WARDE, FREDERIC. Papers, 1915-1938 [See also Paul Bennett and Alfred C. Howell collections]
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Frederic Warde Papers, 1915-1938


Main Entry
Warde, Frederic, 1894-1939.

Papers, 1915-1938.

Physical Description
14 boxes (14 linear ft.)
9 albums
3 bookplates
ca. 15 clippings
ca.18 Christmas cards
4 menus
4 notebooks
ca. 67 photographs
ca. 52 photostats
ca. 200 printing specimens
ca. 8 page proofs

Organization and Arrangement
Organized into ten series: I. Correspondence files; II. Printed Ephemera and Scrapbooks; III. Hobbies and Other Interests; IV. Personal Items; V. Articles and Clippings; VI. Press Work; VII. Working Papers; VIII. Sample Items for Designs; IX. Titles Written by Warde; X. Miscellaneous Items.

Biographical Note
Frederic Warde (1894-1939) was best known in the graphic arts world as a designer and is associated with the Arrighi typeface. He was also a writer, an editor and, on occasion, a perfumer. Born in Wells, Minnesota, Warde enlisted in the United States Army in 1915 and attended the Army School of Military Aeronautics at the University of California (Berkeley) during 1917-1918. After the war he worked briefly as an editor at Macmillan & Co. before beginning his career in printing. After an apprenticeship to learn about typecasting machines he joined The Printing House of William Edwin Rudge. Warde married Beatrice Lamberton Becker and though they would eventually divorce, as Beatrice Warde, his ex-wife achieved her own fame in the typographic world. Warde was designer for the Princeton University Press (1922-1924); he published Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books in 1925. He then spent several years in Europe where his projects included overseeing Giovanni Mardersteig’s Officina Bodoni. His interest in calligraphy and personal use of an italic hand led to translate the chancery cursive letter forms of Renaissance calligrapher Ludovico degli Arrighi into type. Mardersteig printed The Calligraphic Manual of Ludovico Arrighi…A Complete Facsimile and Introduction by Stanley Morison (1926) which Warde issued in Paris while working for the Pleiad Press.. On his return to the United States he worked again for Rudge (1927-1932, and also designed for private presses such as Crosby Gaige, the Watch Hill Press, Bowling Green Press, the Limited Editions Club and Heritage Press. His work for the Limited Editions Club included editing the first number of its ambitious graphic arts periodical The Dolphin in 1933. Warde worked as production manager for the Oxford University Press from 1937 until his death in 1939. He had many personal and professional associations with leaders in the graphic arts. His wit and charm are evident in his correspondence with them. A small exhibition of Warde’s work from the collection in the Grolier Club Library was held at the Club in 1985 (March 27-May 25); no catalog was issued.

Scope and Contents
Personal papers including correspondence, book and typographic designs, including many original drawings. These working papers show projects going from rough draft to finished product. The correspondence includes letters from a number of persons prominent in the graphic arts; correspondents include but are not limited to: May Lamberton Becker; W. I. Burch; Cass Canfield; Edward Capps; Denise Clairouin; Thomas Maitland Cleland;; W. A. Dwiggins; Crosby Gaige; Fernand Giauque; Frederic Goudy; Willi Harwerth; Philip Hofer; Dard Hunter; Daniel Jacomet; John de Monins Johnson; Mitchell Kennerley; William Albion Kittredge; Paul Koch; Jan van Krimpen; Helmut Lehmann-Haupt; Leroy Latham; George Macy; Giovanni (Hans) Mardersteig; Frederick Melcher; Francis Meynell; Charles Rufus Morey; Stanley Morison; Bruce Rogers; Rudolph Ruzicka; Theodore Leslie Shear; John Collings Squire; Paul Standard; Daniel Berkeley Updike and Beatrice Warde. There is also correspondence with several firms, including but not limited to: Ganymed Press (Berlin) and Lorilleux et Cie. (France); the Printing House of William Edwin Rudge, the Monotype Corporation (England) and the Lanston Monotype Corporation (United States). The collection also includes notebooks, photographic prints and negatives, books, and notebooks. as well as clippings by and about Warde.

Languages Note
Correspondence. French
Correspondence. German

Finding Aid Note
Unpublished inventory available in repository.

Becker, May Lamberton, 1873-1958. Correspondence.
Canfield, Cass., 1897- Correspondence.
Capps, Edward, 1866-1956. Correspondence.
Clairouin, Denise. Correspondence.
Cleland, Thomas Maitland, 1880-1964.
Dwiggins, W. A. (William Addison), 1880-1956.
Gaige, Crosby, 1882-1949.
Giauque, Fernand. Correspondence.
Hofer, Philip, 1898- Correspondence.
Hunter, Dard. Correspondence.
Johnson, John de Monins, 1882-1956. Correspondence.
Kent, Henry Watson, 1866-1948.
Kennerley, Mitchell, 1878-1950.
Kittredge, William Albion, 1891-1945.
Krimpen, Jan van, 1892-1958. Correspondence.
Koch, Paul L.
Latham, Leroy. Correspondence.
Lehmann-Haupt, Helmut, Correspondence.
Macy, George, 1900-1956.Correspondence.
Mardersteig, Giovanni, 1892-1977. Correspondence.
Melcher, Frederick Gershom, 1879- Correspondence.
Meynell, Francis, Sir, 1891-. Correspondence.
Morey, C. R. (Charles Rufus), 1877-1955. Correspondence.
Morison, Stanley, 1889-1967. Correspondence.
Rogers, Bruce, 1870-1957. Correspondence.
Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883- Correspondence.
Squire, John Collings, Sir, 1884-1958. Correspondence.
Standard, Paul, 1900- Correspondence.
Updike. Daniel Berkeley, 1860-1941. Correspondence.
Warde, B.L. (Beatrice Lamberton), 1900-1969. Correspondence.
Warde, Frederic, 1894-1939. Correspondence.
Warde, Frederic, 1894-1939, designer. Calligraphic Models of Ludovico degli Arrighi surnamed Vicentino: a
Complete Facsimile… , 1926.
Warde, Frederic, 1894-1939. Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books, 1925.

Corporate Names
Ch. Lorilleux & Cie.
Ganymed Press, publisher.
Lanston Monotype Corporation.
Limited Editions Club.
Merrymount Press.
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Monotype Corporation.
Officina Bodoni (Montagnola, Switzerland)
Oxford University Press.
Pierpont Morgan Library.
Pleiad Press.
Princeton University Press.
William Edwin Rudge (Firm)
Watch Hill Press.

Book design. United States. 20th century.
Book industries and trade. United States. 20th century.
Printers. 20th century.
Printing. United States. 20th century.
Publishers and publishing. United States. 20th century.
Type and type-founding. United States. 20th century.
Type designers. 20th century.

Albums. United States. 20th century.
Bookplates. United States. 20th century.
Christmas cards. United States. 20th century.
Clippings. United States. 20th century.
Menus. 20th century.
Photographs. United States. 20th century.
Photostats. 20th century.
Page proofs. United States. 20th century.
Printing specimens. France. 20th century.
Printing specimens. England. 20th century.
Printing specimens. Germany. 20th century.
Printing specimens. United States. 20th century.

Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, New York, N. Y. 10022-1098.

Frederic Warde: Timeline

1894 Born July 29 in Wells, Minnesota
1917 Enlisted United States Army
1917-1918 U.S. Army School of Military Aeronautics in at University of California (Berkeley);
separated from the service in early 1919.
1919-1920 Editor, Macmillan & Co. (New York City).
1920 Started career in printing with William Rudge in Mount Vernon, N.Y., to which he returned after working in Europe
1922 Married Beatrice Lamberton Becker December 30 in New York City
1922 – 1924 Princeton University Press, Director of Printing (some of this work was completed while
he was in Europe)
1925 Bruce Rogers: Designer of Books (Harvard University Press)
1925-1928 Free agent in Europe: work for several firms including Officina Bodini and The Pleiad
1926-1927 The Pleiad series: publications designed by FW, but printed at a variety of small presses
1926 Calligraphic Models of Ludovico degli Arrighi…: A Complete Facsimile and Introduction by Stanley Morison. Issued in Paris and privately printed for Warde at the
1927 Officina Bodoni.
1927-1932 Printing House of William E. Rudge
1928-1930 Crosby Gaige
1928-1930 Bowling Green Press
1929-1935 Watch Hill Press, a private press set up for Crosby Gaige
1929-1937 Limited Editions Club (some of these titles were printed by Rudge)
1930-1939 In addition to associations listed, accepted commissions for catalogues, calendars, etc. from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Pierpont Morgan Library, etc.
1936 Heritage Press; Morrill Press; partner in McFarlane, Warde, McFarlane (New York City)
1937 Production Manager at Oxford University Press in New York
1939 Died July 31 in New York City

Timeline for Titles Designed by Warde and
Represented by Material in this Collection

Princeton University Press
1922 Goal Lines by A.C.M. Azoy Jr. and Frank D. Halsey
The Planters of Colonial Virginia by Carl Brigham
1924 Il Filostrato by Giovanni Boccaccio, translated by Hubertis Cummings
Kantharos by George Elderkin
Reminiscences of Newell Sill Jenkins.
1925 History of the Byzantine Empire by Charles Diehl
1927 Spanish Mediaeval Painting by Walter Cook
The Stuttgart Psalter: An Analysis of the Miniatures and the Text by Ernest De Wald
Animal Style in South Russia and China by M. Rostovtzeff

The Pleiad
1926 Crito: a Socratic Dialogue by Plato, translated by Henry Cary
1927 The Life and Death of the Admirable Crichtoun by Thomas Urquhart
Fantasio: A Comedy in Two Acts by Alfred de Musset, translated by Maurice Baring
The Silver Book of English Sonnets collected and edited by Robert Lynd

Bowling Green Press
1929 The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper
1930 Workers in the Dawn by George Gissing

The Printing House of William Edwin Rudge
1927 Fifty Prints: Exhibited by the American Institute of Graphic Arts; introduction by Rockwell Kent
1929 Music and the Cultivated Man by Lawrence Gilman
1930 Rural Sports by John Gay
Quarto Club Papers, 1928-1929 for the Grolier Club
Rudge Rubric (published for internal usage at Rudge House)
Love and the Luxembourg by Richard Aldington
Papermaking through Eighteen Centuries by Dard Hunter

The Limited Editions Club
1929 Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
1932 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
1933 The Dolphin edited by Frederick FW and George Macy
1937 Punch & Judy by John Payne Collier
Pinnochio: The Adventures of a Marionette by Carlo Collodi

The Watch Hill Press
1929 A Letter to the Editor of Poetry Review by Rupert Brooke
In Festo die Nativitatis
The Absent Muse by J.C. Squire
The Enchanted Barn by Helen Pierce
1930 Unser Henry Watson Kent by Waldo Pierce
1935 The Wine and Food Society (Menu)
n.d. Three Japanese Ballads by Lafcadio Hearn (proposed design; never published)

Oxford University Press
1938 The Journal of Emily Foster edited by Stanley Williams and Leonard Beach
1939 The Work of Bruce Rogers: Jack of All Trades, Master of One. A Catalogue of an Exhibition
Arranged by the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Grolier Club with an introduction by Daniel Berkeley Updike

Private Presses and Independent Work
Crosby Gaige
1928 Reminiscences of Leonid Andreyev by Maxim Gorky
Red Barbara and Other Stories by Liam O’Flaherty
At First Sight by Walter de la Mare
Orlando by Virginia Woolf
Anna Livia Plurabella by James Joyce
1929 The Winding Stair by William Butler Yeats

Other Private Press Work
1925 The Tapestry: Poems by Robert Bridges (first appearance of the Arrighi typeface)
Bruce Rogers: Designer of Books by FW
Pierre Simon Fournier.First Showing of the Fournier type. Reproduced by the Lanston
Monotype Corporation
1928 Early Christian Churches of Syria by Howard Crosby Butler
Printers Ornaments Applied to the Composition of Decorative Borders, Panels and Patterns by
Roman Villa at Corinth by T.L. Shear
1930 “Love and Leave the Gentian” (first use of an italic designed to complement Rogers' Centaur
1935 Icones Anatomicae by Andreas Vesalius (History of Medicine Series of the New York Academy
of Medicine.
1936 Kingdom of Light by George Peck

Notes on the Frederic Warde Collections at the Grolier Club

The Grolier Club has three discrete collections of materials by and about book designer and typographer Frederic Warde (1894-1939) and over the decades very substantial effort by Club members and employees has been devoted to these collections.

