CLARKE, BERT Papers, 1871-1993, (bulk 1941-1993)
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Guide to the Bert Clarke Papers

Bert Clarke Papers, 1871-1993, bulk 1941-1993

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44 boxes, 6 prints (44 linear ft.)

This collection comprises the personal papers of Bert Clarke (1910-1994), a notable fine typographer and member of the Grolier Club.

Access Restrictions:
Collection is open for research use. Copyright restrictions may apply; please contact repository for requests for copying and for authorization to publish, quote, or reproduce the materials.

Preferred Citation:
[Description and date of item], [Box/folder number], Bert Clarke Papers, 1871-1993, bulk 1941-1993, The Grolier Club.

About the Finding Aid:
This finding aid was prepared by Rachel E. Greer in Microsoft Word at the Grolier Club, July 2012 with additions in May 2014 and October 2015.

This collection was donated by Bert Clarke’s wife, Muriel Clarke, in August 2011, with subsequent donations in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Access Points:
A. Colish, Inc.
Alice in Wonderland
Clarke, Bert, 1910-1994
Clarke, Muriel
Clarke & Way Press
Cooke, Alistair, 1908-2004
Frick Collection
Garamond Press
Grolier Club. Publications.
Limited Editions Club
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
Moby Dick
New York Public Library. Exhibitions.
Nissha Press
O’Keeffe, Georgia, 1887-1986
Rockefeller Foundation
Rockwell, Norman, 1894-1978
Rogers, Bruce, 1870-1957
The Thistle Press
Trouvaille Française
Way, David J.
Wyeth, Andrew, 1917-2009

Printing—United States—20th Century—Specimens.
Private Presses—United States—20th Century—Specimens
Graphic Design (Typography) —United States—20th Century—Specimens.
Printers—United States—20th Century—Correspondence

Letters —United States —20th century. 
Printers’ proofs —United States — 20th century. 

Biographical/Historical Note:
Bert Clarke was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1910. He started his typographical work in high school, laying out his high school yearbook. Clarke earned a BA degree from Johns Hopkins in Liberal Arts in 1931. After a brief early career in Tin Pan Alley as a music writer, Clarke went to work at Garamond Press in Baltimore in 1935. During World War II, Clarke served in the Coast Guard, and returned to typographical work at George Macy’s Limited Editions Club in New York City after the war.  After a year with the Club, Clarke turned to freelance pursuits and happened upon an opportunity to complete a set of catalogues for the Frick Collection with then-partner, David J. Way. After the catalogues were complete, the two bought a press in New York and named it The Thistle Press. The two continued producing fine typography until 1970, when the press was merged with another.  Clarke was then invited to join the press of A. Colish, Inc. as Director of Design and Typography.  Throughout his career, Clarke also produced volumes for the Imprint Society, the Bollingen Foundation, the Grolier Club, and others. Bert Clarke died in 1994 in New York City, and was survived by his wife, Muriel Clarke. 

Scope and Content Note:
This collection consists of materials generated by and collected during Bert Clarke’s career. The collection includes material generated in conjunction with Clarke’s specific projects including drafts, early designs, budgets, correspondence, reviews, and proofs. These files also include visual material such as drawings and occasional photographs. The collection also includes material that Bert Clarke collected for general use in his day-to-day work including printing and typographic samples, ornament samples, font samples, and engravings. A small amount of general correspondence is included, as well as a collection of ephemera from organizations with which Clarke was involved. The majority of the collection is made up of Bert Clarke’s personal library and is organized under Series V: Publications. This collection includes samples of Clarke’s typographic and design work throughout his career. Strengths of the collection include a full set of The Frick Collection Catalogue, published in 1949; material for the Artists Illustrated Moby Dick; Clarke's work for the David and Peggy Rockefeller Foundation; and ephemera and printed works produced in conjunction with The Grolier Club.

