MORAN, LANSING. Correspondence and related materials on 20th century bookbinders, 1905-1980
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Lansing Moran: Correspondence and Related Materials on Twentieth Century Bookbinders, 1905-1980


Main Entry: 
Moran, Lansing Simonds.

Correspondence and related materials on twentieth century bookbinders, 1905-1980 (bulk 1976-1980).

Physical Description: 

9 boxes (5 linear ft.)
ca. 1500 slides in 5 loose-leaf binders

Organization and Arrangement:
Organized into three series: I. Correspondence; II. Slides of binding designs; III. Book binding periodicals and miscellaneous items.

Historical/Biographical Note:
Lansing Moran was a bookbinder in New York City who in the 1970s served as a director of the Guild of Book Workers. In 1976 she began gathering material for an illustrated book she planned on contemporary hand bookbinding design worldwide. Her extensive correspondence covers the years 1976 to 1982 with an emphasis on the years 1976-1978. While most of Moran’s contacts were in Great Britain and Western Europe, Canada and the United States, she also corresponded with binders or maintained sources of information in Eastern Europe, Asia (particularly Japan), Latin America (especially Argentina and Brazil), and New Zealand. The reprints and periodical articles she collected cover the years 1965 to 1979, with an emphasis on 1975-1978. While the projected book was not published, Moran did collect over 1500 slides of modern binding designs as well as numerous articles and reprints about bookbinders active in the 1970s.

Scope and Contents Note: 
Correspondence with over 175 book binders active in Asia, Great Britain and Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the United States active in the 1970s. The files include: letters from Lansing Moran and replies from the binders, lists of their work, periodical articles, exhibition catalogs, offprints and photocopies of designs. Among exhibition catalogs of binders’ work are a number documenting exhibitions held at the Galleria of the Centro del Bel Libro in Ascona Switzerland. There are over 1500 slides and miscellaneous catalogs as well as issues of the periodicals Allgemeiner Anzeiger fur Buchbindereien, Art et Metiers du Livre, Bindereport, Designer Bookbinders Review and Fine Print, with emphasis on the years 1975 to 1978.

Language Note: 
Correspondence in English, French, German, Danish, Norwegian, Modern Greek, Japanese and Spanish.

Finding Aid Note: 
Unpublished inventory available in repository.

Access points:
Moran, Lansing. Correspondence.
Guild of Book Workers.
Centro del Bel Libro (Ascona, Switzerland).

Bookbinders. 20th century.
Bookbinding. 20th century.

Exhibition catalogs. 20th century.
Slides (photographs). 20th century.
Transparencies. 20th century.
Loose-leaf binders. New York (State). New York. 20th century.
Clippings. United States. 20th century.

Occupation (as reflected in collection)
Bookbinders. 20th century.

Added Entries
Moran, Lansing, correspondent.

Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022-1098.


Series I: Correspondence
The dates of the correspondence are indicated in parenthesis; some files contain articles and other materials of slightly earlier dates.

Box 1: Correspondence

Africa (1976)
f.1.1 Inquiries (1976)

Arab countries
f.1.2 General (1976)

f.1.3 General (1976)
f.1.4 Japan. Kumiko Tochiori (1976). File includes a Japanese language catalog with illustrations of her work on p. 129-132.

Australia and Oceana
f.1.5 Inquiries only (1976)

f.1.6 General (1976-1977)
f.1.7 Ernst Ammering (1976-1978). File contains catalog of an exhibition of his work held at a Salzburg gallery in 1971 and a book presumably bound by him: Bruno Ammering, Gedichte aus dem nachlass Ausgewahlt (Verlag Leitner & Co., 1949).
f.1.8 Franz Strandl (1976). File includes three slides of his work.
f.1.9 Mirka Symon. File includes catalog of an exhibition of her work held at the Osterreichishes Museum fur Angewandte Kunst in Vienna during 1976; in German.

f.1.10 General (1976). File includes Georges Colin, “Tendences actuelles de la reliure en Belgique: l’Ecole de la Cambre,” reprinted from the Seventh International Congress of Bibliophiles. Includes illustrations.
f.1.11 Micheline de Bellefroid (1976). File contains a catalog of an exhibition of her work at that of Liliane Gerard held in Paris at the Librairie August Blaizot during October 1972 and a photocopy of the catalog of an exhibition mounted by the the Galleria del Bel Libro of Ascona, Switzerland in 1968; in French. Also a copy of British Bookbinding Today, introduction by Edgar Mansfield (K. D. Duvall, French, Foss, 1975); her work is not illustrated.]
f.1.12 Liliane Gerard (1976). See information under Bellefroid, above.
f.1.13 Albert Janssens (1976)
f.1.14 Jacqueline Liekens (1976)
f.1.15 Vladimir Tchekeroul (1976)

