PIRIE, ROBERT. Correspondence re book and antiques collecting, 1956-2005
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Guide to the Robert S. Pirie Papers, 1956-


Robert S. Pirie Papers, 1956-

Physical Description:
37 boxes (approx. 37.42 linear ft.)
Ca. 600 photographs ; 20 x 25 cm. and smaller
Ca. 75 negatives

Organization and Arrangement:
Arranged into six series: I. Correspondence, etc. relating to book collecting, 1956-1978; John Donne Exhibition at Grolier Club, 1972; III. Book and Art Collections: Inventories, Descriptions and Appraisals, ca. 1980-2005; IV. Personal Correspondence, ca. 1980-2005; V. Estate of John Fleming  (Executorship); VI. Roxburghe Club.

Historical/Biographical Note:
Robert S. Pirie was graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. As an undergraduate he was attracted to bibliographical work in Elizabethan literature and was actively collecting while on service with the United States Army in the late 1950s. In 1963 portions of his collection were exhibited at the Grolier Club (a New York City bibliophile society), where he was an active member, and in 1972 he compiled for the Grolier Club John Donne, 1572-1631: a catalog of the anniversary exhibition of first and early editions. Many of the items in this exhibition were from Pirie’s collection, and he was acknowledged by Donne bibliographer Sir Geoffrey Keynes as a premier collector of original editions of Donne. During the 1960s and early 1970s Pirie was associated with law firms in Boston; he later practiced in New York City and then served in turn as Co-Chairman and CEO of Rothschild North America, Senior Managing Director of Bear, Stearns & Co., and Vice-Chairman of Investment Banking at SG Cowen Securities Corporation. He is now associated with the French bank Socété Genérale.

Scope and Contents Note:
The original inventory includes: correspondence, invoices, appraisals, photographs and miscellaneous materials relating to the book and art collecting activities of Robert S. Pirie. Most of the letters are addressed to Pirie from fellow collectors, bibliophiles and rare book and antiques dealer. Correspondents include but are not limited to: F. B. Adams, Marie Angel, John Carter, John F. Fleming, E. P. Goldschmidt (London), Hamill & Barker (Chicago), Rupert Hart-Davis, John Hayward, B. E. Jurel-Jenson, Maggs Brothers (London), A. N. L. Munby, Michael Papantonio of the Seven Gables Bookshop in New York City, Charles S. Ryskamp, and John Sparrow and J. L. Vellekoop of E. P. Goldschmidt (London). There is a collection of over 100 ALSs and TLSs from Philip Hofer of the Department of Graphic Arts at Harvard, and 24 ALSs from Sir Geoffrey Keynes concerning preparation of the fourth edition of Bibliography of Dr. John Donne (1973). Of the almost 200 ALSs, TLSs and telegrams from the firm of Bernard Quaritch in London, the majority are signed by P. N. Poole-Wilson.

The supplementary inventory includes: appraisals (a number of which were made by Paul Magriel) and descriptions of furniture and objets d’art and some books. There is substantial material concerning the exhibition on John Donne held at the Grolier Club in 1972 that Pirie organized primarily from items from in his personal collection. Also: files of personal correspondence for the years 1980-1989, and the complete files documenting the creation of Pirie’s publication for the Roxburghe Club, an edition of his original manuscript of Robert Naunton’s Fragmenta Regalia, printed in 2002 by the Stinehour Press for distribution to members. The complete file of papers relating to Pirie’s role as an executor of the estate of New York City antiquarian bookseller John Fleming is also included, as are paper relating to his sponsorship of a publications program with the Grolier Poetry Bookshop (Laura Soltano) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Restrictions on Use:
Collection is restricted.

Finding Aid Note:
Unpublished finding aid available in repository; folder level control.

Adams, Frederick B. (Frederick Baldwin), 1910-. Correspondence.
Angel, Marie. Correspondence.
Carter, John. 1905-1975. Correspondence.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. Exhibitions.
Fleming, John F. (John Francis), 1910- 
Hart-Davis, Rupert, 1907-. Correspondence.
Hayward, John, 1905-1965. Correspondence.
Hofer, Philip, 1898-. Correspondence.
Jurel-Jenson, B. E. Correspondence.
Keynes, Geoffrey (Sir), 1887-. Correspondence.
Magriel, Paul, 1906-
Munby, A. N. L. (Alan Noel Latimer), 1913-1974. Correspondence.
Naunton, Robert, 1563-1635. Fragmenta Regalia.
Papantonio, Michael. Correspondence
Poole-Wilson, P. N. Correspondence.
Ryskamp, Charles. Correspondence.
Schreiber, Roy E.
Solano, Laura.
Sparrow, John Hanbury Angus, 1906-. Correspondence.
Vellekoop, J. L. Correspondence.
E. P. Goldschmidt (Firm). Correspondence.
Grolier Club.
Grolier Poetry Bookshop.
Houghton Library, Harvard University.
Hamill & Barker. Correspondence.
Maggs Brothers. Correspondence.
Bernard Quaritch (Firm). Correspondence.
Roxburghe Club.
Seven Gables Bookshop. Correspondence.
Stinehour Press.

Art. Collectors and collecting. 20th century.
Art objects. Valuation.
Book collecting. United States. 20th century.
Book collectors. United States. 20th century.
Roxburghe Club.

Negatives. 20th century.
Photographs. 20th century.
Occupation (as reflected in collection)
Art objects. Collectors and collecting. United States. 20th century.
Book collectors. United States.  20th century.

Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022-1098.

Collection inventory:
Original folder titles have been retained but clarified as necessary.

Box 1: Papers Relating Primarily to Book Collecting


Angel, Marie (English scribe and illuminator). 20 ALS regarding a bookplate commission and related matters. 1958-1963.


Art purchases. Miscellaneous correspondence. 1962-1974.


Art: Miscellaneous catalogs and correspondence. 1959-1967. [File includes 5 small catalogs of miscellaneous exhibitions and letters to RSP from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Fogg Art Museum (Harvard University), the National Gallery of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art regarding loans of paintings to the Fogg. Also: “Portrait of the Archduke Ferdinand” by Peter Paul Rubens, a color reproduction and certificate of authenticity from Dr. Ludwig Burchard prepared for a sale.]


Bibliographical Societies: correspondence. 1965-1973. [Bibliographical Society; Bibliographical Society of America; Bibliographical Society of Virginia]


Brown, Judith (New York City sculptor). 1 ALS (1965) and gallery announcement.


Club of Odd Volumes (Boston). Correspondence and printed ephemera. 1958-1966.


Crowther (Bert) Antiques (Islesworth, Middlesex, England). Correspondence regarding purchase of chimney pieces. File includes 19 black and white photographs: 20 x 25 cm. and smaller.


Crowther (T.) and Son (London). Correspondence regarding purchase of chimneypiece and other items. 1962-1973. File includes 2 black and white photographs: 20 x 25 cm.


Dawsons of Pall Mall. Correspondence. 1959-1965.


DeRicci, Seymour [Ricci, Seymour de]. Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada: Supplement. Bibliographical descriptions of manuscripts owned by RSP prepared for the Supplement which was published in 1962 by the Bibliographical Society of America.


Edwards (Francis) Ltd. (London). Correspondence with managing director E. E. Harris. 1956-1968.


“Elizabethan manuscript prayer book.” Holograph and bibliographical description. [This item was sold at Sotheby’s 1957 July 8, Lot 78.]


Fleming (John F.) Inc. (New York City). Correspondence. 1956-1973.


Franklin (Malcolm) Inc. Antiques. Correspondence. 1959-1962.


Gentle (Rupert) Antiques. Correspondence. 1973-1974.


Goldschmidt (E. P.) London. Correspondence from J. L. Vellekoop. 1961-1979.


Goldschmidt (Lucien) New York City. 2 TLS. 1959. [One letter concerns a 15th century manuscript that Goldschmidt offered for sale to RSP: Compendium Ethicorum Aristotelis, etc .by Ludovicus de Ferrarra


Grolier Club (New York City). Correspondence and announcements with officers and librarian. 1958-1974.

Box 2: Papers Relating to Book Collecting


Grolier Club (New York City). Catalog copy and proof for exhibition catalog of Books and Manuscripts from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Pirie… (1963 and John Donne exhibition


Hamill & Barker (Chicago). Correspondence. 1961-1971. [Includes material on RSP purchase of a copy of the Second Shakespeare Folio of 1632.]


Harper (Lathrop C.) New York City. Correspondence. 1960-1967.


Hart-Davis Rupert. 1 TLS 1957 Sept. 16. [Letter indicates that RSP knows sources of Oscar Wilde letters for sale.]


Harvard University. Library. Notices, annual reports, etc. 19958-1971. [RSP was Honorary Curator of English Literature in 1965-66 and 1968-69.]


Harvard College. Correspondence, announcements, etc. regarding Harvard College Library Board of Overseers. 1965-1977.


Heilbrun, Georges L. Correspondence. 1960-1968.


Jackson, William A. Memorial Fund. RSP was one of the three-member committee that raised funds, which were used to revive publication of the Harvard Library Bulletin.


Hofer, Philip. Ca. 100 ALS and TLS. 1957-1970. [Hofer was the head of the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts at the Harvard College Library; this correspondence discusses bibliographical concerns and mutual friends.]


Harvard College. Library. Department of Printing and Graphic Arts. Photographs and negatives of a volume from RSP lent to Harvard: Buchanani dialogum of Georgii Adversus… (1581). 10 black and white photographs and 8 negatives.


Harvard University (Houghton Library). Correspondence with various officials. 1956-1972. [Many of the letters written before 1960 are from William A. Jackson; some concern the revision of the Short Title Catalog and inclusion of RSP copies of books by Donne.]


Libraries (Miscellaneous). Correspondence. 1959-1960.


Keynes, Sir Geoffrey. 24 ALS 1960-1973. [Correspondence concerns Keynes work on the fourth edition of his Bibliography of Dr. John Donne….1973]. File also contains: 3 TLS from his son Quentin Keynes; 1 TLS from John Sparrow; copy of 1 TLS from RSP to Keynes (1972 June 30) and 1 TLS from Grolier Club Librarian Robert Nikirk to Keynes (1973 June 12)


Lyly, John. “Variants in John Lyly’s Pappe with an Hatchet (sic).” Typescript of paper by RSP concerning this Martin Marprelate tract for English 295 [at Harvard?] (1958 May 7). 7 leaves and 3 leaves of appendices. File includes 1 TLS to RSP from Ronald Hall of John Rylands Library 1958 Aug. 6) and 1 TLS from E. G. W. Bill, Librarian at Lambeth Palace Library answering bibliographical queries about this tract.


Marprelate (Martin) Controversy. Miscellaneous undated notes and Photostats of tracts.