Warde died on 31 July 1939 at the age of 45. He had been a member of the Grolier Club from 1936 to 1939. Several of his close friends and colleagues in the graphic arts were also members of the Club and as he died intestate, a few of them were called on by the New York City Public Administrator to help wind up his affairs. The disposition of Warde’s books and papers took place over a number of years. Books from his library came to the Club in 1940. Collections of Warde’s papers and related Warde material form three distinct collections.

1. The Papers of Frederic Warde (RLIN ID 87-A19). The present collection, this is the largest archival collection (13 boxes) and appears to have come to the Club in 1966 from the apartment of Club member Sherman P. Haight. A service for Warde was held in the Haight’s apartment shortly after his death and it is a good supposition that they took on the storage of his papers.

2. The Alfred Corey Howell Collection of Material Related to Frederic Warde (RLIN ID 02-A2). In his final illness, Warde told friends that he wanted Howell to fill the role of next of kin in disposing of his estate. He died intestate and failed to execute any document giving Howell authority. However, Howell (died 1961) corresponded widely with persons who knew Warde during the years 1939 to about 1954. First he notified persons listed in Warde’s address book of his death. From 1940 until 1954 he solicited material about Warde and worked on a detailed bibliography of books designed by him. He also acquired a little original Warde material from dealer. His files of over 100 folders are at the Club. These files include letters from many of Warde’s friends and colleagues with impressions of him and evaluations of his work. Howell also tried to verify certain elements in Warde’s “curriculum vitae” which had been the subject of much speculation among his friends. These include the rumors that he was raised in Italy by the American expatriate writer (Mr.) F. Marion Crawford, attended Harrow School, graduated from Harvard and from Harvard (or Johns Hopkins Medical School) and was related to Julia Warde Howe. Warde’s sense of humor, as reflected in his letters, raises the question of whether he expected these stories to be believed.

3. The Paul Bennett Collection of Material Related to Frederic Warde (RLIN ID 02-A0). In 1963 the Library Committee of the Grolier Club retained Paul Bennett, recently retired from the Merganthaler Linotype Company and ardent Typophile, to interview people who had known Warde, correspond with others, and obtain copies of Warde-related material at the Newberry Library and elsewhere. The Committee indicated interest in publishing, or supporting a book about Warde, a bibliography and an exhibit. Bennett worked on the project until his sudden death at the end of 1966. He interviewed Stanley Morison and Beatrice Warde during their visits to New York as well as several other people.

Among Bennett’s interviewees was another of Warde’s close friends, Sherman P. Haight, a Club member, and his wife Anne Lyon Haight. Bennett spent a good deal of time in their apartment looking over the Warde material and made notes about it. Shortly before his death he noted that he and two other Club members carried three cartons of material from the Haight’s Fifth Avenue apartment to the Club. Internal evidence suggests indicates that the Howell collection was also at the Haight’s apartment in the 1960s. With Bennett’s death, the project seems to have been put aside.

In addition, the card catalog of the Club’s library lists 66 titles which identify Warde as designer or typographer. When the Club achieves its on-line catalog and also puts the finding aids for these collections on its websites finding, researchers will be able to locate easily this rich seam of material with its many original designs, letters, drawings, interviews and photographs.

History of Work on the Warde Collections
In 1962 the Library Committee committed resources to gathering material for publications and an exhibition about Warde (see #3 above). Between the death of Paul Bennett in 1966 and 1974 no actions seem to have been taken. In that year Nancy Friedman, an intern from the Columbia University School of Library Service, surveyed the collection, identified some series and proposed to the Club that she be employed to work on the papers. This offer was not taken up.

In 1981 printing historian Ruari McLean proposed to Club librarian Robert Nikirk that he use the Warde papers as the basis for a Club centenary (1984) publication. This proposal was accepted. In 1987 cataloger Kimball Higgs, possibly working from Ms. Friedman’s notes, created a short RLIN record for the Warde collections (RLIN ID 87-A19). In 1985 Club member Jerry Kelly mounted an exhibit of Warde material (no catalog) and Herbert Johnson published an article in Fine Print about Warde and the Arrighi typeface which credited the Grolier Club collection. In 1987 cataloger Kimball Higgs created an RLIN record, possibly based on the Freidman notes (RLIN 87a19). In 1994-95, acting at the suggestion of then Librarian Martin Antonetti, Club member Mary Young made a most useful container list of the Warde material which includes well chosen extracts from his letters and those of colleagues. While the container arrangement she examined has been changed, her lists are kept with the Warde finding aid/inventory as they provide a most useful conspectus.

In the spring of 2001 Alex Bernet, a student at the Rutgers School of Library and Information Science again examined the collection and prepared an inventory. She made use of the work done by Ms. Friedman’s and Ms. Young. At the request of Fernando Peña, I revised her work and created a formal finding aid and revised RLIN record 87-A19. Ms. Bernet concentrated on the Warde Papers (No. 1 above). I have now processed and inventoried the Bennett and Howell collections, made finding aids and inventories and created RLIN records (02-A0 for Bennett and 02-A2 for Howell).

These three collections thoroughly document Warde’s work as a book designer and also contain source material and letters from others (i.e. Stanley Morison) relating to his Arrighi typeface. There are letters from such important figures as: Bruce Rogers, Rudolph Ruzicka, Daniel Berkeley Updike, Beatrice Warde, Stanley Morison, Giovanni Mardersteig, Paul Standard, Crosby Gaige, etc. In addition, Warde wrote extensively to a young Boston woman, Isabella Grandin. The originals of these letters are not in the collection, but Ms. Grandin had an edited selection prepared shortly after Warde’s death and this 90 page typescript in is in the Howell papers. Howell tried unsuccessfully to have a volume of reminiscences or letters published. The Grandin letters, and many others in the collection, suggest his great charm and the variety of his interests (chemistry, perfumes, food) beyond book design. He clearly made a strong (if varied) impression on those who knew him. That he was a reticent, possibly troubled man, is frequently suggested in the correspondence elicited by Alfred C. Howell. The cause of this is suggested by an item in the Bennett papers and also by a letter from Daniel Berkeley Updike to Alfred C. Howell dated Sept. 9, 1939: “Warde was to me a rather pathetic figure because really needing sympathy he was afraid to tell why he needed it, and repelled the help that his friends were probably ready to give.”

The Future
Is it time again to write about Warde, bringing to realization projects his friends initiated? (Will Ransom’s 1940 article in Print was evidently intended only as a preliminary work and Herbert Johnson’s article is concerned mainly with the Arrighi typeface.) I have not located records for the exhibit curated by Mr. Kelly in 1985 but his material, the extensive descriptive bibliography Alfred Howell compiled, and the letters he collected, as well as Bennett’s interviews and photocopies of correspondence in other repositories form a very strong basis for such a work. If Warde’s achievement (and he died at 45) did not reach the level of the giants of his period, he was still an important contributor to his field. While his friends and colleagues describe reticence, his letters reveal a man brimming with verve, charm, many ideas and keen social observation. The emotional isolation he seems to have imposed on personal life suggests that a biographical essay, placing him in the context of the social constraints of the time, would be of equal interest to a discussion of his professional accomplishments.

Barbara J. Dunlap
Grolier Club Archivist
February 4, 2002

Notes on the Series

Series I: Correspondence Files
Arranged chronologically and alphabetically by recipient. Letters received and some copies of letters sent by FW, kept in chronological order by correspondent. If a set of correspondence deals solely with a project or title done for a specific press, then it is filed with the press materials in Series VI. Materials in this series are either personal or mixed in nature.

Series II: Printed Ephemera and Scrapbooks
Varied arrangement. FW collected a great deal of printed material during his time in Europe. These items include: advertisements, menus and printed ephemera of every kind. He also created scrapbooks of typeface designs and design ideas. This series is arranged chronologically and then by type of material if possible. Some of these materials may have inspired his work; some may have just been saved randomly.

A sub series of great importance is the proof and sample sheets of a variety of typefaces. As a typeface designer, he was surely interested in the aesthetics of the variety of typefaces available at that time. He collected and acquired a great many samples over time. This series includes paper, notebooks, magazines and general ephemera.

Series III: Hobbies and Other Interests

FW’s interest in perfume, lotion, liquor making and other potions resulted in recipes and formulas. His precision and great personal interest in his chemical compounding hobbies also filtered into his professional work as his notebooks include dye and ink recipes. This series is basically ordered chronologically and includes correspondence, notebooks and catalogues.

Series IV: Personal Items
Arranged chronologically and by subject Series IV includes an assortment of FW’s personal items, including a driver’s license, an instruction book from the Army School of Aeronautics and some genealogy charts and notes FW made over the course of his life as well as photographs and ephemeral items collected while traveling and his Rolodex cards with addresses and personal notes. There are a few personal letters to and from Beatrice Becker Warde and other materials about their personal life together as well as notebooks and photographs.

Series V: Published Articles
Arranged chronologically. This series consists of brief articles or newspaper clippings either by FW, or mentioning him and/or other contemporary typographers and designers. Some of these articles are by contemporaries, such as Bruce Rogers and Stanley Morison. The container list provides some bibliographic details for each article as available. Arrangement is chronological. The articles suggest the ambitious climate of book design and typography in the 1920 and 1930s.