Caribbean Countries
f.1.16 Inquiries only (1976)

f.1.17 General. (1976)
f.1.18 Pierre Ouvrard (1976)
f.1.19 Simon Roy (1976)
f.1.20 Michael J. Wilcox (1976)

f.1.21 General. (1976-1977)
f.1.22 Club Henrik Park (1976-1978) [File includes 2 catalogs of exhibitions held by the club in 1972/73 and 1978; in Danish.]
f.1.23 Jens E. Hansen (1976-1977)
f.1.24 Rigmor Birkendal Kragh (1976)
f.1.25 Anker Kysters Eftf (1976). Inquiry only.
f.1.26 Knud Eric Larsen (1976). File includes catalog of an exhibition, L’art de la reliure au Danemark 1938-1968 held in Paris at the Maison du Denmark in 1968. Larsen’s work is listed but not illustrated in the catalog; inscribed by Larsen to LM.
f.1.27 Ole Lundberg (1976)
f.1.28 Ole Olsen (1976)

f.1.19 General (1976). See also under Eastern Europe: Finland.

Box 2: Correspondence

Eastern Europe
f.2.1 Albania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union (1976-1977). File includes Kaalu Kirme, Eestinahkhistoo (Talinn: Kirjastus “Kunst, ” 1973; heavily illustrated.
f.2.2 Anna Dolezalova of Czechoslovakia (1977). Includes material in German.
f.2.3 Jan Sabota [Jindrich Svoboda] of Czechoslovakia (1976). File includes catalog of an exhibition of his work held in Prague in 1977 and a copy of Allgemeiner Anzieger fur Buchbindereien 1973 July 15 with information about him in English on p. 396.
Correspondence is in German.
f.2.4 Juhani. Roininen (1976)

f.2.5 General (1976-1977). File includes a catalog of an exhibition of “Ecole Estienne Paris” See also folder 2.25 below (Knoll).held at the Galleria del Bel Libro (Ascona, Switzerland) in 1967.
f.2.6 Rose Adler. [1976]
f.2.7 Helene Alix (1976)
f.2.8 Jacqueline Antona. File contains only list of her work.
f.2.9 Paule Ameline (1976-1977)
f.2.10 Cecile Bernardin (1976)
f.2.11 Paul Bonet [undated]
f.2.12 Robert Bonflis. File contains only note on location of his work.
f.2.13 Gilbert Bontaz (1976)
f.2.14 Germaine de Costa (1976)
f.2.15 Georges Crette (1976)

f.2.16 Creuzevault [no given name] [1976]. File contains only notes on location of examples and otherwise unidentified photocopy of a Creuzevelt binding.]
f.2.17 Roger Devauchevelle (1976)
f.2.18 Alain Devauchelle (1976)
f.2.19 Nicole Fournier (1976)
f.2.20 Leon Gruel [1976]. File contains only notes on examples.
f.2.21 Renee Haas (1976)
f.2.22 Claude Honnelaitre (1976)
f.2.23 Michel Kieffer (1976)
f.2.24 Rene Kieffer (1976). File contains only notes on locations of examples.
f.2.25 Jean Knoll (Ecole Estienne) (1976)
f.2.26 J. A. Legrain [1976]
f.2.27 Pierre Legrain [1976?]
f.2.28 Georges Leroux (1976). File includes catalog of an exhibition of his work held at the Galleria del Bel Libro in Paris in 1969.
f.2.29 Alain Lobstein (1976-1978)

f.2.30 P. L. Martin (1976-1977)
f.2.31 Monique Mathieu (1976)
f.2.32 Daniel Mercher (1976)
f.2.33 Henri Mercher (1976)
f.2.34 Marius Michel (1976)
f.2.35 Jean-Paul Miguet (1976)
f.2.36 Helene D. Nick (1976)
f.2.37 Georges Plumelle (1976)
f.2.38 E. Richard-Rossignol (1976)
f.2.39 Simon-Belin (1976-1977)
f.2.40 Claude Stahly [1976]
f.2.41 Kristen Vindig (1976)
f.2.42 Lucie Weil-Quillardet (1976)