Box 3: Papers Relating to Book Collecting


Meriden Gravure Co. Correspondence regarding printing of RSP Christmas cards and bookplates. 1960-1965.


Miscellaneous correspondence with antique dealers. 1961-1974.


Miscellaneous correspondence with book collectors, dealers and bibliographers: arranged chronologically. Correspondents include: John Carter; John Hayward; B. E. Jurel-Jenson; Sir Geoffrey Keynes; A. N. L. Munby and John Sparrow.

1960-1965 f. 3.3

1966-1970 f. 3.4

1971-1974 f. 3.5


Pierpont Morgan Library. Correspondence, announcements to Fellows, etc. 1957-1974. [RSP was a Fellow of the PML]. File includes TLS from directors F. B. Adams and Charles Ryskamp.


Peter Murray Hill (Rare Books, London). Correspondence. 1960-1969.


Maggs. Bros. Ltd. (London). Correspondence. 1957-1972.


Newberry Library (Chicago). Papers regarding sale of “duplicates and surplusage” from the Silver Collection. File includes 1 TLS from John Carter to RSP (1963 Jan. 3) about his reaction to the sale.

Box 4: Relating to Book Collecting


Metropolitan Museum of Art. (New York City). Correspondence regarding policies of director Thomas E. Hoving. 1973. File includes clippings.


Museum of Fine Arts (Boston). Correspondence with RSP and announcements concerning Visiting Committee to Department of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture. 1965-1967


Quaritch (Bernard) Ltd. (London). Ca. 200 ALS, TLS and telegrams from Quaritch to RSP regarding purchases. 1968-1975. [Many of the letters are signed by P. N. Poole-Wilson.]1965-1972. 4.31973-1975f. 4.4


Robinson (Lionel and Philip) Ltd. Correspondence. 1959-1972.


Rosenbach (A. S. W.) Foundation. Correspondence. undated. 3 items.


Seven Gables Bookshop (New York City). Correspondence. 1960-1975. [File includes letters from proprietor Michael Papantonio as well as correspondence from others regarding RSP’s nomination of Papantonio for membership in the Grolier Club.]


Shrubsole (S. J. ) Antique English Silver. Correspondence. 1967-1973.


Signet Society (Harvard). Correspondence and announcements. 1958-1978.


Stair & Company Antiques (New York City). Correspondence. 1958-1967.


Untermyer, Irwin (Judge). Correspondence. 1961-1969. [Untermyer gave major collections of antique silver and other decorative objects to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.]


Winifred Williams Antiques (England). Correspondence. 1963-1966.

Box 5: Books and Art Objects: Inventories and Appraisals


Bernard Quaritch. Book Valuation for Insurance Purposes, November 1989. 1 black loose-leaf notebook. 130 p., 31 cm. Collections includes: English books before 1700 (with Short Title Catalog and Wing numbers); Natural history; Eastern manuscripts; Continental books; Works of bibliography; [Addenda].


Christie’s Insurance Appraisal. December 27, 1989. 1 black loose-leaf notebook. 150pp. 29 cm. Art objects at Aquila Farm, Hamilton, MA. Collections includes: European furniture: American paintings, porcelain and glass; Chinese paintings, ceramics and work so art; Prints, sculpture, impressions and paintings; Old Master paintings. Appraisal is arranged by room.


Bernard Quaritch. Appraisal. 1998. 1white loose-leaf notebook. Pages not numbered. 29 cm. Lists price originally paid and 1989 appraisal value with updated values for some items. Addenda of 1989 have been integrated into the alphabetical lists for their category. Spine title gives date of 1998; Quaritch transmittal sheets give date of May 1997 with some dates for November 1998.


Fine Arts Appraisals. 1978-1997. Appraisals by type with immediate provenance of item. Appraisers not identified but possibly as above.Furniture. July 1978-November 1992.Miniatures. June 1988-November 1992.Paintings and sculpture. July 1978-December 1980.


Porcelain and glass. December 1983-May 1991.Rugs. November 1988-July 1995.Sculpture, paintings, etc. May 1997-March 1999.Silver. July 1978-1997.


Objects in New York City home. 1993-1994.


Group of appraisals dated November 1, 1980. 17pp. Groupings include: Drawings, paintings and sculpture; Furniture; Porcelain and glass; Silver.


Books on Wyoming. Valuation dated 1989-1994. No appraisers listed.


Christie’s (New York). Appraisal of Art Deco pocket watch. November 30, 1989.


Appraisal of “A religious procession.” Madras. 19th century scroll on cloth. May 12, 1989.

Box 5:


General correspondence, 1964-1968.


General correspondence, 1969-1972.


General correspondence, 1973-1979. Correspondence in these folders includes letters from friends, many concerning bibliographical matters, s and dealers as well as a few copies of business letters from RSP.


Grolier Poetry Bookshop (Cambridge, MA). RSP Poetry Program, 1983-1991.


Grolier Poetry Bookshop (Cambridge, MA). RSP Poetry Program, 1992-2001. About 1983 RSP with the owner of the GPB, Laura Solano, began to fund a program that allowed seven institutions to acquire new poetry titles published by small presses. Ms. Solana chose the Libraries selected those of: Marlboro (VT) College; Kenyon College; New York Public Library; Mount Holyoke College; Ethel Walker School and Phillips Andover Academy.


Grolier Poetry Bookshop. Correspondence and articles regarding lease of the shop and Harvard Real Estate. 1983-1995.