Series VI: Press work and Work Done for Organizations
Arranged chronologically by organization and subject. Series VI includes material on titles created by Warde when employed by various presses, arranged by press and then chronologically and also by type of material. All items concerning one project are together. Thus it is possible to examine the hand-drawn design sheets, the test printings, the paper samples, the galleys, the prospectus and the correspondence dealing with each project kept together in one set. To view a design process in a flow of continuity reveals the dedication FW brought to all of his works. Design projects for Princeton University Press, The Printing House of William Rudge, the Limited Editions Club, The Pleiad, Watch Hill Press and Oxford University Press are represented. His work done for private presses and individuals, most notably Crosby Gaige is kept together.
FW also did a variety of work for several institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Pierpont Morgan Library and some work for personal friends and associates. This material is arranged by organization. Materials in this series include: paper, galleys, original designs and paste-ups, correspondence and test printings.

Series VII: Working Papers
Arranged by type of material and chronologically. Series VII covers FW's working collection. As a graphic designer, he generated many original drawings, rough drafts and layouts. Drafts for completed projects are generally filed with that title in Series VI. Types of material, such as border design elements, have been grouped together. A sub series dealing exclusively with the design of actual typefaces, is included here.

Series VIII: Sample Items
Arranged by type of material. FW amassed a collection of paper samples, empty book casings and other items. He also created a number of ink or dye tests on various papers. These items cannot be associated with specific projects. This material is housed in two oversize portfolio folio boxes.

Series IX: Titles Written by FW
Arranged by title and chronologically. This series comprises the working drafts and the finished versions of several large projects written or edited by FW, including the version of Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books as it was originally published in The Fleuron for 1925. He also designed the beautiful Printers Ornaments, Applied to the Composition of Decorative Borders, Panels, and Patterns for the Lanston Monotype Corporation of England (1928). His correspondence as the editor of The Dolphin, published through the Limited Edition Club, is included here; it mainly consists of solicitations of articles from writers and friends and the sending and receiving of proofs. Notebooks, hand written drafts and corrections, book designs and typed notes are included here.

Series X: Miscellaneous Items
Arranged by type of material and chronologically. This series consists of items not created by FW which appear unconnected to any place or project he was connected with.

Oversize Materials Note
Oversized items are all marked “Oversize” on the inventory/container listing and have been placed in oversize portfolio boxes in series order, their series and subseries clearly marked on each folder.

Collection Inventory

[Note: For most series, significant individual items within a folder are listed in addition to the general contents.]

Series I: Correspondence

Box Folder Contents
1 1 1922 Feb. 1 FW to William A. Kittredge regarding a variety of projects
1922 Feb.22 FW to Kittredge – brief personal note

1923 Nov. 2 Frederick Melcher, ed. Publisher’s Weekly, to FW regarding a
letter by FW and soliciting an article on private presses
1923 Nov. 5 FW to F. Melcher accepting offer to write above article
1923 Dec. 5 Publisher’s Weekly to FW: receipt of article and asking for ideas
for accompanying illustrations
1923 Dec.7 NY Times Book Review to FW, requesting a print to be used for an upcoming review of an unnamed item

1924 May 12 Burton Emmett to FW at Princeton Univ. Press regarding three Princeton books selected for the Fifty Books of 1924 (American Institute of Graphic Arts)

1925 Feb. 27 FW to Mr. Vergopoulous of Cyprus, a request to send
FW 1,000 cigarettes
1925 April 15 French paper receipt
1925 July 20 Janecke & Schneemann to FW about German Business and the
recession there
1925 May 11 to 1927 Nov. 1. Four ALS from Bruce Rogers to FW and TL (copies) from FW to BR. Topics include FW’s book on Rogers, typefaces used by Rudge and other subjects

1926 Jan. 5 FW to Thomas Nast Fairbanks [London paper manufacturer]
regarding FW’s travel plans which include visit to Officina
Bodoni in Switzerland
1926 Mar. 27 FW to Fairbanks: samples of Arrighi typeface and discussion of
quality of work at Officina Bodoni
1926 May 27 J.C. Squire, editor of the London Mercury, to FW in response to
letter requesting review of his Bruce Rogers: Designer of Books.
1926 Oct. 19 Genzsch & Heyse to FW: note with typeface proof pages attached
1926 Nov. 20 FW in London to Bruce Rogers: note about travel and holiday
[1926] Moriarity to FW – regarding Fowler’s Modern English at OUP,
with a typed sheet of corrections

1927 March 19 Postcard to FW regarding book cloth orders
1927 April 27 Order form to FW regarding bookbindings
1927 May 20 Henry Sell Blackett of Lanston Monotype to FW: proofs for border book [not attached]
1927 June 18 Netter & Eisig to FW: order receipt for book cloth
1927 Aug. 22 Information about ink [French]
1927 Oct. 20 Bruno Rollitz to FW [German]
1927 Oct. 14 Ganymed Press (Germany) to FW requesting answers to several
questions they have about a project
1927 Oct. 20 Daniel Jacomet to FW
1927 Nov. 1 Bruce Rogers to FW: illegible

1928 Jan. 12 Ganymed Press to FW about the proof of Mosaics
1928 Jan. 26 Notes to FW from Pegasus Press about status of Life and Death
of the Admirable Crichtoun by Thomas Urquhart and Animal Style
1928 Feb. 17 Edwin R. Seligman of Columbia University, editor of Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, to FW about design suggestions and typefaces
1928 Feb. 18 FW to E.R. Seligman about receipt of note
1928 Feb. 29 Ganymed Press to FW about Exultant Roll
1928 March 12 Les Editions Pegase to FW [French]
1928 April 27 Pegasus Press to FW requesting more information about an
unidentified title
1928 Aug. FW to W. I. Burch of Lanston Monotype regarding notes on proofs of Arrighi and Centaur typefaces (sizes, look of it, etc.)
1928 Oct. 5 Lorilleux & Cie to FW regarding payment terms for a shipment of dyes [French]
1928 Oct. 24 Bote & G. Bock to FW, regarding sending him a German music
1928 Nov. 2 Ganymede Co. to FW, regarding sending him a German music
1928 Nov. 15 Brill (publisher) of Leiden to FW regarding an unidentified title
1928 Dec. 1 Baldwin Smith to FW about proofs and bills for an unidentified
1928 Five Radiograms from Ganymed and Enschede regarding clarifying instructions and monies received

1929- 1931
1 2 1929 Aug. 2 Publisher’s Weekly to FW regarding copy of the Thomas
Maitland Cleland book which FW will review
1929 Oct. 19 Willi Harwerth to FW [German]
1929 Oct. 30 Receipt for typefaces received by FW for Crosby Gaige

1930 Mar. 12 Willi Harwerth to FW regarding an edition of Aesop’s Fables,
which was never published
1930 Mar. 30 Willi Harwerth to FW: 2 letters dated 1930 Jan. 3 and 30 March
[German]and 1/3/30
1930 May 30 Jan Van Krimpen to FW about several potential projects, none

1930 Aug. 14 Berg in Stockholm to FW: problems with the Iceland Fisherman

1931 Feb. 1 Willi Harwerth to FW [German]
1931 July 31 Paul Standard (calligrapher) to FW
1931 Aug. 18 Ganymede Co. to FW at Rudge House about soliciting work
during the Depression
1931 Oct. 30 George Macy to Jan Van Krimpen regarding end of The Fleuron and a new publishing opportunity in its wake
1931 Nov. 27 W. Graf to FW regarding way to lower cost of printing book on
the Philadelphia Water Works
1931 Nov. 3 FW to “Mr. Loos” regarding Italian Theatre ( setting, spacing,
1931 Dec. 11 FW to Graf about how books are made and the real costs
1931 Dec. 17 Paul Standard (calligrapher) to FW regarding projected edition of Aesop’s Fables
1931 Dec. 21 Spiral (a dye importer) to FW about the make-up of the pigment
shipment for him
1931 Dec. 24 Graf to FW – misunderstandings involving Water Works project
1931 Dec. 28 FW to Graf – asking for a definite number of buyers before book is printed

1 3 1932 Feb. 8 FW to H. Blackman Sell (advertising agency) regarding proofs
of new letterhead [sample enclosed]
1932 Feb. 12 Sell to FW about preference for letterhead and some sample
1932 April 14 FW to Leroy Latham about the Suydam biography as a folio or perhaps another method
1932 April 4 Leroy Latham to FW about printing a biography of E.H. Suydam
1932 June 9 W. I. Burch (managing director of Monotype Corp. in England)
to FW regarding bad Baskerville typeface
1932 June 23 John Johnson (Printer to Oxford University Press) to FW with questions about a possible book (History of the Book Trade) with attached notes
1932 July 29 Paul Koch to FW inquiring as to whether FW could help him find a publisher for Three Minuets of Bach, along with sheets of hand drawn notes
1932 Aug. 1 FW to John Johnson, diverting him with suggestions for others to help him out on his quest for information
1932 Aug. 12 Willi Harwerth to FW regarding looking for woodcuts for Aesop’s Fables [note: found drawings for this title, but no finished product]
1932 Sept. 9 W. I. Burch to FW regarding Mr. Pierpont’s suggestions on
Arrighi specifications
1932 Sept. 20 Import duty receipt for photographs
1932 Sept. 22 Bennington College booklet [size and other considerations]
1932 Sept. 24 Giovanni Mardersteig to FW at Limited Editions Club regarding the ‘Italian book’
1932 Sept. 27 FW to Rudolph Ruzicka regarding an exhibition of trade books at the Century Club

1932 Sept. 28 Klingfzen to FW at Rudge House [German]
1928 Sept. 28 Klingfzen to FW at Rudge House requesting sample pages of FW’s design work
1932 Oct. 3 FW to E. Garrett about West Meets East price estimate, also looking for another chapter before printing begins
n.d. Typed information sheet on West Meets East William K. Vanderbilt [for potential prospectus]
n.d. Handwritten notes by FW about the number of copies, paper type and typefaces to be used for West Meets East
n.d. Memo to FW about Garrett going over budget on the illustrations for West Meets East

1932 Nov. 3 Estelle Rooks to FW, thanking him for the printing job of poems for George Washington High School (NYC)
1932 Nov. 14 FW to Patterson about an Oberlin College calendar [color, sizing
used, etc.]
1932 Nov. 15 FW to Estelle Rooks [a high school student] about the Poet’s Pack of George Washington High School
1932 Nov. 14 Helmut Lehmann-Haupt to FW regarding his selection for jury on AIGA Fifty Books of 1932
1932 Nov. 17 Frederic W. Goudy to FW, requesting using cloth instead of paper on book cover
1932 Nov. 18 Robert Breen [student at Marquette University] requesting information on Bruce Rogers for a paper
1932 Nov. 19 Memo to FW about getting printing samples together for Leon
1932 Nov. 21 FW to Frederic W. Goudy regarding use of cloth instead of paper on the book cover
1932 Nov. 21 FW to Robert Breen with list of books and publications by and about Bruce Rogers
1932 Nov. 21 FW to Helmut Lehmann-Haupt agreeing to serve on AIGA jury
1932 Nov. 23 to 1924 Dec. 15 Exchange between FW to Doctor Vogel – 2 letters, a personal thank you for a book loan and a sent chronometer
1932 Dec. 26 F.B. Rollitz to FW [German]