Box 3
Germany (West) (Many of these files contain issues of Allgemeiner Anzieger fur Buchbindereien, a periodical published in Hanover in the 1970s, with examples of the binder’s work.)
f.3.1 General (1976-1977). File includes a copy of Folkwang Information 8 (Folkwangschule fur Gestaltung: Werkstattbericht ’70).
f.3.2 Klingsport-Halberg (1976-1977)
f.3.3 Werner Bleyl (1976-1977)
f.3.4 Siegfried Buge (1976)
f.3.5 Hilde Grosse-Heitmeyer (1976)
f.3.6 Helmuth Halbach (1976-1977)
f.3.7 Gerhard Hampe (1976-1977)
f.3.8 Mary Horstschulze (1976). File includes copy of an exhibition catalog, which includes work of MH issued by the Gallerie del Bel Libro (Ascona) in 1973
f.3.9 Harzer und Schwerdtfeger (1976)
f.3.10 Gotthilf Kurz (1976-1977)

f.3.11 Kurt Londenberg (1976-1977). File includes: Kurt Londenberg Bucheinbande (Wolfenbuttel: Herzog August Bibliothek , 1979?); Kurt Londenberg: Werkverzeichnis 1965 bis 1971 (Drucke des Klingspors Museums, 1971?); Kurt Londenberg (Ascona: Galleria del Bel Libro, 1968).
f.3.12 Mechthild Lobisch und Peter Weiersmuller (1976-1977)
f.3.13 Hermann Mayer (1976-1977)
f.3.14 Felix Ophoff (1976-1977)
f.3.15 Sonnfriede Scholl (1976-1978)
f.3.16 Margrat Schulte-Vogelheim (1976-1977)
f.3.17 Rolf Steffen (1976-1977)
f.3.18 Konrad Schadle (1976- ). File includes Der Beruf des Buchbinders hat Zukunft (November 1976).
f.3.19 Vockler und Naumann (1976-1977)
f.3.20 Ignaz Wiemeler [n.d.]. File contains only LM note on location of examples.

Box 4
Germany (East)
f.4.1 General (1976-1977)
f.4.2 Werner Kiessig
f. 4.3 Gunter Morck (1977)

Great Britain and Ireland
f. 4.4 General (1976-1979). File includes material from the Eddington Bindery in Berkshire and three directories of the organization Designer Bookbinders: 1975, 1978 and undated. Lansing Moran is listed as an overseas member of this organization.)
f.4.5 James R. Brockman (1976)
f.4.6 Desmond Breen (1976)
f.4.7 Anthony Cains (1976-1977)
f.4.8 Jeff Clements (1976-1977)
f.4.9 Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson. File contains only notes about location of examples.

f.4.10 Sydney Morris Cockerell (1976). File contains reprint of: Dorothy A. Harrop, “Craft binders at work IV: Sydney Morris Cockerell,” The Book Collector. 23, no. 2 (Summer 1974), 171-178). See also: Donald Etherington in section on United States (British binder relocated to the U.S.)
f.4.11 Edward Gray (1976-1977)
f.4.12 Elizabeth Greenhill (1976-1977). File includes John P. Harthan, “Elizabeth Greenhill: bookbinder,” Designer Bookbinders Review, 6 (Autumn 1975), 6-9.
f.4.13 Thomas Harrison. (n.d.) File contains only reference to an article in Designer Bookbinders Review, 6 (Autumn 1975), 10-13).
f.4.14 Angela James (1976-1977)
f.4.15 Arthur W. Johnson (1976-1977)
f.4.16 Trevor Jones (1976-1977)
f.4.17 Denise Lubett (1976-1977)
f.4.18 Bryan D. Maggs (1976-1977). BDM was associated with Maggs Bros. , rare book and manuscript dealers of London.
f.4.19 William F Matthews 1976-1977). File includes reprint of Dorothy A. Harrop, “Craft binders at work I: William F. Mathews, The Book Collector, 21, no. 4 (Winter 1972), 524-531). Also exhibition catalog: Two Modern Binders: William Matthews and Edgar Mansfield (London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 12 April to 24 June 1978).