Harvard University Library. Visitation Committee. Visit of May 15, 1968. RSP was a member of the Board of Visitors.


Harvard University. Fogg Art Museum. Correspondence regarding loans from RSP. 1963-1974.


Harvard University. Fogg Art Museum. Correspondence re loans to the Fogg and other organizations. 1975-1980.


Grolier Club. Thomas Dibdin Exhibition. Correspondence with John Windle, et al. 1975.


Gander & White (London). Shipments of fine arts purchased by RSP. Correspondence and invoices. 1975-1980.


Coaching (books about). Offers to RSP. 1975.

Box 6: Books and Art Objects: Inventories and Appraisals, Includes offerings by dealers.


Unnamed appraiser. Books; Furniture; Paintings and drawings; Sculptures; Porcelain and glass; Silver. Some sheets dated 1978; others undated. With these are filed photocopies of pages from auction catalogues and miscellaneous third-party correspondence. Also: 6 B x W photographs of unidentified silver objects. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Appraisals of glass, sculpture and furniture with miscellaneous photographs. 13 B x W photographs 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller. Some photographs are enclosed in appraisal forms.


John Plumb Collection of Vincennes and Sevres Porcelains. Descriptive inventory with evaluations by Winifred Williams (specialist in rare porcelains). Red loose-leaf notebook. 23 cm. Also: folder with list entitled “Vincennes and Sevres Porcelain in the Collection of Sir John Plumb, Cambridge [England]. Typescript with holograph note: “Adrian Simon’s notes for the Getty Museum Acquisition Committee.” Autograph note signed RSP: “I bought this collection to the intense irritation of the Getty. Jack said he didn’t want his porcelain in an earthquake fault….”


“Silver write-up.” Description and appraisal by Winifred Williams of silver cream jug dated 1981 Dec. 16. Also: 1 b x w photograph. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”).


Descriptions of paintings with photographs.E. V. Thaw & Co. (New York City). Descriptions of paintings with photographs: Sir Joshua Reynolds. “Angelica Kauffman.” In stiff blue folder.John Constable. “Dedham, The Skyark.” In stiff blue folder.Also: other paintings described on appraisal forms (appraisers not identified) with miscellaneous photocopies and offprints. 16 b x w photographs 20 x 35 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


“List of Items by Subject.” List by categories as above. Some pries given. Appraisers not identified. N.d.


Miscellaneous material: photocopies, photographs, letters and clippings regarding various art objects, primarily porcelains. Ca. 20 b x w and color photographs, 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Invoices. 1978-1985. File includes some correspondence and photographs of pictures objects.

Box 6: Items offered to RSP by London dealers


Jeremy Ltd. William and Mary period walnut bureau. 3 photographs 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10” or smaller.


Hotspur Ltd. 18th century Chippendale period cabinet. 1 color photograph 9-1/2 x 12”. Offered 1985; or purchased.


Hotspur Ltd. Late 17th century barometer. 1 color photograph 14 x 29 cm. Includes letter to Elenor Alcorn of Boston Museum of Fine Arts soliciting her opinion of it for the museum’s collection.


Porcelains and small sculptures. 13 sheets of negatives; 13 sheets of contact photographs. Items not identified.


Winifred Williams (Rare Porcelains, London). Offering of three French vases with description and correspondence. 3 color negatives and 1 b x w photograph (15 x 21 cm. ( 6-1/2 x 8-1/2”).


Cataloging of RSP paintings. Proposal and correspondence from C .Sahlman and S. Arable. 1977-1978.


Sotheby Park-Bernet. “Important Ancient and Islamic Glass…” Sale no., 4324 (December 13, 1979). Lots 150 and 255 purchased by RSP for Paul Magriel.


Antique Dealers Fair and Exhibition (London). 1959.


Loan agreements (between RSP and institutions). 1977-1979


Books. Correspondence related to Jacobean imprints. 1979.

Box 7: Offerings from Dealers: European Art Objects; Offerings and some correspondence by dealers, 1988-2001. Files include ca. 30 photographs, mostly color, 23 x 30 cm. (9-1/2 x 12”) or smaller. Each presentation enclosed in dealer’s stiff paper folder.

7.1 (Binders)

Brand Inglis (London)1 presentationn.d.Crowther of Syon Lodge (London)1 presentationn.d.Galerie Neuse (Bremen)1 presentation1999Harari & Johns, Ltd. (London)1 presentation1988Jonathan Harris (London)1 presentation1999Hotspur (London)5 presentations n.d.Julius Bohler (Munich)1 presentation2001Simon Dickinson (London)1 presentationn.d.Sotheby’s1 presentationn.d.Yves Mikaeloff (Paris)1 presentation1991

Box 7: Asian Art; Offerings and correspondence from dealers, 1987-1999. RSP note on original folder: “Mostly not purchased.”  Files include ca. 50 photographs, mostly color, 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10” or smaller). Also ca. 35 color negatives.


Spink (London).


Other Dealers

Box 7: Correspondence, etc.


RSP correspondence, clippings, etc. on financial matters. Ca. 1971-1979.Correspondents include Benjamin Sonnenberg and Theodore L. Cross.