1933 Jan. 10 Greeley to FW asking if gray paper would be better for readers
1933 Jan. 1 FW to Greeley at Gian & Co. about potential eyestrain from use of different colored papers

1935 Feb.11 FW to Helmut Ripperger regarding the use of Garamond typeface in various books
1935 Dec. 3 Unknown corespondent to FW: personal note with prayer enclosed
1935 Dec. 11 Curator of Rare Books at Columbia University to FW seeking advice about a speaker for a class on papermaking

1936 Dec. 12 FW to Paul Tomlinson: topics include desire to have Limited Editions Club Punch & Judy printed at Princeton University Press

1937 Mar. 3 G.A. Nelson to FW regarding the Japan paper samples (2 copies of same)
1937 June 1 Paul Gallant to FW (personal note)
1937 June 8 A. Wollcott (of Morrill Press) to FW regarding the Christmas

1938 Mar. 31 Van Wesep to FW about a Christmas card from the Rockefeller
Foundation and suggestions for its design
n.d. Grolier Club membership letters

1 4 Harvey Best (Lanston Monotype)
1928 July 20 to 1932 Nov. 15 Sixteen letters exchanged between Harvey Best and FW and others regarding: cutting various sizes of Arrighi and Centaur typefaces used in Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass; personal notes; Boswell papers project; typeface to be used for The Dolphin; disappointment over Baskerville typeface; getting specimen sheets to FW; use of Centaur typeface for The Dolphin

1 5 E. A. Garret
1931 Nov. 20 to 1932 May 19 4 memos exchanged between Garret and FW including personal notes; a special order sheet for Jeanette Griffith, Old Ironsides; some sheets pulled from The Cathedral Age along with price quotes and a request for return of paste-ups

1 6 Henry Watson Kent (Secretary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
1925 Dec. 10 to 1926 July 29 35 letter exchanged between FW and Henry
Watson Kent. Topics covered include personal correspondence, dinner invitations, recipes, typeface, business FW had with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, travel plans, anti-German sentiment in the art world, and other related topics

1939 Aug. 24 Alfred Howell to Henry Watson Kent regarding FW’s will and family matters

1 7 William Albion Kittredge of Lakeside Press (Chicago)
1932 June 24 to Nov. 21 TLS exchanged with FW. Topics include state of
printing in America and proposed list of 20th century books of outstanding design. WAK also congratulates FW on being named editor of The Dolphin

1 8 Giovanni (Hans) Mardersteig
1931 March 19 to 1932 March 29 Four letter exchange between Hans [later
Giovanni] Mardersteig and FW regarding congratulations on LEC work, Vicentino typeface and hand-press printing

1 9 Rudolph Ruzicka
1932 Sept. 27-
1935 Nov. 1 Two letters exchanged between FW and Rudolph Ruzicka regarding exhibition at the Century Club and cutting face and poor reproductions

1 10 Daniel Berkeley Updike (Merrymount Press)
1924 May 29 to 1932 Oct. 20 Nineteen letters exchange between Daniel
Berkeley Updike and FW: personal notes; notes on use of Arrighi typeface in European work that FW does; FW’s book on Bruce Rogers; origins of italic

1 11 Christmas Cards Received 1926 to 1936
Original designs/special printings received from friends in the graphic arts

1923 Nov. 14 Brown University Library to FW: note about their new librarian
1924-1926 Double Crown Club Menu
1929 Feb. 4 Yale Club meeting
1932 April 4 Pierpont Morgan Library, invitation to the exhibition of illuminated manuscripts

n.d. Invitation to the Medieval Academy of America
Invitation to FW to become member at the New Museum of
Modern Art

1 12 n.d. Notes to FW

Series II: Printed Ephemera, Scrapbook, Typeface Specimens

[Note: This series contains over 1,000 printing specimens, title-pages, advertisements, and prospectuses as well as, photographs, negatives and some albums FW created. Some but not all items are dated. The period covered ranges from 1923 to 1938. The general contents of each folder are given and only items of particular interest are described.]

Box Folder Contents
1923-1928 Advertisements, Catalogs, Books
2 1 1923 Prospectus for Historic Design in Printing: reproductions of
covers, book designs [similar to design later used for The Dolphin logo]
1923 Design Layout: an educational booklet from the Lakeside Press in Chicago
1924 The Lanston Monotype Corporation, Flower Decorations [book of decorative items and borders] (1 bound, 1 unbound copy)

1927 Die Bibliothek un Hire Kleinodien: advertisement
1928 Oct. 24 Ed. Bote & G. Buck Co. to FW with a catalogue [German]
1931-1937 Prospectuses, Catalogs

2 2 1931 Ichabod Dawks and His News-Letter…by Stanley Morison.
London: Macmillan, 1931. Prospectus.
1907 to 1932 Series of prospectus for a variety of titles, none of which are
FW’s work

14 2 1934 William Morris Centenary Exhibition: printed by Ray Nash
1936 Morrill Press: Terms on Which the Farms at Mt. Vernon May Be Obtained, Feb. 1796: reproduction of George Washington letter possibly designed by FW
1936 Catalogue from Officina Bodoni [Giovanni Mardersteig]
1937 Exhibition of Renaissance Bindings at Grolier Club, 1937. Catalogue with photographic plates of the bindings

2 3 n.d. Album. Pasted down label on page 1 reads: “Alfred C. Howell
collection of books designed by Frederic Warde.” Contents are mainly printers’ ornament designs pasted down or inserted. 26 leaves. 25 cm.

2 4-6 German Advertisements and Printing Specimens
See also Oversize in Box 14, f. 3

2 7 French Advertisements, Printing Specimens, Photo-reproductions
See also Oversize in Box 14, f. 3

14 8 n.d. Photographs and Photo-reproductions
n.d. Hand-drawn title-page for Joseph S. Kennard, The Italian
Theatre (Rudge: 1931) with notes by FW about colors of costumes used in Italy
14 3 n.d. Etching/reproductions of an Italianate play scene Oversize
2 8 n.d. Black and white photographs of bindings from different creators
with typed and handwritten notes. 9 photographs. 18 x 21cm.
n.d. Photographs of woodcuts, some with attached holograph or typed notes. 21 black and white photographs. Various sizes.
n.d. Photographs of objects as potential design elements, such as:
laurel wreaths, cherubs, animals, etc. Oversize
n.d. Two negatives and one proof sheet of a title-page.
2 9-10 n.d. Reproductions (not identified); see also Oversize in Box 14, f.4

Proofsheets, Prospectuses, Miscellaneous Items
2 11-12 n.d. Prospectuses from several presses known for fine printing,
including Curwen, Nonesuch and Pynson Printers
n.d. Samples, proof sheets of academic programs, border designs and decorative elements, Christmas cards, etc. designed by Bruce Rogers - Rudge Press is mentioned

13 n.d. Printing (Typeface) Specimens
13 n.d. Red scrapbook with photocopies of typefaces, drawings, samples
of typefaces pasted down. Oversize
2 13 n.d. Album/scrapbook containing photostats from Ferdinando Ruano,
Scritte Alphabetti de varie Letturae (1553). Boards covered with decorated red paper. “RVANO” in continuous cutout pasted onto front cover. 23cm.
n.d. Sample book created by FW

2 14 n.d. Typeface catalogs. Four catalogs from Europe including
Continental Typefounders Association, Lead Soldiers on Parade.
14 4 n.d. Printing Specimens from the United States (including Goudy),
England (including Lanston Monotype), Frances and Germany. Faces include Arrighi, Baskerville, Caslon Old Face, Garamond and Janson; ca. 50 specimens Oversize

2 16 n.d. Printing specimens and typeface examples; ca. 50 items
n.d. Negatives of photographs of typefaces and designs. No
identifications. 33 negatives.20 x 25 cm. (8 x 10”) and smaller

2 17 1916 George Fabyan. The Keys to Deciphering the Greatest Works of
Sir Francis Bacon (Geneva, Illinois: Riverbank Laboratories, 1916.) [This copy from Merrymount Press Library with bookplate inscribed by Daniel Berkeley Updike to Stanley Morison who re-inscribed it to FW]

Series III: Hobbies and Other Interests

Box Folder Contents
3 1 n.d. Large black notebook containing notes and formulae on
chemical properties of creams, perfumes, inks, etc.
n.d. Two smaller notebooks of chemical formulae
n.d. Black binder of perfume, food, and liquor recipes and formulae

3 2 n.d. Perfume component price catalogue, dye recipes
n.d. Medical journal articles on toxicity; crude botanical drug price
list; liquor punch recipe
n.d. Recipes and formulas for liquor, perfumes and leather dressing
1935 Punch recipe by FW
n.d. List of herbaceous books along with notes on herbs and an ink recipe
1931 to 1938 Four and orders requesting and buying perfume oils, bottles and
a question on how to recreate Chanel perfume
1928 Nov. 13 Order from FW for wheat and glue paste

3 3 1932 June Chemical Markets
n.d. Information on a camera and film developing

Series IV : FW Personal Items

Box Folder Contents
4 1 Military Service and Personal Items
n.d. United States Army. School of Military Aeronautics. University
of California (Berkeley). Military Studies Department. Manual. [Mimeographed with holograph notes] 28 cm.; Manual of German conversation (5th ed.; Berlin: Charles Blattner, 1914); Pocket Diary for 1931 with holograph notes

Correspondence, etc. 1927-1928
4 2 n.d. Postcards to FW in Paris
n.d. Application for adjusted compensation for service in U. S.
n.d. Beatrice Warde to FW TLS enclosing draft for prospectus
outlining graphic arts services offered by FW (2 p.)
n.d. FW letterhead (blank)
n.d. Catalogues of miscellaneous book sales and wine sales;
1932 May Living Age: the World in Review

Christmas Cards
4 3 1921 FW Christmas card
1922 FW Christmas card
1929 FW Christmas card in Latin
n.d. FW Christmas card

Personal Items
4 4 n.d. Genealogical materials written by FW
n.d. Birth certificate, license and obituary for Frederick FW

Frederic and Beatrice Warde
4 5 1915 FW posed with Polyclinic Hospital (MA) Surgical Class of 1915
(photograph, 25cm., 2 copies) [FW did not study at the clinic but spent time there; he was asked to pose with the class.]
n.d. Beatrice Warde to FW (ALS, 4 p.)
n.d. Beatrice Warde to FW (Sept. 10 [no year] ALS 1 p.)
n.d. Border design in color for “Aubaude”. Music written by Beatrice
Becker (Warde) when a student a Barnard College (1917-1919)
n.d. May Lamberton Becker to FW regarding divorce of her
daughter Beatrice and FW (ALS, 2 p.)