f.4.20 Bernard Middleton (1976)
f.4.21 Roger Powell (1976-1977). File includes a reprint of Dorothy A. Harrop, “Craft binders at work III: Roger Powell,” The Book Collector, 22, no. 4 (Winter 1973), 479-486).
f.4.22 S. Prideaux. Folder empty
f.4.23 S. Pye. Folder empty

f.4 .24 Ivor Robinson (1976-1977). File includes a reprint of Dorothy A. Harrop, “Craft binders at work VI: Ivor Robinson,” The Book Collector, 25, no. 1 (Spring 1976), 45-52).
f.4.25 I. Ross (1976)
f.4.26 David Sellars (1977)
f.4.27 A. F. Seth (1976)
f.4.28 Faith Shannon (1976)
f.4.29 Sally Lou Smith (1976-1977)
f.4.30 Philip Smith (1976-1982). File includes copy of the DB [Designer Bookbinders] Newletter, 18 (January 1978) with article, “The book in progress” by PH and a set of 16 cards illustrating his major work in hand-bookbinding and book-art 1975?].
f.4.31 K. A. Webb. Folder empty
f.4.32 E. P. Womersley (1976)
f.4.33 Harry John Desmond Yardley. File contains only a reprint of Dorothy A. Harrop, “Craft binders at work V: H. J. Desmond Yardley, 1905-1972,” The Book Collector, 24, no. 2 (Summer 1975), 245-250).

f.4.34 General (1976).
f.4.25 Andreas Ganiaris (1976-1977). File contains copy of a woman’s magazine in modern Greek for 1974 with an illustrated article about AG on p. 170-172.

f.4.36 General (n.d.) File contains only note by LM about possible source of information.

Box 5

f.5.1 General (1976)
f.5.2 Frank J. Chiarella (1977)

Latin America
f.5.3 General (1976-1977)
f.5.4 Ursula Katzenstein (Brazil) (1976-1978)
f.5.5 A. Mosovich (Argentina) (1976). File includes 49 color slides of her work.
f.5.6 Elmer Yelton (contact for Mexico) (1976). File includes 3 color slides.

f.5.7 Folder empty

f.5.8 General (1976)
f.5.9 S. J. E. Creyghton-van Donekelaar (1976-1977)
f.5.10 J. A. Szirmai (1976-1978). File includes a photocopy of J. A. Szirmai, “Zur Kritik der Einbandkunst” in Binderefort (1981), 697-705 and the exhibition catalog showing examples for the Prix Paul Bonet for 1975 exhibited at the Centro del Bel Libro in Ascona Switzerland. Also a copy of Boekbanden uit het Centro del Libro, Ascona published at the Hague in 1975 with the text in Dutch.

New Zealand
f.5.11 General. Folder empty
f.5.12 Edgar Mansfield (1976-1980). File contains photocopy of pages 95 to 119 from Mansfield’s Modern Design in Bookbinding (London: Peter Own, 1966) and a copy of the periodical Grafiskt (1974, no. 2) with an article by Carl G. Wibert, “Edgar Mansfield och bokbindarkonstens estetik.” Text in Norwegian. See also under Great Britain: Mathews, William for cataog of joint exhibition of the work of Mathews and Mansfield held at theVictoria and Albert Museum in 1978.

f.5.13 General. Inquiries only

f.5.14 Folder empty

Puerto Rico
f.5.16 General (correspondence with La Casa del Libro) (1976).

f.5.17 General (1976-1977). File includes 10 reproductions on postcards of 16th and 17th century bindings in the collection of the Hispanic Society of America in New York City.
f.5.18 Emilio Brugalla (1977). File includes clippings and a copy of his “Curriculum Vitae y Actuacion Profesional.” Also 2 copies of the catalog of the exhibition of his work held at the Galleria del Bel Libro in Ascona Switzerland in 1967.
f.5.19 Manuel Bueno de Casaderes (1976)
f.5.20 Jose Galvan (1976)
f.5.21 Antolin Palomino (1976)

f.5.22 General (1976-1977). File includes 2 copies of Sten G. Lindberg, Konstnarernas Bokband: Kring Herzogs Band Pa Nationalmuseum 1930-1966 [Bookbindings designed by artists, bound by Esselte-Herzog AB in the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm]. Text in Swedish with English summary. Also a photocopy of Charles Ellsworth, “Hand bookbinding in Sweden,” Craft Horizons, (February 1975), 13-15).
f.5.23 Herbert Lindgren (1976). File includes a copy of Sten G. Lindberg, Herbert Lindgren bokens konstna published as the 1975 issue of Biblis. Text in Swedish. Also: Ake Livstedt, “Tretton konstverk av Herbert Lindgren, Grafiskt Forum (May 1976), 14-15 . Text in Swedish.

f.5.24 General (1976).
f.5.25 General (1968-1975. Catalogs from the Galleria del Bel Libro in Ascona, Switzerland (for 1968/69; 1973, no. 3 and 1975, n. 4 and miscellaneous articles. .
f.5.26 Hans Erni. File contains only a copy of Allgemeiner Anzeiger fur Buchbindereien (15 Feb. 1972) with an Erni design on the cover and comments in English on p. 64.