Rochelle Thomas (Fine Porcelain, New York City). Correspondence with RSP. 1961-1969, Sotheby’s (New York).Proposal for the Sale of Highly Important Silver, Sevres and English Porcelain and American Drawings [RSP collections]. October 1998. 1 v., 51 pp., 34 cm.Proposal includes: auction estimates, marketing plan, and sales strategy as well as comments by Sotheby’s specialists on the collections. Accompanied by TLS from David N. Redden, Executive Vice-President of Sotheby’s. Catalogs of previous sales of similar collections: Jaime Ortiz-Patino (English and Continental Silver. 1998 April 2)Van Slyke Collection of Important Continental Porcelain. 1989 Sept. 26); Sotheby’s Preview (in house publication). All items laid in cream color cloth covered folding box.

Box 8: Estate of John Fleming [RSP was one of the executors]


Will of antiquarian book dealer John Fleming (1910-1987) and obituary notices. [Will dated 1984 June 21.]Weil, Gotshal & Manges. Correspondence with RSP about estate with copies of correspondence with JF’s widow. Most of this correspondence is signed by Samuel Laitman.


Correspondence. 1988.


Correspondence. 1989


Correspondence. 1990-1994.


Offer for sale of cooperative apartment at 322 East 57th Street. Correspondence, etc. 1988-1989.


Sale of shares allocated to Unit 10/11 A/B and SR 7/8. Transmitted to RSP by Myra Mitzman. 1989 April 6.Sale of stock of John Fleming, Inc.


Sotheby’s (New York City). Proposal for sale with TLS from John Marion, Chairman, to RSP. 1988 February 23. 1p.Christies (New York City). Correspondence re sale of JF stock. Files include copies of Christies “after sale” invoices.”


1988 February-July








Summary of values. 245 items (furniture, fine arts and prints) listed.


Printed books and manuscripts from the estate of JF. 1988 November 18. 185pp.


Fine European furniture, paintings, sculpture and works of art. 1988 June 17. 99pp.


Fine printed and manuscript Americana. [JF one of several collections in this sale], 1989 October 31.


Swann Galleries (New York City). Catalogs of sales of books from JF estate. Listing of articles on consignment (photocopy) for sale of autographs 1988 October 25. File includes TLS to RSP and other executors from Samuel H. Laitman of Weil, Gotshal & Manges.English books and autographs. 1988 November 21.Reference library. 1989 January 26.File includes list of books and lots co-owned by John Fleming, Inc. and dealer Priscilla Juvelis.


Miscellaneous correspondence. 1988-1996. File includes lists of attendees at dinner and reception in memory of Fleming. File includes 2 TLS from Viscountess Eccles seeking information about Fleming for her essay about him in Grolier 2000. TLS to RSP. 1999 August 9. 1p.TLS to Carol Fleming Smith. 1999 September 24. 2 p.

Box 9: John Donne Exhibition at Grolier Club (15 Feb.-12 April 1972),  Exhibition organized by RSP for 400th anniversary of his birth and included many items from RSP collection.


Correspondence with potential donors. 1971.


Correspondence with donors. 1972-1973.


Notes for catalog and labels.


Catalog galley proofs with correspondence. File includes samples of title-page. Also 15 b x w and color photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10) or smaller.


Reception and dinner. Lists of guests, etc.


Label text typescripts on cards with holograph corrections. Ca. 225 stiff paper cards. 11 x 15 cm.


Bulletin du Bibliophile (Paris 1972). Includes review of exhibit in French (pp. 197-200).

Box 9: Drawings, Prints and Art Objects: Inventories and Appraisals (1980s?)


Appraisal of drawings made by Paul Magriel (New York City). Typescript with prices added in holograph for some titles. N.d. Folder includes 28 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”). Also: appraisal of books and drawings made by unnamed appraiser (possibly Magriel).


American drawings of the 19th century. Descriptions with photographs. Ca. 35 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Prints. Ca. 45 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm or smaller (8 x 1o”).


American drawings. Catalogs of 5 exhibitions, 1962-1980. Includes catalog of exhibition of Paul Magriel collection held at University of Texas (1964). File includes 7 sheets of b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller. Also: Christie’s sale catalog of English drawings… (1967 March 14).


Brass. Descriptions. Ca. 35 appraisal folders; some includes invoices and/or photographs. Ca. 25 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Chargers, plates.


Porcelain. Ca. 15 appraisal folders. Ca. 20 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Porcelain: cups, saucers, small plates, 9 appraisal folders. 3 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller. 3 appraisal folders. 3 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Battersea, Bilston, Staffordshire enamels. 3 appraisal folders. 3 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Derby (Porcelain). 1 appraisal folder. 1 b x w photograph. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”).


Dresden (Meissen). 3 appraisal folders. 4 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) or smaller.


Hoechst (Porcelain), 1 appraisal folder. 1 b x w photograph 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”).Silver: Offerings by Brand Inglis (London dealer)


William III Royal Silver Sconces. Offering by dealer, correspondence, etc., 1982. 1 b x w photograph. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”). Purchased by RSP.


George II Silver Punch Bowl. Offering, etc. 198 1 b x w photograph. 20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10). Purchased by RSP [for Boston Museum of Fine Arts?]

Box 10: Art Objects: Appraisal and Description (1980s?)


English furniture and objets d’art. 10 appraisal folders. 10 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller.


French furniture and objects d’art .12 appraisal folders. Ca. 12 b x 2 photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller.


Irish furniture and glass. 4 appraisal folders. 8 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller.


Objets d’art from other counties. 4 appraisal folders. Ca. 10 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller.


Furniture and objets d’art: national style not identified. 12 appraisal folders. Ca. 12 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller.