4 6 n.d. Charleston, SC travel brochures
n.d. Postcards of Paris: blank
n.d. German phrase book and travel guide
n.d. Charing Relique: a small religious pamphlet (England)

4 7 n.d. Photographic negatives of views taken and developed in France:
scenic views (14 cm. and smaller; 35 mm. negatives)
4 8-9 n.d. Photographic negatives of views taken and developed in France
(8 x 12 cm.; ca. 60 negatives in 3 envelopes)

4 10 n.d. FW address book on 3x5” cards with notes

Series V: Published Items

Box Folder Contents
The Fleuron: A Journal of Typography
5 1 n.d. Paul Beaujon [Beatrice Warde], “On Decorative Printing in
America” published in The Fleuron (galley proof)
1923 Prospectus with rubricated title and initial “H” (Spring 1923)
1923 Fleuron prospectus dated November 26, 1923 (5 copies with
order form enclosed created by Bruce Rogers and printed by Rudge)
1925 Oct. 14 Ganymed Press (Berlin) to FW regarding reason for not
selling reproduction of Durer etching printed in The Fleuron
1928 Aug. 28 Ganymed Press to FW. TLS accompanying shipment of several
copies of the Durer etching and accompany article for FW to use in recommending Ganymed firm
Miscellaneous reviews and articles touching on FW’s work

5 2 1924 Nov. 6 Times (London) Literary Supplement, “The Art of Printing”
[article about Stanley Morison's new book]
14 5 1924 Dec. Sheets of “Juliet & Mercutio” from Woman’s Home Companion:
a heavily decorated article Oversize

1925 Nov. 18 Publisher’s Weekly: review of FW’s Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books
1925 Dec. 20 American Printer: “Bruce Rogers and his work” by E.G.G.
1926 June 19 Publisher’s Weekly: review of FW’s book on Arrighi typeface

1927 Feb. 6 Observer (London): brief mention of Urquhart’s Admirable Crichtoun [designed by FW]
1928 Oct. 27 Review of the Crosby Gaige edition of Orlando from an
unknown source
1929 Sept. 27 Publisher’s Weekly: article by Thomas Maitland Cleland
1929 Dec. 12 N.Y. Times Book Review: “Notes on Rare Books” by
unidentified author

1930 April 19 Saturday Review of Literature: article on Centaur typeface by
unidentified author
1932 April 25 New York Times Book Review: advertisement for Limited Edition Club Books
1933 Publisher’s Weekly article about The Dolphin
1936 FW about Vicentino Arrighi published by Officina Bodini
1936/1937 American Institute of Graphic Arts Fifty Books of the Year, with books designed by FW in each

1948 Exhibition of American type designers including work by FW
Notice in newspaper about a lecture given by FW
n.d. Newspaper clipping regard awarding Harvard award of honorary
degree to Bruce Rogers
n.d. FW on Flexibility of Monotype – reprint of letter from Bruce Rogers to a friend

Monotype : A Journal of Composing Room Efficiency
5 3 1922 # (March- April 1922); printed by W. E. Rudge (5 copies)
5 4 1927 #7 (August 1927). [Issue contains advertisements for Monotype
created by Bruce Rogers and printed by Rudge] (12 copies)

Series VI: Press Work

Box Folder Contents
Princeton University Press (1922-1927)
1917-1923 Correspondence and Projects at Princeton
6 1 n.d. Advertisement for Tales of an Sea Old Port by Wilfred Harold Munro.
Some Unpublished Essays of Herman Melville, ed. by Henry Chapin: paper
samples and hand drawn miniature front sheet, possibly for The Apple-Tree and
Other Sketches.
1922 Goal Lines (Princeton newsletter about football): rough sketches.
1922 The Planters of Colonial Virginia, negative and proof sheets of photographs and
also a sample title page.
1923 Princeton University Press Catalog: proof of front page.
1923 Work for small book by Paul Tomlinson, manager of the press.
Original designs for crest of Princeton University Press and (2 copies) and associated items.
1923 Type specimen sheet
1923 April 15 Alex Fagan to FW about sending typefaces to FW at Princeton.
1923 Feb. 27 New York Times to FW regarding sending Thomas print at the press.

1924-1925 Correspondence and Projects at Princeton
6 2 1924 Poof sheets of Kantharos by George Elderkin.
1924 Reminiscences of Newell Sill Jenkins: privately printed for Princeton. Includes
photograph of front page, signatures and proof sheets.
1924 Il Filostrato (Giovanni Boccaccio: title page proof.

1924 May 12 Burton Emmett to FW regarding 3 books selected for Fifty Books
of 1924 by the American Institute of Graphic Arts.
1924 “The Shepherd’s Complaint.” Reproduction by Princeton of original printed by M. Fournier le Jeune in 1761 as an example of his musical types.
1925 History of the Byzantine Empire by Charles Diehl: designs for title-page.
1925 Princeton University Press list of publications and order form.

Paul Tomlinson (Manager of Princeton University Press)
6 3 1926 to 1928 Series of letters between Tomlinson and FW regarding Princeton title
The Early Christian Churches of Syria by Howard Crosby Butler, edited
and completed by E. Baldwin Smith.

Stuttgart Psalter (Illuminated Manuscript Reproduction Published 1930)
1927- 1929 Correspondence Regarding Psalter
6 4 1927 Aug. 6 Ernest T. DeWald, editor, to FW about plates for the book.
1927 Aug. 8 DeWald to FW [German]
1927 Aug. 19 DeWald to FW about reproduction techniques
1928 Jan. 3 FW to Ganymed Press
1928 Feb. 16 C[harles] R[ufus] Morey (Chair of Department of Art and Archaeology at
Princeton in whose name the book was published) to FW.
1928 Jan. 23 DeWald to FW.

1928 Nov. 19 Gebr. Mann (firm) to FW inquiring about receipts for Stuttgart
1927 Oct. 14 Ganymed Press to FW regarding price quotes for plate reproductions
for DeWald/Psalter and information about the collotype process they may use.
1927 Oct. 6 Daniel Jacomet & Cie. (Paris) to FW about ink [French]
6 5 1927 Stuttgart Psalter: Empty case binding and work sample.

Spanish Medieval Painting by Walter Cook ( 1927-1928) Correspondence
14 5 1928 Princeton Monographs in Art and Architecture: title page drawing
on tracing paper [this title was one of the monographs]. Oversize
6 6 1927 Aug. 30 Walter Cook to FW: personal note.
Cost estimates.
Prospectus (typed)
1927 Sept. 2 Walter Cook to FW about items for the book.
1927 Sept. 9 French transport agency about shipment of frames.
1927 Sept. 11 Walter Cook to FW asking for firm publication date.
1927 Oct. 5 Barry Frers to FW with pricing notes.
1927 Oct. 12 Joh.Enschede (firm, of Holland) to FW with estimate.
1927 Oct. 28 Ganymed Press to FW regarding size of photographs to reproduce for unknown title.
1927 Nov. 23 Copy of a check to Jacomet from Princeton University Press
1927 Dec. 17 Daniel Jacomet to FW regarding pricing [French]
1927 Dec. 20 Rough notes from Jacomet
Additional letters back and forth about prices, estimates and sizes for
Spanish Medieval Painting.
Karl W. Hiersmann Buchhandler to FW accepting copies of Spanish
Medieval Painting to sell on commission..

1928 Sept. 9 Daniel Jacomet (Paris) to FW :2 sheets of rough notes.
1928 Feb. 14 C[harles] R[ufus]Morey to FW.
1928 April 3 Daniel Jacomet (Paris) to FW: pricing information [French]
n.d. Printing plate design for endowment information for the
Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton.
Animal Style in South Russia and China by Michael Rostovtzeff
6 7 1928 Feb. 27 Unknown correspondent asking about pricing.
1928 June 16 Rostovzeff to FW asking when Animal Style will be published.
1927 Sept. 7 French transport agency about shipment of frames.
1928 March 7 Ganymed Press to FW about the Stuttgart Psalter and Animal Style:
mainly complaints about late projects and damaged materials
Prospectus for Stuttgart Psalter and Animal Style.

1928 Fall Correspondence with E. Baldwin Smith and notes regarding problems in
obtaining illustrations; delay with printing Animal Style; list of illustrations, etc.
6 8 1928 Correspondence with Charles Rufus Morey of Art and Archaeology
Department over publications in its monographs series.

Memorials Booklets, etc. Designed by FW for Princeton
6 9 1922 Memorial booklet for Lloyd. P. Wells designed.
1924 Memorial service program for Woodrow Wilson
1922 Memorial for Howard Crosby Butler, leader of excavation of Sardis.
Photograph in paper folder of Howard Crosby Butler and original design used in memorial service program.
1924 Class of 1904 Memorial Service flyer
1924 Sympathy card for Ms. H.F. Armour.
n.d. Memorial booklet for Florence Simms.
n.d. Memorial Program for Lloyd Parker Wells at Princeton Club of St. Louis.

Invitations and Miscellaneous Items for Princeton (1922-1927)
6 10 Invitations to plays and lectures at Princeton
1923 Commencement Program
1924 90th birthday wishes for Charles Eliot, President Emeritus of Harvard.
n.d. Gowns and Hats’ flyer for fashion show at the Newshop in Princeton.
1923 Dinner menu for the 1922 championship football team at Princeton
1923 Banquet of Senior Board of the Daily Princetonian
1924 Dinner menu for David Flynn at Princeton
1924 Banquet menu.
1926 Princeton Gateway Club Menu.

6 11 1922 Address by Reverend Kurtz
1923 Address by C.R. Williams of Hackensack, NJ
n.d. Some Impressions of Guernsey by R.L. Benson of Coventry Form. 8 pp. with photographic illustrations of, Guernsey cows.
1924 Survivals in the Fine Art of Printing. Exhibition at Princeton. Catalog. (2 copies)
n. d. The Brothers of Giovanni Della Robbia: Catalogue, by F.J. Mathew and C.
R. Morey. Addenda and corrections. Typescript. 2 sheets.

Miscellaneous Items for Princeton
6 12 1922 Princeton University Press announcement of FW’s appointment and press’
intention to produce finely printed books; says his “experience in typography is noteworthy.”
1922 Original designs for billing forms for Princeton University Press.
n.d. List for Princeton University Press and book order form: rough design
1928 Citation for Honorary Doctor of Laws degree for Frederic Kenyon, director
of the British Museum
n.d. Royalty statement sheet intended for Princeton University Press authors.
n.d. Princeton Inn Company: stock announcement.
n.d. Princeton seal/crest: sample printings on different papers
n.d. Photograph of the new Princeton Inn. 20x25cm.
n.d. Photographs of Princeton (not identified). 8 photographs, each mounted on
board. Image area: 12x17cm and smaller.

Miscellaneous Designs and Sketches
6 13 Variety of sketches and designs for unknown titles or works by FW.