Box 6

f.6.1 Edwin Heim (1976)
f.6.2 Thorvald Henningsen (1976). File includes exhibition catalog for the Galleria del Bel Libro in Ascona, Switzerland with material on his work (1966.
f.6.3 Martin Jaegle (1976). File includes catalog from an exhibition of his work held in 1972 at the Galleria del Bel Libro in Ascona, Switzerland.
f.6.4 Armin Mueller (1976-1977)
f.6.5 Markus Mueller (1976-1977)
f.6.6 Ruth Munch (1976-1977)
f.6.7 Hugo Peller (1976). File includes photographs and an illustrated pamphlet: A. Hagmann, A. Hagmann, “Der Buchbinder Hugo Peller, Solothurn,” Also a copy of the catalog of the exhibition of his work at the Galleria del Bel Libro in Ascona Switzerland in 1967.
f.6.8 Louis Reitman (1976)

f.6.9 General (1976-1977)

United States
f.6.10 General (1976-1980). File includes: clippings, material about the history of bookbinding in America and the catalog of an Exhibition sponsored by the Guild of Book Workers and held at the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences in 1959.
f.6.11 Heinke Pensky-Adam
f.6.12 William Anthony (1976)
f.6.13 George Baer (1976)
f.6.14 Baer & Anthony (Cuneo Fine Binding Studio, Chicago). Articles
f.6.15 Betty Lou Beck (1977)
f.6.17 Gerard Charriere. File contains no correspondence but a copy of the catalog for the exhibition of his work held at the Galleria del Bel Libro in Ascona Switzerland in 1975. Also an article by Dale Roylance: “Binding as art: Gerard Charriere,” American Craft, 40, no. 4 (Aug.-Sept. 1980), 24-28.
f.6.17 Fritz Eberhardt (1977).
f.6.18 Don G. Etherington (1976-1977). Inquiries only.
f.6.19 Deborah Evetts No correspondence. File includes an envelope of color snapshots of her work.
f.6.20 Herbert and Edna Fahey. No correspondence. File contains only note on location of examples.
f.6.21 Gerhard Gerlach. No correspondence. File contains only articles including Emil Grimm, “…A venerable craft…” from Vermont Life (Spring 1965), 22-23.
f.6.22 Jean Gunner. No correspondence. File contains only note on small exhibition held at the American Institute of Graphic Arts in April-May 1973.
f.6.23 Gale Herrick (1976)
f.6.24 Barbara Fallon Hiller (1976-1977)

f.6.25 B. Miller. Folder empty.
f.6.26 Carolyn Horton (1977).
f.6.27 Polly Lada-Mocarski (1976).
f.6.28 Margaret Lecky (1977).
f.6.29 Jeanne F. Lewisohn
f.6.30 Richard Minsky. File contains only transparency of binding created in 1975 for a copy of J. J. Audobon’s Birds of North America.
f.6.31 Edward G. Parrot II (1976). File contains photocopy of Beth MacLeod, “Gray Parrot, Hand Bookbinder of Hancock,” Down East Magazine (Jan. 1976), 44-47.
f.6.32 Thomas G. Patterson. No correspondence. File contains photographs, 3 slides and photocoy of an article about Patterson: Herbert Weissberger, “The noble craft of bookbinding,” Carnegie Magazine (June 1957), 196-198.
f.6.33 Moray Reynolds (1976-1977)
f.6.34 Catherine Stanescu. No correspondence. File contains 5 color transparencies and black and white photographs and a press release about an exhibition of her work sponsored Lansing Moran and Michael A. Finlay in 1975.
f.6.35 Charlotte Ullman. No correspondence. File contains list of examples of her work.
f.6.36 Florence Walter. No correspondence. File contains the article by Yoshiko Uehida, “Florence Walter,” Craft Horizons (July/Aug. 1964), 28-30.
f.6.37 Hope G. Weil (1976). No correspondence. File includes a color photograph a binding she executed for a coy of Paul Eluard’s Capitale de la douleur
f.6.38 Kathleen Wick (1976)
f.6.39 Harold Wollenberg (1976-1977)
f.6.40 Belle McMurray (Young). No correspondence. File includes only some notes.
f.6.41 Julia Wightman (1976?)
f.6.42 Laura Young (1976). Inquiry only