Italian furniture. 1 appraisal folder. 1 b x w photograph. 20 x 25 cm.


Miscellaneous (1). 17 appraisal folders. Ca. 20 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller.


Miscellaneous (2). 10 appraisal folders. Ca. 30 b x w photographs. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”) or smaller.

Box 10: Personal Correspondence (1980-1989)



[1981 missing]


1982 January-May


1982 June-December.




1983 Supplement.





Box 11: Personal Correspondence (1980-1989)








1989 January-July.


1989 August-December.

Roxburghe Club Publication printed from manuscript in his collection for presentation to members by RSP

Robert Naunton. Fragmenta Regalia: Observations on the Late Queen Elizabeth, edited by Roy E. Schreiber. 2v. 2002. Printed in edition limited to 300 copies by the Stinehour Press.


Correspondence of RSP with Stinehour Press. 1987-2002.


Correspondence with Roy Schreiber. 1991-2000.


Introduction by Roy Schreiber. Various drafts. 1991.


Introduction with letter of transmittal from Stinehour Press to RSP. 1991 March 18. Photocopy.


Introduction by Roy Schreiber with comments by Bonnie Bristol (of Alfred A. Knopf) and RSP. 1991 March 28. File includes photocopy of TLS from Roy Schreiber to Bonnie Bristol accompanying his revised introduction. 1991 June 10.


Introduction. New version with TLS from Roy Schreiber to RSP. 1991 May 3.


Typescript: text only. Comments and corrections by Laetetia Yandle (Folger Shakespeare Library) with TLS to RSP. 1991 December 3. (Photocopy).


Typescript of entire manuscript. Computer printed version with introduction and notes by Roy Schreiber. “Clean copy.” N.d.

Box 12: Roxburghe Club Publication (continued)


First proofs from Stinehour Press. July-August 1992 (Set. 1: Each set marked with holograph corrections and include various disk and galley numbers)


First proofs. July-August 1992 (Set 2)


First proofs. July-August 1992 (Set 3)


Proof with corrections by Roy Schreiber. 1992 August 19.


Proof with corrections with Roy Schreiber. 1992 December 17.


Original paste-up with corrections by RSP. TLS from Mary Stinehour to RSP 1993 May 27. 1p.


Original paste-up (Master copy without corrections). May 1993.


Paste-up with corrections. May 1993.


Page proof with corrections by Roy Schreiber. 1994.


Blues [blueline prepress photographic proof] with corrections. April 2000?


Revised blues. June 2000.


Proofs with corrections and notes transmitted by Roy Schreiber to Stinehour Press. 2000 March 22.


"Fold-downs" for the two volumes with TLS from Jonathan G. Quay of Stinehour Press to RSP. 2000 October 26. 1 p.


Sample books and bindings for the two volumes. Red cloth with black leather spines.23 x 18 x 6 cm. All leaves blank.


Sample prospectuses for previous Roxburghe Club publications created to advertise copies for sale to the general public through Bernard Quaritch. 7 prospectuses. Ca. 1981-2000.


Prospectus printed by Stinehour Press for Fragmenta Regalia, including revised versions. April 2002.


Photographs, etc. 2 b x w photographs representing folios 14 and 15 of original 17th century manuscript. 20 x 25 cm. (8” x 10”). File includes photocopies of other folios and of portrait of Robert Naunton. Laid in Meriden-Stinehour Press folder.

Box 13: Roxburghe Club publication (continued)


Typescript: clean copy. N.d.


Typescript with holograph corrections. N.d.


Typescript marked for printer. N.d.


Facsimiles of pages in Naunton’s hand and that of his secretary, George Verny. N.d.


Miscellaneous items.


Roxburghe Club membership lists (1993; 1995; 1006; 2001; 2001) for distribution of copies. File includes list of individual and institutional non-members to whom copies are sent.


Roxburghe Club. Letters from individual members to RSP thanking him for a copy of his edition of Naunton’s Fragmenta Regalia.2003. 61 ALS and TLS.


Advertisement for copies of Fragmenta Regalia distributed through Bernard Quaritch. Christies Magazine (May-June 2003), 217.

Roxburghe Club AGM and Tour of New York City Libraries (18-22 Oct. 2002)

The Club held its annual general meeting in New York in 2001; trip was organized and partially sponsored by RSP


Correspondence and invoices. 2001 June-2002 December.

“A Selection from the Library of Robert Pirie Arranged for the Visit of the Roxburghe” 22 p., 200 copies printed.

“Club/19 October 2002” [Displayed at his New York City home]


Typescript with drafts and proofs from the Stinehour Press (folder 1 of 2)


Typescript with drafts and proofs from the Stinehour Press (folder 2 of 2)

Box 14: Personal Correspondence (1982-1995)

Letters of congratulations [upon joining Rothschild, Inc., 1982]

Letters re departure [upon announcing retirement from Rothschild, Inc.]