Printing House of William Edwin Rudge (1927-1932)
1926-1932 FW Correspondence at Rudge
6 14 1928 Nov. 15 FW to Schriftgiesserei D. Stampel in Germany ordering Janson
Antiqua and Kursiv.
1928 Oct. 28 Radiogram to FW regarding payment for the German typefaces.
1928 Oct. 29 Customs duty receipt for typefaces received..
1931 Oct. 20 Maschinenband to FW: price list.
1932 Jan. Correspondence about the Mergenthaler Linotype Company dealing with Rudge purchase of Linotype equipment.
1932 April 6 Belle Da Costa Greene (Librarian of Pierpont Morgan Library) to FW:
cannot offer any work to Rudge House at this time.
1932 April 7 Leroy Latham to Mitchell Kennerley about the number of copies of the
biography needed.
1932 April 12 Leroy Latham to Mitchell Kennerley (at Rudge House) discussing type
paper to be used for Suydam project.
1932 June 29 FW to Charles Lorilleux & Cie. (Paris) about ink shipments.
1932 June 27 FW to Pierpont Morgan Library attempting to solicit book repair work
for Rudge.

1932 July 7 Pierpont Morgan Library to FW, stating there is no work for Rudge
1932 Aug. 9 Notes about Rudge House printing samples for Linotype Co.
1932 Sept. 8 FW to Maschinenband [German]
1932 Sept. 15 George A. Nelson of Japan Paper Co. to FW regarding paper
1932 Dec. 29 W.A. Penney to FW regarding Linotype equipment exchange.
n.d. FW’s professional desk address book.

1926-1929 FW Work on God of Quiet and Music and The Cultivated Man for Rudge
6 15 1926 Moriarity to FW regarding Fowler’s Modern English Usage with correction
sheets attached.
1928 The God of Quiet: paste-up.
1929 Lawrence Gilman, Music and the Cultivated Man: design of cherubs and
1930 Rudge Rubric; Rural Sports; Papermaking; Love and the Luxembourg
6 16 1930/1931 Rudge Rubric [in-house periodical]. 3 issues: Nov. 1930; Jan. 1931;
Mar. 1931. Cover design is wood engraving of the “printing house”
of W.E.R.

1930 Prospectus proofs for Papermaking by Dard Hunter.
14 4 1930 Rural Sports. Design elelments for cover. Oversize
5 16 1930 Cherub designs for Love and the Luxembourg by Richard Aldington.
6 16 1932 April 16 Dard Hunter to Rudge asking for 200 copies of his Papermaking
through Eighteen Centuries.

1931 “Double Grave in Budapest”; Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, etc.
6 17 1931 “A Double grave in Budapest,” poem by Robert Underwood Johnson.
Autographed broadside.
n.d. Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (Macmillian): hand-drawn sample
sheets with notes.
n.d. Prospectus for printing of Voltaire’s letter to James Boswell (1765 11 Feb.).
Signature, etc. in blue folder.

1932-1933 Rudge Estimate Sheets
6 18 1932 Dec. 22 FW to Peter Beilenson at Walpole Printing House regarding a price
estimate for binding a little book about Bruce Rogers.
1932 Dec. 30 FW to K. Haight with a quote attached for 5,000 diplomas and a
sample diploma for Mount Vernon, N.Y. schools.
1932 Dec. 30 Hamilton & Sons to Rudge House regarding Rudge’s
price quote for 10,000 ledger books.
1933 Jan. 17 Rudge House estimate sheet for J. Neuman.
1933 Jan. 23 Hamilton & Sons to Rudge House canceling their order due to increased cost.
misc. dates Collection of quote solicitation letters and estimate sheets for projects
ranging from jigsaw puzzles to annual reports to stockholders.

Reports on Finding of Survey Conducted at the Plant of W. E. Rudge by [G.
R.] Barry [Efficiency Study]
6 19 1931 Productivity graph for Linotype usage versus Monotype.
1930-1932 Wage scale for typographical/printer union members.
1933 Jan. 9 Report on locker problems for the Rudge House employees.

n.d. Reports on findings of a survey at Rudge House by Barry, an efficiency
expert, and suggestions for improvement
n.d. Room diagram for Linotype systems.

Miscellaneous Sketches and Letter Forms
6 20 1923 Printed samples of letterforms
1930 Sample sheets of cherubs for Quatro Club Players, done for the Grolier Club.
n.d. Paste-ups.
n.d. Folders for proofs of work executed by Rudge; no attachments.
Printed on blue paper.

Color Brochures for Schenley Distillers
6 21 1933 Folders advertising various Schenley imports. 6 folders.

Rudge Estimate Pads
6 22 Rudge estimate pad for printing jobs, unused

Bowling Green Press
7 1 n.d. Workers in the Dawn by George Gissing: Binding case: brown buckram over
boards with gold stamping on edges of case.
1929 The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper. Colored illustration for volumes I (2 copies); II (1 copy); and III (5 copies). [Possibly frontispieces?.]

Limited Editions Club
7 2 1929 Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman: photostatic reproductions of title-page of
1855 edition with autograph of Horace Traubel. (16 copies). [Brittle]
14 7 n.d. Photograph of Walt Whitman Oversize
7 2 n.d. Pressing of Walt Whitman photograph for Leaves of Grass.
n.d. Drawings for Leaves of Grass.

7 3 1931 July 14 Rudge House worksheet for Limited Editions Club Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
1931 Sept. 15 FW to George Macy (President of Limited Editions Club): price estimate
for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
1931 Oct. 12 FW to Mr. Loos requesting price quote bring to Limited Editions Club
for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
1932 Original design for title-page of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and
associated items..

7 4 1932 Unbound signatures of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

7 5 1937 Correspondence between George Macy and FW regarding publication of Punch
and Judy [a play by John Payne Collier].
1937 Punch and Judy: Drawing of lettering for title-page.

7 6 n.d. Limited Editions Club announcement card regarding appointment of FW as
Typographical Consultant.

1931-1932 Limited Edition Club catalogue, 3rd series. Lists the Alice designed by FW. 19 1929—1936
1931-1933 List of Limited Edition Club titles, 1929- 1933 and 1933-1936.
1937 AIGA Fifty Books of the Year.
1938 AIGA Fifty Books of the Year (includes Pinocchio designed by FW.

The Pleiad (Paris)
7 7 1927 Sir Thomas Urquhart, The Life and Death of the Admirable Crichtoun: page
proofs, some with handwritten notes. (See marked galleys and letter design in
Series II and III).
1927 Order form for the Pleiad publications.
1929? Pleiad order form for Admirable Crichtoun (1927) and for Fantasio (1929); both
designed by FW.
The Life and Death of the Admirable Crichtoun: original drawing half-title and introduction.
1927 Jan. 10 Radiogram about publishing delay of Admirable Crichtoun.
Galley with hand written corrections for Admirable Crichtoun
n.d. Admirable Crichtoun: signatures with holograph notes.

7 8 1929 Fantasio by Alfred de Musset. Prospectus including: correspondence; hand- colored illustration; holograph motes on binding, printing and costs.
notes on binding, printing and costs .
1926 Dec. 1 to 1927 Feb. 5 2 ALS from Fernand Giauque to FW about llustrations
for Fantasio. [French]
1927 Feb. 9 Cass Canfield (editor at Harper Bros.) to FW regarding the Giauque
drawings for Fantasio.
1927 Mar. 15
1927 May 29 2 ALS from Fernand Giauque to FW. [French]

n.d. J. Enschede to FW (addressed to him at Princeton University Press): note
about the enclosed engravings (not with letter).
1928 Feb. 9 J. Hamilton (Harper Bros.) to FW asking that he view the Fantasio
proofs before printing.

1928 Feb. 9 Daniel Jacomet to Harper Bros. [French]
1928 Feb. 9 D. Jacomet to FW about the Fantasio drawings. [French]
1928 Feb. 11 J. Hamilton to FW: printing of Fantasio delayed due to late receipt of
1928 Feb. 24 Cass Canfield to FW: drawings for Fantasio en route.
1928 Mar. 30 Hubel & Denck to FW: notes on printing of plates for Fantasio.

7 9 1926 Pleiad Press: publication announcement its publication of William Godwin’s
Memoir of the Author of the Vindication… (orig. pub. 1797) with
announcement that FW’s Arrighi typeface will be used for Pleiad publications.

1927 The Silver Book of English Sonnets, edited by Robert Lynd. Printed by Enschede (Haarlem). Typescript with headings and poet’s names in Warde’s writing.
59 leaves.
1927 Dec. 12 Jan Van Krimpen (Holland) to FW re prospectus design for Fantasio and
The Silver Book of English Sonnets.

Watch Hill Press (Peekskill, New York) 1929-1935
7 10 1929 “Rupert Brooke, to the editor of the Poetry Review.” Letter written by Brooke
1912 Sept. 28 and printed for the owner Francis Noyes in an edition of 50
1929 Design paste-ups and proof for an unknown project that includes a design
element of an etching of Sleepy Creek by Asa Cheffetz for The Enchanted Barn.
1929 In Festo die Nativitatis…by Zaccaria Ferreri: Signature with original drawing for front page. Pasted down in blue paper folder.
1929 The Muse Absent by J.C. Squire. Black paper folder in black envelope. Designed by FW for a small, private printing.
1930 Unser Kent by Waldo Pierce. (Cortlandt, N.Y.: Privately printed, 1930). Typescript. 6 leaves
1935 Wine & Food Society menu. Designed by FW designed for Watch Hill Press.
1939 Three Popular Ballads, Lafcadio Hearn (trans. From Japanese authors). Original
design for title-page with signature for a publication planned for 1939 but never issued.
n.d. Watch Hill Press sample printings with different typefaces.
1928-1930. Red notebook with information in FW’s hand about titles he worked on
Crosby Gaige and the Watch Hill Press. 12cm.

Oxford University Press 1938-1939
7 11 1936 Prospectus for The Capitals from the Trajan Column at Rome, by F. W.
Goudy with XXV plates drawn and engraved by the author. .
1938 Dec. 29 FW to Miss [Ruth Shepard] Graniss Librarian of Grolier Club; note
about A Journal of Emily Foster.
1939 Oxford University Press order form for The Work of Bruce Rogers: A
Catalogue of an Exhibition [sponsored by American Institute of Graphic
n.d. Prospectus for Concise Oxford Dictionary.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Morgan Library and Miscellaneous Works
7 12 1921 Sketch for calendar for Tiffany & Co..
1924 Metropolitan Museum of Art calendar, designed by FW.
n.d. Prospectus for Italian Renaissance Woodcuts published by Metropolitan Museum
of Art.
1934 Metropolitan Museum of Art. “Printing types used” booklet
1934 Metropolitan Museum of Art. Dictionary of Museum Facts..
1935 Pierpont Morgan Library Christmas Exhibition. Catalogue with illuminated
manuscript reproductions. Designed by FW.
n.d. Pierpont Morgan Library. Small poster French exhibition and paste-up; announcement card.

