Press.

f.1.37 William A. Jackson (Harvard College Librarian). TLS 1948 Dec. 14. ACH TL 19948 Dec. 14 and Dec. 16.

f.1.56 Henry Watson Kent. ALS 1941 May 12. Recommends company to cut stone for FW.

f.2.17 Henry Watson Kent. ALS 1943 Mar. 25. Calligrapher Paul Standard to edit book on FW and Kent to write a chapter. ACH TL 1943 Mar. 22.

f.2.32 Henry Watson Kent. ALS 1948 7 April.

f.2.15 William A. Kittredge. Correspondence with ACH regarding publication of FW letters. 1941 Oct. 27 to 1943 Jan. 113. 9 items. [“It is difficult to get anyone to do the work and, strange as it may seem, most of us have very few letters”; notes that “a half-dozen young women in the East…have wonderful letters from him.”] ACH TL 1941 Nov. 5]

f.1.38 Roman Kowalski. ACH TL 1948 Nov. 15. Invoice for work on stone and photograph.

f.2.33 George Macy. TLS 1948 Apr. 15 and Oct. 15. Regrets inability to write reminicence of FW. TL ACH 1948 Apr. 7 and Oct. 8.

f.1.29 Archibald Malloch. ALS 1949 Apr. 9. ACH TL 1939 Mar. 29.

f.1.28 David E. McFarlane (Morrill Press). TLS 1949 Apr. 21. Describes FW material he will send. ACH TL 1948 Jan. 7 and May 4.

f.2.22 George L. McKay. TLS 1947 Dec. 10.

f.2.30 Stanley Morison. ALS 1949 Feb. 24. TL ACH 1948 Marc. 22. [Requests Morison to dictate an essay on FW and Arrighi typeface publication to include checklist and essays.]

f.1.23 Stanley Morison. TLS 1952 Apr. 22. Discusses his “Monotype” Flower Decorations (1924) and compares it to FW’s Printers’ Ornaments.

f.1.34 May Massee (Viking Press). ACH TL 1948 Dec. 28. ]Acknowledges receipt of copy of William and His Friends Fwarde designed for Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

f.1.54 Joseph Newell. Correspondence and invoice regarding bronze tablet for FW. 1941-1942

f.1.56 Donald M. Oenslager. TLS 1948 Dec. 2. ACH TL 1948 Dec. 1. File includes ALS from Mrs. Donald Oenslager (ALS 1948 Dec. 20) characterizing FW.]

f.2.16 Carl Pforzheimer. TLS 1943 Mar. 19. [Pforzheimer will talk to Bruce Rogers about work on FW memorial volume; Typophiles require underwriting for it; discussion of ACH expenses.] ACH TL 1943 Mar. 11.

f.2.35 Carl Pforzheimer . ACH TL 1948 Apr. 8. Requests reminiscences about FW.

f.1.58 Will Ransom. ACH TL 12941 Jan. 21 and Sept. 2; 199942 Mar. 24. Discusses Ransom’s article on FW in Print.

f.2.21 Will Ransom TLS 1947 Dec. 8. [Initiates correspondence with ACH regarding “Selective Checklist” of publications designed by FW he is preparing for dealer Philip Duschnes.] TLS and TL 1948 June-Nov. 5 items.

f.3.15 Will Ransom. Selective Checklist of Press Books…(New York: Duschnes, 1948). Part Nine (pp. 285-299) list books designed by FW.

f.1.24 Will Ransom. TLS 1952 Mar. 15. [General comments on ACH’s work on FW.]

f.2.5 Carl Purlington Rollins. TLS 1940 May 2. [Thanks for gift of books from FW’s library.]

f.1.18 Fred Rudge. TL ACH 1954 Dec. 27. [ACH inquires for complete list of work FW did for his father, William Edwin Rudge.]

f.2.8 Bruce Rogers. ACH TL 1940 July 19.[ ACH asks Rogers to design lettering for stone for FW.]

f.2.2 Rudolph Ruzicka. ALS 1940 Jan. 10.

f.2.7 Rudolph Ruzicka. ALS 1940 July 31.

f.1.35 Caroline Schaefer. ALS 19948 Dec. 22.

f.15 S. R. Shapiro (antiquarian book dealer). Invoices and correspondence with ACH regarding ACH purchase of FW material. 1942 March-April 1952. 11 item.

f.1.20 Datus Smith (Director of Princeton University Press). ALS 19952 June 2; May 5; May 12. Sale to ACH of books designed by FW.

f.2.34 Paul Standard to ACH. ALS 19948 Apr. 7. [Lists titles FW designed for Limited Editions Club and Heritage Press.] TLS ACH 1948 Apr. 8 [returned to ACH with annotations by Standard].

2.29 Clarence Stratton. [Correspondence with ACH regarding translation of Les Amours de Mirtil by Bernard le Bouvier Fontenelle] he made FW.] TLS and TL. 1940. 5 items.

f.2.4 Grace Stuart. ALS 1940 May 6. [Discusses need to obtain permission from Public Administrator to allow Warde’s cremation; interment of ashes will be on estate of Crosby Gaige.]

f.2.27 Massey Trotter (Print Room, New York Public Library). TLS 1948 Jan. 30. Offers his assistance on assembling list of FW’s work. File includes correspondence on work done and Trotter’s bills to Howell. TLS 1948 June 26; July 7; July 24.

f.2.19 Beatrice Warde. ALS 1944 Jan. 28. [Writes to him on stationery headed “From Beatrice Warde in America, 114 Morningside Drive’ about his help in incorporating in Delaware one of the organizations created to bring aid to Britain in which she was involved.]

f.2.23 Beatrice Warde. ACH TL 1947 Dec. 28; 199948 Oct. 2. ACH writes about checklist of FW items.

f.1.21 Edith Wetmore. TLS 1952 Apr. 17.

f.2.3 Unidentified correspondent. N.d. Discusses Meighen Shakespeare article.

f.2.37 Unidentified correspondent (“Ted”). ALS 1948 8 Nov. [“Ted” worked in Paris bank FW used in the 1920s]. ACH TL 1948 Oct. 13.

f.1.19 Unidentified correspondent. TLS 1953 Dec. 7 and 1954 Feb. 1. Confirms that FW designed an unidentified biography.

Other Items
Box 3 Checklist of Books Designed by Frederic Warde, followed by chronological list of titles arranged by date with full collations and descriptions. Entries start with Goal Line for Princeton University Press (1922) and conclude with Art of the Silversmith in New Mexico for Oxford (1941), which appeared after his death. Brown loose-leaf notebook. [Probably compiled by ACH with assistance of Massey Trotter (see f.2.27)

3.16 Photograph of inscribed slab identifying Warde’s ashes interred in herb garden at estate of Crosby Gaige in Peekskill, New York. Black and white photograph. 13x20 cm. 12 copies and 1 negative.
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