Letters of congratulations [upon joining Bear, Stearns, 1992-1994]

Letters of congratulations [upon becoming vice chairman, Société Générale Securities Corp., 1996]

Misc. thank-you letters, ca. 1982-1991

Misc. thank-you letters, 1982-1990

Misc. thank-you letters, 1992

Misc. thank-you letters, 1993

Misc. thank-you letters, 1993-1995

Box 15:
Personal Correspondence (1996-2002)

Misc. thank-you letters, 1996-1997

Misc. thank-you letters, 1998

Misc. thank-you letters, 1999

Misc. thank-you letters, 2000

Misc. thank-you letters, 2001-2002

Box 16: Drawings, Prints and Art Objects: Inventories and Appraisals (1962-2005)

Book appraisals and old inventory, 1962-1992 [various appraisal lists and inventories of RSP’s book collection, including separate complete book inventories in 1978, 1989, and 1992; annotated with current prices]

Fine art—loan requests, 1978-2003

Art books, 1981-2005, bulk 1990-2005 [correspondence re purchases, loan requests, British Library forms concerning immediate use of deposited copies of mss. In RSP’s collection that he exported from UK]

Art—Asian, 1990-1992

Great Seal export license, 1992-1994 [correspondence re securing UK export license for drawing of the Royal Great Seal signed by King Charles II]

Fine arts, misc. [correspondence re paintings, porcelain, and sculpture in RSP’s collection, including appraisals, conservation work, and purchase/sale of items]

Box 17: Drawings, Prints and Art Objects: Inventories and Appraisals (1962-2005), continued; and Personal Correspondence (2001) [to be processed]

Box 18: Personal Correspondence [to be processed]

Box 19: Photo albums of art collection (sculptures, ceramics, etc.) [to be processed]

Box 20: Personal Correspondence (1990-1999) [to be processed]

Box 21: Personal Correspondence & Other Files (ca. 1968-2006)

Aquila Farm guestbook (1968-2006)

Roxburgh Club files, 1983-1998

Caxton Club files, 1983

Personal files, 1968

Personal financial files, ca. 1960s

Misc. thank you letters, 2006

Heraldo Muñoz, “A Solitary War: The United Nations’ ‘No’ to the U.S. War in Iraq and its Consequences” (typed ms., 2006)

Box 22: Personal Correspondence & Legal Files

M.G.M., ca. 1966-1968

Americans Against the ABM, ca. 1969-1970

Personal correspondence, 2004

Box 23: Legal Files: Admission to the New York Bar (1978)

Box 24: Legal Files: Senator Harold E. Hughes (D-IA) (1970-1972)

Box 25: Personal Correspondence

Zodiac minutes

Roxburgh Club, 2000-2005

Misc. thank you letters, 2007-2009

Correspondence, 2005-2006

Harvard University, John Winthrop House

Philip Hofer

Walker Hancock

Auction catalogs: Christie’s (New York), Vincennes and Sèvres porcelain from a New England collection, 5 May 1999; Christie’s (New York), Important American paintings, drawings and sculpture, 21 May 2008; Christie’s (New York), Fine and rare wines highlighting a noteworthy private collection, 13 Sept. 2008; Christie’s (New York), Fine and rare wines, featuring evening session of the world’s finest, 7-8 May 2010; Christie’s (London), Valuable manuscripts and printed books, 2 June 2010; Christie’s (New York), 500 years, Decorative arts Europe, 11 June 2010; and Christie’s (New York), Fine printed books and manuscripts, including Americana and a fine collection of William Faulkner, 22 June 2010

Box 26 (received May 2013)

Raskin Book, 2002 December 3

Misc. Parties, 2003-2006

Fleur Jaeggy Book, 2003 December 9

Roxburghe Club, 2006-2008 (Restricted)

Fleming Memorial, 1991-1993

Misc. Thank You Notes (1 of 2), 2011

Misc. Thank You Notes (2 of 2), 2011

Misc. Thank You Notes, 2010

Correspondence, 2008

Correspondence, 2007

Christie’s Catalog Clippings and Correspondence, 2001-2011

Christie’s Sale Proposal, 1998

Christie’s 500 Years Decorative Arts Europe, 21-22 October 2010

Parke-Bernet Finely Bound Sets Books on the Fine Arts, French Illustrated Books, 24 May 1960

Christie’s Magazine March/April 2000

Christie’s East Decorative Pictures: Without Reserve, 2000 December 21

Sotheby’s Fine English Furniture, Ceramics & Carpets, 22 October 2010

Christie’s Fine and Rare Wines, 24 September 2011

Christie’s, The Spencer House Sale, 2010 July 8

Christie’s Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts Including Americana, 2010 December 3

Box 27 (received May 2013)

Sales and Auctions, 1972

Bernard Quaritch, 1965

Bernard Quaritch, 1964

Bernard Quaritch, 1963

Bernard Quaritch, 1962

Bernard Quaritch, 1961

Bernard Quaritch, 1960

Bernard Quaritch, 1959

Bernard Quaritch, 1958

Bernard Quaritch, 1957

Seven Gables, 1963-1964

Seven Gables, 1961-1962

Seven Gables, 1959-1960

Speech at Taxton Club, 1983 February

Library of Jim Edwards, 2001

Shrubsoles, 1964-1965

Shrubsoles, 1959-1963

Wedding lists, 1958-1960

Raymond S. Wilkins-Chief Justice, 1961-1962

Danforth Museum, 1975-1981

English Correspondence, 1975-1978

Far Eastern Information, Undated

Wedding, 1959

Annual Reports, 1947-1978

Boxes 28-34 received April 2016

Box 28: Four index card boxes of provenance and inventory cards (removed from small metal card catalog drawers) New York Fine Arts [Inventory?] (removed from three ring binder)

Box 29: Correspondence and Subject files

Simon Verity

David Esterley

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

American Academy in Rome

Asian Cultural Council

John Carter Brown Library

Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society

Box 30: Correspondence and Subject Files

Bard Graduate Center

Brodsky Foundation

Bill Jackson Reminiscences

Reminiscences of a Book Buyer

Jean-Claude Meyer

Met Museum Loan

Fine Arts – Misc

Club of Odd Volumes

Oxford Campaign

Pierpont Morgan Library

Museum of Modern Art

Plumb, Sir John

Roxburgh Club

Roxburgh Club – Book

[British Memorial Gallery]

Box 31:
Correspondence and Subject Files


Porcelain and Glass


American paintings, drawings and sculptures

Furniture and Rugs

European drawings, paintings and sculpture

[Buddhist and Hindu Sculpture]

[Boucher in Met Catalogue]

[American Federation of Arts Loan]

[Misc Statues]

Rhinocerous (sic) horn cups


Alphabetical subject files A-Z; two sets.