Christmas Cards and Miscellaneous Works
7 13 Christmas cards for Gabriel Wells (book dealer), for 1927, 1930, 1932-1934.
1929-1934 Christmas messages from Gabriel Wells (antiquarian book dealer). “Arranged by Frederic Warde”; some printed by Rudge.
1931 “Rags in Paper”: hand-painted poster for the Rag Content Paper Manufacturers
1934 Design for a monument to Pepper the Dog, addressed to Sherman Haight,
1939 The Hispanic Society of America, hand drawn design for an art exhibit.
1939 April 27 Miss Dart to FW about printing of posters for Hispanic Society of

n.d Bookplate designs for Jane and Walter Teller, along with proof samples and an ink recipe.
n.d. Bookplate designs for Robert and Ruth Witbeck with sample proofs.
n.d. Christmas card design and price notes for Edward Carwin.

Crosby Gaige (Private Press)
7 14 n.d. Sample bookplate designs for Jeremy Gaige: sheep design elements
14 7 1928 Advertisement for subscription purchase of Pomes Penyeach by James Joyce
with illuminated letters by Lucia Joyce poems. Oversize

7 14 1928 At First Sight by Walter de la Mare: proof of title-page.
14 7 1928 At First Sight: spine design Oversize
7 14 1928 Orlando by Virginia Woolf; binding case with tooled and gilded spine decoration.
1928 Fifty Romance Lyric Poems, now collected and translated by Richard Aldington.
Original design.
1928 Red Barbara by Liam O’Flaherty: original design and paste-up of design for

7 15 1928 Proofs of Reminisces of Leonid Andreyev by Maxim Gorki: small pamphlet
and hand-drawn designs for Rudge that mention FW on the verso .
1929 The Winding Stair by William ButlerYeats. Designed by FW and printed by
Rudge. Proofs of some signatures with signature of WBY.

Private Presses 1924-1936
7 16 1924 History of Rutgers College: 1766-1924 by William H. S. Demarest (published by
Rutgers): Photographs with notes on designs crest/seal; design ( retouched ?) for
spine to be cut in brass.
1925 P.S. Fournier, Traite Historique et Critique sur l'origine…pour l’impression de
musique…. (1765) Photographic reproductions with touch-ups and sheets of
printers ornaments for Lanston Monotype.

14 7 1925 The Tapestry by Robert Bridges: privately printed for FW and Stanley
Morison. [First use of Warde’s Arrighi typeface.] 150 copies printed.
14 7 n.d. The Tapestry: proof sheet. Oversize
7 17 n.d. Paste up with proofs, signatures, and sketches for The Tapestry.
n.d. Order form for The Tapestry.

7 18 1928 Fall to 1929 Summer 25 TLS from Ganymed Press in Berlin to FW about
printing of The Roman Villa by Theodore Leslie Shear published by the Harvard
University Press by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens as vol. 5
in its Corinth series. Correspondence covers pricing, pricing, paper types,
retouching of plates.

1929 June 12 [Theodore] Leslie Shear to FW about plates for Villa project from
the American Excavations at Corinth.
1929 3 TLS from Edward Capps, Chairman of the Managing Committee of the
1930 American School at Classical Studies about financing of Villa book.
n.d. Roman Villa at Corinth. Paper/ ink design work with typed and handwritten
note regarding the plates.

7 19 1930 “Love and Leave the Gentian” [Poem reprinted from the New York Tribune.] 2
copies of the 400 copies printed for Alfred C. Howell.
1936 The Kingdom of Light by George Peck. Privately printed at Morrill Press; designed by FW .Holograph notes regarding cost, design; printed sample spine design andsample design signatures.

7 20 1926 Medieval Academy America: By-laws and account of progress
1926 Survey of the Manuscripts of Tours by E. K. Rand (Medieval Academy of
America). Publications of the Academy no. 3 and part of its projected series:
Studies of the Script of Tours. Correspondence regarding publication..
1926 The Calligraphic Models of Ludovico degli Arrighi surnamed Vicentino : a
Complete Facsimile and introduction by Stanley Morison (Paris: Privately
printed for Frederic Warde, 1926). [Uses Warde’s Arrighi type] Rough draft of
Arrighi models]

14 7 1935 Andreas Vesalii Bruxellensis Icones anatomicae. (New York Academy of
Medicine History of Medicine series, n. 3). Published by FW (Warde,
McFarlane, Inc., 1934) Proof of advertisement. Oversize

Series VII: Working Papers

Box Folder Contents

8 1 n.d. Two collections of sheets taken from small loose-leaf notebooks. 13 cm ea.
1 collection of drawings for binding designs.
1 collection of titles of books and periodicals, mainly French and English
to 17th century. Some, not all, are about typography; a few sketches
n.d. Sketchbook with label “Alfred C. Howell Collection of Books Designed by
Frederick Warde.” Contents are colored drawings and notes on inks, spacing,
and other design features. (in envelope)
n.d. Marked up printer’s note for unknown title.

1919 Original drawing on board for column used in design of pamphlet listing publications of the American Society for the Excavation of Sardis. Image area: 5x8cm. Also annual statement of activities, etc. for 1920.
1922 Harcourt, Brace & Company: “New Books” catalogue with holograph notes relating to design.
1925 The Type Specimen of Jean Jannon: paste-up of title sheet for article by Beatrice
Warde [writing as Paul Beaujon] in The Fleuron.
Original design for Calligraphic Models of Ludovico Arrighi….
14 9 1928 Working design sheets for Rodman Wanamaker (1863-1928), probably for his
memorial service. Oversize
1929 The Keeping of Books by Alfred Pollard (Cambridge University Press): original
design for title page and notes about the book.
1931 Memoirs of Walter Gay (New York: privately printed by Rudge). Proof of
design for title page with accompanying frontispiece illustration entitle “Le
Breau” and drawings of ornament used on title-page.
1932 Memoirs of Walter Gay title-page used as part of advertisement by Japan Paper Co..

14 8 1935 Construction specifications/architectural drawings for front entrance to home of
S.P. Haight; designed by FW as an addition to their home in Litchfield Oversize
14 9 1935 Aug,. 16 Morrill Press rate sheet. Oversize
14 9 1936 June 20 Schedule of rates for unidentified company. Oversize
1936 Dec. 12 New price list.
14 9 1937 Monotype decorations. Oversize
14 9 1937 Rough design for Monotype calendar. Oversize
8 1 1937 Design for Mira Hinsdale Hall (1863-1937).

8 1 n.d. FW’s introduction to an unknown title. Typescript.
n.d. Original designs and paste-ups for a projected edition of Aesop’s Fables: some
n.d. Annotated list of Thomas Frognall Dibdin – cover design for Venetian printer –
hand drawn and stamped.
n.d. Catalog of the Marjorie Louise Hutton Collection of Tapestries, Painting and
Ceramic Jars : notes and original design. 8x15cm.
n.d. The Hard White Road Rogers: paste-up for spine design. (on card).

8 2 n.d. L'Ufage d'Aftrolabe [Usage d’Astrolabe]: hand drawn reproduction of original
French edition, undated but probably 18th century.
n.d Notes on the History and Development of Cambridge University Press: small
design signature; small printed pamphlet of the same title with notes and
instructions from FW
n.d. The Pearl (anonymous medieval poem): proof signatures and design.
n.d. Tales of an Old Ship: original drawing, possibly for title-page.

n.d. Miscellaneous sketches and paste-ups for Einstein books and
photographs. Advertisement for car bodies by Fisher and proof sheets. OS
n.d. Typed notes for unknown title/project.
n.d. Book spine designs: original drawings and reproductions of a more finished
version. Not all titles represented can be identified as designed by FW.

Border Designs
14 9 n.d. Border designs, stampings, some handwritten notes on the actual sheets
8 3-4 n.d. Hand drawn items, crests, borders, decorative elements, hand stamped design
ideas, book verso pages, letters, many handwritten notes
n.d. Design for a crest/seal with a photograph of the original inspiration

n.d. Spacing notes for unidentified item with paste-up.
Miscellaneous sketches
Stamps/printings of design elements

n.d. Page design formulas and paste-ups with mathematical formulas for figuring out
design elements.
Border design test sheet
Proof sheet.
Paper test for printing
Rough drawings.
14 9 Hand-drawn and colored design of a large circular element
Composing grid sheet with design stampings on it, as well as handwritten notes regarding costs
14 9 Proof sheet with lines drawn on it for sizing the decorative elements
8 3-4 Menus and sketches for borders/patterns
Rough design sketches by FW – hand drawn and stamped

14 9 Design sheet for Plantin in Lanston Monotype version with some border
stampings. Oversize
Pricing pad to figure printing and design costs: unused Oversize
8 4 Notes on poems and calligraphic writings, perhaps Beatrice, some typed.

Monotype Border Designs
8 5 Notes on Monotype casting speeds with some drawings.
Information and instructions on how to use the Monotype copy type calculator [stiff board]
Monotype copy type calculator – 3 copies
14 9 Monotype border decorations Oversize

Calligraphic Models of Ludovico Arrighi
8 6 n.d. Notebook containing lists of writing books published mainly in 16th century and
notes regarding typefaces. Brown leather covers. 8x11 cm.
“Preface”. Corrected typescript. 9 leaves.
Photocopy of above.
Sheet labeled “Arrighi—Weights” with list of letters and weigh (metal) in
grams.Free hand renderings of roman capitals and lower case in various sizes, a
few touched with gold. Ca. 30 sheets on heavy stock. 23cm and smaller.

8 7 n.d. Additional material relating to Arrighi book: free hand and other renderings of
letter forms, including some drawn on graph and on lined yellow legal-size
paper, and some on stiff stock. .
Paste-ups of Greek letters on stiff board with printing corrections.

8 8 Photostatic reproductions of pages from Arrighi’s writing book. of Arrighi
typefaces. 40 photostats. 16x22cm.
Enlarged photostats of pages of letter forms. 7 Photostats. 18cm.

8 9 Italian Theatre by Joseph S. Kennard: page proofs for vol. 2 stamped "Office
Proof.” [paper brittle]

8 10 Metal plates of typefaces, borders, patterns and text done/used by FW
Linoleum block created/used by FW

11 no folder Scrapbook of trial pages in Arrighi typeface. 34cm.

Series VIII: Sample Items

Box Folder Contents

Ink Tests Conducted by FW and Product Samples
12 1 n.d. Color wheel for inks. Ink on stiff paper. 24cm. Also paper try-out of wheel.
12 2 Color and ink sample sheets created by FW. Oversize

12 3 n.d. Album used for ink tests. Red buckram covers. 22cm. Oversize

12 4 1931 National Aniline & Chemical Co. Inc. (New York City). Dyes for Papers.
Sample book with order sheet. 28cm. Miscellaneous enclosures including ring of
binding leathers in various colors, and notes by FW on rear endpaper. Oversize
12` n.d. Binding cases for Boswell Papers, Nos. 1 and 3 (Isham collection). Oversize
12 . Several empty binding cases. Oversize

Paper Samples
Paper samples, including colored and handmade papers. Ca. 50 samples.
12 Design types in FW’s hand and paper samples

12 Paper samples (continued)

Series IX: Articles and Reviews by FW

Box Folder Contents
9 1 1923 Dec. 23 “Book Printing in America as One of the Fine Arts” by FW, in
the New York Times Book Review. Also corrected typescript
and photostats of article. See also folder 2 below.

