Detail from a trial setting of the title page of the 1933 Grolier Club edition of Fra Luca de Pacioli, designed by Bruce Rogers

Grolier Club Publications

SINCE ITS FOUNDING IN 1884 the Grolier Club has published or sponsored almost 500 books and exhibition catalogues - some of them now the standard references in their fields - on such subjects as photography, William Blake, Mayan writing, Albrecht Dürer's alphabet book, and the well-known "Grolier Hundred" selections in literature, science, and medicine. Many of the publications have been printed and designed by the leading book artists and typographers of the past and present, including Theodore Low De Vinne, D. B. Updike, Bruce Rogers, Stanley Morison, Joseph Blumenthal, the Mardersteigs, and Jerry Kelly.

Books and Catalogues Published by the Grolier Club

Visitors to the Grolier Club (47 East 60th Street, New York City) may purchase current and backlist titles on site using cash, check, or credit card.

Generally, orders from non-members should be made through Oak Knoll Books, a bookseller and publisher specializing in the art and history of the book, and the exclusive distributors of Grolier Club publications. A full list of Grolier Club titles in print, including issues of The Gazette of the Grolier Club, is available on their website. Trade discounts are offered to booksellers.

Certain Grolier Club titles published jointly with other organizations, or published by others to accompany Grolier Club events, are available directly from the Club. The Grolier Club accepts payment for these titles by credit card or bank transfer using PayPal.

For more details, or questions about Grolier Club publications, contact:

Maev Brennan, Administrative Assistant
The Grolier Club
47 East 60th Street
New York, NY 10022
Tel. (212) 838-6690

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