Box 7
Chronological reading file of correspondence, 1976-1978 arranged in 5 orange binders [carbon copies of letters sent by LM]. Also contains photocopies of the letters miscellaneously grouped.
Notebook 1. 1976 Feb. 23 to June 15
Notebook 2. 1976 June 22 to Oct. 13
Notebook 3. 1976 Oct. 19 to Dec. 28
Notebook 4. 1977 Jan. 18 to April 26
Notebook 5. 1977 May 3 to 1978 Jan. 1

Collection of sources for slides and photographs.
1 loose-leaf notebook arranged alphabetically by name of institution or collector.

Box 8
Series II: Slides of Binding Designs.
Five loose-leaf notebooks with ca. 1500 color slides arranged alphabetically by name of binder.
Notebook 1. A to C
Notebook 2. D to H
Notebook 3. I to L
Notebook 4. M to P
Notebook 5. Q to Z

Series III: Bookbinding Periodicals and Miscellaneous Items

Box 9: Bookbinding Periodicals (in addition to issues specified in individual folders):

Allgemeiner Anzieger fur Buchbindereien. Dec. 1965; June, July, Dec. 1972; Feb.; June 1973; Nov. 1974 to April 1975; Oct. 1976 to Apr.
Art et Metier du Livre. No. 53 (Nov.-Dec. 1974); no. 61 (Nov.-Dec. 1975); no. 68 (Oct. 1976); no. 71 (Mar. 1977 to no. 98 (May 1980).
Binderereport. June 1977 to Oct. 19778.
Designer Bookbinders Review. No. 6 (1975) to no. 14 (Autumn 1979). File also contains Illustrated
Directory of Fellows [1978].
Fine Print. Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1975) to Vol. V, no. 2 (April 1979).

Miscellenous Issues of Bookbinding Periodicals:
DA: The Paper Quarterly for the Graphic Arts (Biennial issue, 1975).

SketchBook: A Magazine Devoted to the Fine Arts (Chicago). (Nov. 1905). [This issue, devoted to the International Exhibition of the Carnegie Institute, contains an article on bookbinding by Mrs. H. C. Chatfield-Taylor.]
Kunsthandwerk in Europa. (Aug. 1975). An issue on bookbinding in this a quarterly dealing with arts and crafts in Europe.

Box 9: Miscelleneous Material
Clippings and articles (in addition to those noted in indiviual folders). 6 items.
Exhibition catalogs (in addtion to those noted in individual folders)
An Exhibition of Books on Papermaking…. Boston Public Library. Jan. 6-Feb. 7, 1969.
Fine Modern Bindings… Lucien Goldschmidt, Inc. (New York City). Nov. 15-Decc. 19, 1972.
Artists Books. Moore College of Art, Philadelphia . Jan. 16-Feb. 24 1974.
The Printed Work. Union Gallery, San Jose State University. March 22-April 9, 1976.
The Book as Art. Frederick Gallery (Washington D.C.). Jan. 12-Feb. 14, 1976. (2 copies)
The Book as Art II Frederick Gallery (Washington D.C.). Feb. 15-Mar. 12, 1977. (2 copies)
Women and the Book: Modern Bookbinders. Mills College of Art. Sept. 16 to Oct. 30, 1976.
Paper Marbling
Samples of marbled papers.
Combed Marble Papers. Dryad Press. (Dryad Leaflet 107). N.d.
Three Marbling Methods Dryad Press. (Dryad Leaflet 74).
Sydney M. Cockerell. Marbling Pape. ( Bookbinding as a School Subject., Pamphlet No. 5, second ed.). n.d.
Photographs (in addition to those noted in individual folders):
Stella Waitzkin. Holy Bible, 1975 and other books from American Library Co. Series, polyester resin. . 1 black and white photograph. 8 x 10"
Guild of Bookworkers/American Institute of Graphic Arts. Travelling exhbition on hand bookbinding processes. 2 black and white photographs. 6x8" and smaller.
Transparencies of binding designs (in addion to those noted in individual folders):
Elise Asher. The Dancer. 1972.
Barton Lidice Benes. Book Jacket. 1974.
Barton Lidice Benes. Coloring Book. 1975.
Helen Frankenthaler. Frankenthaler. 1970.
Lester Van Winkle. Larado No Mas. 1973.
Miscellaneous Items (6 items)

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