9 2 1923 Dec. 15 “The Rejuvenation of Printing” by FW for Publisher’s Weekly.
n.d. “Our Birthright of Fine Printing and How We Are Regaining It
in America.” Typescript. 10p.
1923 Dec. 23 “Book Printing in America….” FW notes and corrected drafts.

1929 Sept. 27 “Thomas Maitland Cleland, Master of Decoration.” Review by
FW of Decorative Work of Thomas Maitland Cleland for
Publisher’s Weekly. Typescript and tearsheet from PW.
n.d. FW to “To the Editor of The Saturday Review.” Typescript. 2

On the Work of Bruce Rogers by FW
9 3 n.d. Holograph notes for work on Rogers. Notebook with brown paper covers. 22 cm.

9 4 n.d. “On the Work of Bruce Rogers” by FW.: marked page and galley proofs for
its appearance in The Fleuron.

9 5 n.d. Typescript, marked galley and page proofs of article on Bruce Rogers.

9 6 n.d. “A List of Books Printed by Bruce Rogers” by FW: to accompany the article.
Holograph corrections.

9 7 n.d. Portrait of Rogers originally in red chalk. Not signed. Lithographic reproduction? 30
copies. Image area: 14x14cm.

9 8 1915 – Bibliographical Society (England). News-Sheet. November 1915. Summary of A.
W. Pollard’s paper on Bruce Rogers delivered at October meeting.
1925 Harvard University Press catalogue with FW’s Rogers book listed on p. 4.

Monotype Printing Ornaments
9 9 1928 Monotype Ornament book: typed copy, with notes on paper type for end paper
and pages of border designs

9 10 1928 Ornaments and Fleurons for Use with the “Monotype”. Original design for
lettering within a border of printers’ ornaments; design serves as cover/title-page
for booklet on this subjects. Paste-up, holograph notes, etc. Also paper samples;
some items labeled by FW as “rejected proof.”

9 11 1928 Printers Ornaments Applied to the Composition of Decorative Borders, by
Frederic Warde. (London: Lanston Monotype, 1928). Title on spine: “Monotype
Printing Ornaments.” Case bound: brown cloth stamped in gold. Colored papers
with sample decorative borders tipped in.

The Dolphin: A Review of the Art of Fine Printing
[The Dolphin was published by the Limited Editions Club and originally
projected as an annual. FW was editor of the first number.]

9 12 n.d. Paste-up and proofs of Dolphin logo
. n.d. Advance notice of The Dolphin for members of the Limited Editions Club and order form.
n.d. Dolphin prospectus copy with holograph corrections. Proof of cover of first
9 13 n.d. Contents list for issue no. 1

9 14 1932 April 20 Philobiblon, a journal – looking for a possible exchange between this
title and The Dolphin and a sample of the Philobiblon journal from 1932

1932 Mar. to July FW and R.B. McKerrow letter exchange about writing for The

1932 June 7 to Oct. 11 exchange between George Macy at Limited Editions Club and FW
about The Dolphin – topics covered are list of potential contents and

1932 Aug. 8 Paper samples sent to FW from Berthold Co. (Germany).

1933 May Exchange of letters between Henry L. Bullen (librarian at the
TypographicalMuseum and Library of American Type Founders (Jersey City) and FW regarding Dolphin.

1933 Congratulatory letters to FW about The Dolphin from David Pottinger,
Philip Hofer (Harvard University), Carl Jones and a response to Jones
about FW’s continued employment with Rudge.

Correspondence dealing with article solicitations, 1932
9 15 1932 June/July Arthur S. Allen. 4 TLS to FW re his article on printing inks with 1 TLS
from FW to ASA.

9 16 1932 June/July Althea Bass (Mrs. John H.Bass). 2 ALS to FW re her article on the
Cherokee Press with 1 TLS from FW to AB.

9 17 1932 Denise Clairouin (Paris). Agreement to review French books of graphic merit for
The Dolphin , with specifications for article and personal notes regarding the
Depression and tense political climate in France. File includes her “Books in France
1931.” Typescript with many corrections. 30 leaves.

9 18 1932 June 21 Thomas Maitland Cleland to FW declining invitation to write for The
Dolphin and 2 TL from FW to TMC.

9 19 1932 June 10 W, A. Dwiggins to FW. ALS.
1932 Aug. 8 Frederic Goudy to FW. ALS.
1932 Sept. 15 Frederic Goudy to FW. ALS

9 20 1932 June 13 Dard Hunter to FW. TLS .
1932 July 13 Dard Hunter to FW 1932; also copies of 3 TL from FW .
to DH. File includes note TLS from John Johnson.. printer to Oxford
University Press (England).
9 21 1932 Mar.-Sept. Paul Koch of Klingspor Brothers Type Foundry (Germany). Five ALS to
FW re article on the cutting of punches for The Dolphin and TL from FW.
Topics include specifications for article, drawings needed and paper size.

9 22 1932 Paul Koch article & translation. Holograph manuscript in 2 paper covered
notebooks. [German]. 2 notebooks with brown paper covers. Notebooks 1:
“Stempelschneiden”. Notebook 2: “Justieren Handgiessen”. 21 cm each. Also
translation: “The Work of a Punch Cutter.” Incomplete typescript with revisions
by FW. 36 leaves

9 23 1932 Paul Koch: plates for article on punches, some with holograph notes.

9 24 1932 Hans (later Giovanni) Mardersteig (Officina Bodoni), Francis Meynell, Hamish
Miles (Nonesuch Press). Notes in response to FW letters soliciting articles for
The Dolphin.

9 25 1932 May 27 FW to Ralph Sneel giving information about paper for The
1932 Mar. to Aug. Exchange of letters between Alfred.W. Pollard and FW about The

9 26 1932 Hugo Steiner-Prag. Article on “European Bookcraft.” [German] Translation

9 27 1932 Mar. 9 Daniel Berkeley Updike to FW suggesting potential authors for The
1932 Exchange of letters between Willy Wiegand and FW regarding Dolphin
1932 Sept. 13 Daniel Berkeley Updike to FW about Paul Koch music type samples and
a letter from Koch to Updike enclosing information on Koch’s Three
Minuets of Bach.

9 28 n.d. Photographs of illustrations used for article(s)? for The Dolphin, issue
no. 1. 23 photographs. 20x27 cm and smaller.

9 29 1927 File primarily consisting of typescript drafts for the American Institute of
Graphic Arts Fifty Books of the Year for 1927 Includes typed and hand
written material drafts in English and French regarding typefaces, etc.
and exhibition notes.

Series X: Miscellaneous Items

Box Folder Contents

10 1 n.d. Books plate with simple design of ruled border. 8x12cm. 3 pads.
n.d. Photographic reproductions of the Davies Catalogue. (in tube on shelf)
14 10 1939? Verona Press Rhyme Sheets. [Poems by Geoffrey Scott, each illustrated by a
contemporary artist: Frans Masereel, etc. Printed by Oxford University Press
(New York) where FW was now production manager. Oversize

n.d. Notes on pricing a printing job project for “Miss Avery”. Details unclear.
1936 Heritage Press. Announcement catalogue.
n.d. “Poems’ by E.C. Pinckney.” Typescript of a work originally issued Baltimore:
Joseph Robinson Circulating Library, 1825. 76 leaves.

10 2 n.d. Diocese of New Jersey. Plans for enlargement of the Evergreens Home for the
Aged. Pamphlet.
1922 Cathedral School of St. Mary’s (Garden City, N.Y.). Information brochure and application.
1938 Dorothy Parker. Soldiers of the Republic. New York: Alexander Woolcott, 1938.
Issued as pamphlet. 12 pp. Yellow paper covers printed in red.
1925/1926 Stanley Morison. Misc. correspondence with Lanston Monotype Corp and
associated items.
1926 Feb. 19 Bruce Rogers to Stanley Morison on stationery of Printing House of
William Edwin Rudge. Requests use of 3 pages from the Morison/Ward
Arrighi book for a Rudge imprint. Rogers wishes to enlarge them and print from zinc blocks. 4 p.

1930 4 letters in French, not to or from FW, regarding shipment of merchandise and other matters.
192? Longmans Green & Co. Work forms: blank.
1929 Andras Brun (Calligrapher of Saragossa) Photographic reproductions of work
probably for Pegasus Press and Stanley Morison. FW connection unclear.

14 11 n.s. James Boswell. London Journal. Proof (?) of page 80. 3 copies. Oversize
14 11 n.d. Six Quartettos in the Comic Stile (sic). Facsimile of cover of 18th century musical
composition. Cover displays elaborate ornamentation, etc. 5 copies. Oversize

14 11 1925 George Eumorfopoulos Collection of Chinese, Corean (sic) and Persian Pottery.
Catalogue by R. L. Hobson. Prospectus. Oversize
1924 Cardinal Howard School (Laxton Hall, Stamford, Northamptonshire). Brochure.
Holograph note on verso with name of Stanley Morison.
1923 Spring Nothing or the Bookplate by Edward Gordon Craig. Prospectus.
1928 The Pen & Type Design by Grailey Hewitt. Printed for First Edition Club
1929 (London) by Oxford University Press.

1918 “The Independence of the Czecho-slovak nation.” New York: Czecho-Slovak
1919 Arts Club,, 1918. [Quotations on this subject from statesmen, etc. Pamphlet.
1923 Harcourt Brace & Co. New Books for Spring 1923.
1925 Downing College (Cambridge). 2 menus.
n.d. Photostats of pages of italic lettering, some from unidentified books and some of
hand-drawn letters. 12 photostats. 29 cm.

10 3 1921 Julian Alden Weir: An Appreciation of His Life and Works.. New York: Century
Association, 1921. Printed by Daniel Berkeley Updike at Merrymount Press.
Unbound signatures. Weir was a painter; includes essay by Duncan Phillips and a catalogue of his work.

10 4 1927 Frederic Kenyon. Ancient Books and Modern Discoveries. (Chicago:
Caxton Club, 1927) 300 copies printed for the Club by William Edwin
Rudge. Unbound signatures for several copies.

11 n.d. Photomechanical for illustration of sailor at helm of a ship. 32cm.

Note on Oversize Box 14

This box contains oversize items from various series in the Warde collecion. Items are arranged in the box by series number with indication of the box number. An item labeled in this box “Series II, Box 2, Folder 2” indicates that the item belongs to Series II and would be folder 2 or in folder 2 in Box 2 if it were not oversize.

The inventory lists such items as being in “Box 14,” The folders in Box 14 are indicate both the sequence within Box 14 and the box number(s) for the basic series listing.

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