Books II (empty folder)

Books III

[Export Licenses

Box 32: Auction catalogs and other publications

Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale. Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Christie’s London, Important Impressionist and Modern Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture. Friday, June 24, 1966

Sotheby’s New York, 18th, 19th & 20th Century Latin American Paintings, Sculpture, Prints and Photographs. June 10-11, 1982

S.J. Shrubsole Corp. 50 Years on 57th Street. 1986

Christie’s Fine Wines and Spirits Featuring Wine Direct from the Cellar of Chateau Angelus. Friday, October 10, 2014

Sotheby’s New York, Fine Classical Chinese Paintings. March 22, 2012

Christie’s London, Valuable Manuscripts and Printed Books. Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christie’s South Kensington, Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts. Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christie’s New York, The Connoisseur’s Eye. Thursday, October 24, 2013

Christie’s New York, Fine Japanese and Korean Works of Art. Tuesday, October 17, 1989

M. Knoedler & Co. Notes, Harmonies and Nocturnes: Small Works by James McNeill Whistler. 1984

Laing, Alastair. The Drawings of François Boucher. 2003

Baur, J. I. H. and Conrads, M. C. Meditations on Nature: The Drawings of David Johnson. The Hudson River Museum of Westchester. 1987.

Box 33: Oversize Material:

L. Olin Cemetery Drawings [Amanda Pirie Memorial]

[Mantelpiece and Tapestry Sketches]

[Pirie Garden Design Plans]

Box 34: Rolled Material

Line Sketch by David Esterley for overmantel piece

Pirie Garden Design Drafts (4)

Cut-outs of Simon Verity animal designs (?)

Line drawing of various architectural details (artist?)

Box 35: Auction catalogs

Sotheby’s Fine and Rare Wines. March 27, 2015

Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Day Sale. November 6, 2015

Sotheby’s Finest and Rarest Wines. November 14, 2015

Sotheby’s The Collection of Robert S. Pirie, Vol. I-III. Dec. 2-5, 2015

Sotheby’s. December 2015-January 2016

Sotheby’s Old Master Drawings. January 28, 2016

Sotheby’s Finest and Rarest Wines. February 27, 2016

Sotheby’s Saturdays and Sotheby’s. March 19, 2016

Sotheby’s Collections: European Decorative Arts. April 14, 2016

Sotheby’s Collections: Silver, Vertu, Ceramics, and Russian Works of Art. April 15, 2016

Sotheby’s Prints and Multiples. April 21, 2016

Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art. May 26, 2016

Sotheby’s American Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture. June 9, 2016

Sotheby’s Saturdays at Sotheby’s: Asian Art. September 16, 2017

Boxes 36-37 received June 2018
Box 36: Appraisals and auction catalogs

Folder 1: Christie’s. Insurance appraisal. February 16, 1989

Christie’s. Appraised for retail replacement purposes March 15, 2002

Christie’s. Fair Market Value Appraisal. May 12, 2000

Christie’s. Auction estimates. May 11, 2000

Christie’s. Draft Insurance Appraisal. March 30, 1998

Christie’s. Selection for Sale. November 11, 1998

Christie’s. Selection for Sale. November 11, 1998

Christie’s. Selection for Sale. July 8, 1997

Christie’s. Selection for Sale July 9, 1997

Sotheby’s Saturday at Sotheby's: Asian Art. New York. September 16, 2017-with 2 p enclosure listing all lots and sales prices.

Box 37: Correspondence, invoices and subject files






Roxburghe Club visit photos. 2002.



Misc fine and decorative arts receipts



Misc book correspondence pre 2005



Misc book correspondence 2005-2009 (1 of 2)



Misc book correspondence 2005-2009 (2 of 2)



Misc book correspondence 2010-2015 (1 of 2)



Misc book correspondence 2010-2015 (2 of 2)



Misc Book Purchases



George Bayntun



James Cummins Bookseller



Christopher Edwards



John F. Fleming









Maggs Bros



Pickering & Chatto



Bernard Quaritch Invoices 1970s



Bernard Quaritch Invoices 1980s



Bernard Quaritch Invoices 1990-1999 (1 of 2)



Bernard Quaritch Invoices 1990-1999 (2 of 2)



Bernard Quaritch Ltd Invoices 2000-2005



Bernard Quaritch Ltd invoices 2005-2012



Ximenes Rare Books



Conservation work – books



Conservation work -- fine & decorative arts



Bent Juel-Jensen Receipts









The New York Public Library



Rosenbach Museum



Gail Sheehy Article Rolling Stone 7/14/77



Zodiac Club Minutes 2008-2010



Zodiac Minutes (RSP Copy) 2010-2014



RSP Zodiac Club

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