Arrangement Note:
This collection arrived with no arrangement scheme and was arranged by the archivist into the following series:    
Series I:    Project Files
Series II:   Correspondence
Series III:  Research Files
Series IV:  Ephemera & Personal Miscellany
Series V:   Publications
Series VI:  Objects
Oversize Series I: Project Files
Oversize Series II: Correspondence
Oversize Series IV: Ephemera & Personal Miscellany

Series I, III, & IV are arranged alphabetically. Series II is arranged chronologically, where the date is known. Objects were separated into their own box, and Publications are temporarily unindexed, with an inventory available in the container list of this document.
Folder names chosen by the archivist appear in brackets. Oversize series correspond in scope, content, and arrangement to the regular series; oversize items were removed due to size. For more information about each series, please see the scope and content and arrangement notes for each series.

Container List:

Series I: Project Files
Scope and Content Note: 
This series contains materials generated by Clarke’s work on books, catalogues, and other typographical projects.  The materials include: research materials, correspondence, drawings, proofs, and finished products including books, pamphlets, brochures, gallery announcements, and other material.

Arrangement Note:
This series is arranged alphabetically by the name of the project, where known.

Box 1:

        Folder 1: Abe Lerner, Undated

        Folder 1a: A. Colish Greeting Card Printed Under B. C.’s Supervision, Undated

        Folder 2: Alice Project, Undated           

        Folder 3: An Approach to the Care of Photographs, 1976

        Folder 4: [Catalogue for the Exhibition of Archaeological Finds of the People’s Republic of

        China], 1975.

        Folder 5: Art Catalogues (1 of 2), 1970-1985

        Folder 6: Art Catalogues (2 of 2), 1974-1984

        Folder 7: Behind the Emblem: Lion Brothers Company, 1960s

        Folder 8: [Bernard Buffet, The Fly], Undated

        Folder 9: [Bert and Muriel Clarke Greeting Card], Undated

        Folder 10: [Bert Clarke Wedding Announcement], Undated

        Folder 11: [Bert Clarke Bio], Undated

        Folder 12: The Book I’ve Read Before: Limited Editions Club, 1972

        Folder 12a: [The Brick House Materials], Undated

        Folder 13: [Clarke & Way: A Toast to Eliza and Derby], 1968

        Folder 14: Clarke & Way Guide to Make-up by Signatures, Undated

        Folder 15: Consulting Work for Calloway Editions, circa 1992

        Folder 15a: A Description of the Catalogue of the Frick Collection, 1949

        Folder 16: Desiderata, Undated

        Folder 17: A Dinner for Frank Daniel Fortney at The Advertising Club, 1962

        Folder 18: [Donnybrook Fair 1941], 1941

        Folder 19: [Review of Eugene Onegin], Undated

        Folder 20: The Frick Collection, 1949

        Folder 21: Gallery Announcements, 1971-1987

        Folder 22: Georgia O’Keeffe Miscellany, 1985-1987

        Folder 22a: [Georgia O’Keeffe Project], 1988

        Folder 22b: [Georgia O’Keeffe Project], 1987-1989

        Folder 23: Golf, 1991-1992

        Folder 24: [Review of Goya’s “Black” Paintings, The Times Literary Supplement

        (London)], 1985

        Folder 25: Grolier Club Projects, Various

        Folder 26: Headmaster Report to the Parents and Alumni, Saint David’s School, 1988

        Folder 27: Jacket Covers, Various

        Folder 28: The Life of Tom Morris, Undated

        Folder 29: Limited Editions Club Projects, Various

        Folder 30: Maryland Academy of Sciences, Various

        Folder 31: [The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin], 1970

        Folder 32: [Miscellaneous Ephemera], 1980

        Folder 33: Moby Dick, Prospectus for Artist’s Limited Edition and Photographs, circa 1975

        Folder 34: [Moby Dick, Typescript of Cousteau’s Introduction], Undated

        Folder 35: [Review for Moby Dick, Publisher’s Weekly], 1975

        Folder 36: M. Tulli Cicerones Pro Archia Poeta, Undated

        Folder 36a: New Jersey History, Winter 1970, 1970    

        Folder 37: New York Public Library Show, 1987

        Folder 37a: New York Society Library Bookplate, 1973         

        Folder 38: Nissha Press, 1992

        Folder 39: The Nightmare Notebook (removed from book), 1975

        Folder 40: Norman Thompson Aeisler Munder, 1983

        Folder 41: [Paul Mellon Project], Undated

        Folder 42: Printing Project, 1992-1993

        Folder 43: Rockefeller Collection: Spine Label Sample, Undated

        Folder 43a: Rockefeller, 1993

        Folder 44: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (1 of 10), 1992

Box 2:

        Folder 1: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (2 of 10), 1992

        Folder 2: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (3 of 10), 1992

        Folder 3: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (4 of 10), 1992

        Folder 4: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (5 of 10), 1992

        Folder 5: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (6 of 10), 1992

        Folder 6: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (7 of 10), 1992

        Folder 7: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (8 of 10), 1992

        Folder 8: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (9 of 10), 1992

        Folder 9: The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection (10 of 10), 1982-1992

        Folder 10: [A Selection of Books Printed by A. Colish, Inc.], Undated

        Folder 11: Skowhegan School Brochures, 1972-1974

        Folder 12: Southern Illinois University Press Catalogues, 1970-1971

        Folder 13: Speeches, 1988

        Folder 14: The Stein Partnership, Undated

        Folder 15: Thistle Press Projects, Various

        Folder 15a: [T. Morus Book],

        Folder 16: Trouvaille Française, Undated

        Folder 16a: Trouvaille Française, Undated

        Folder 16b: Trouvaille Française, Undated

        Folder 17: Trouvaille Française, 1982

        Folder 18: Trouvaille Française, 1988

        Folder 18a: Trouvaille Française, 1992-1995

        Folder 19: Trouvaille Française, Undated

        Folder 20: Trouvaille Française, Undated

        Folder 22: Trouvaille Française, Art, Undated

        Folder 23: Trouvaille Française, Comp for Captions, 1987

        Folder 24: Trouvaille Française [Research Materials], Undated

        Folder 25: Trouvaille Française, Samples and Originals, Undated

        Folder 26: Two Lives: Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, 1992

        Folder 27: Ulysses S. Grant, Undated

        Folder 28: [Union Club Bulletin], 1987

        Folder 29: [A Weekend in May by Bee Dabney, Original Illustrations], 1964

        Folder 29a: [W.W. Tulloch/The Life of Tom Morris/USGA], 1992

Series II: Correspondence

Scope and Content Note:
This series contains correspondence that Bert Clarke received in the course of his personal and professional life. Correspondents include Alistair Cooke, Peggy Rockefeller, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, as well as other notable museum and publishing professionals. There are also many letters addressed to Betty, the general secretary at Clarke & Way. The letter from Richard Nixon was removed from the book to which the letter refers. That book can be found in Series V.

Arrangement Note:
Because personal correspondence was indistinguishable from professional correspondence in the original files, the archivist left the series intact as one, and researchers will thus find both kinds of material in this series. The correspondence was arranged chronologically by the archivist.

Box 2:

        Folder 30: Correspondence (1 of 5), Undated

        Folder 30a: Correspondence (2 of 5), 1951-1964

        Folder 31: Correspondence (3 of 5), 1969-1982

        Folder 32: Correspondence (4 of 5), 1983-1987

        Folder 33: Correspondence (5 of 5), 1988-1993

Series III: Research Files

Scope and Content Note:
This series contains materials that Clarke collected in the service of his work. The materials include paper samples, typographic samples, border illustrations, lithographs and other material. Though the same types of material may be repeated in Series I: Project Files, the material in this series were unconnected to any specific project in the collection. In most cases, the archivist generated folder titles by examining the materials.

Arrangement Note:
This series was arranged alphabetically by folder title, by the archivist.

Box 3:

        Folder 1: [A. Colish Guide to Make-up by Signatures], Undated

        Folder 2: Alphabet and Image #7, Good Initials and Ornaments, 1948

        Folder 3: Collected Engravings, Undated

        Folder 4: Collected Engravings and Typography, Undated

        Folder 5: [Collected Images], Undated

        Folder 6: Collected Ornaments, Undated

        Folder 7: Engravings, Undated

        Folder 8: [Die Titeleinfassungen Der Reformationszeit, tr. Title Borders from the Reformation] (1 of 2), 1912

        Folder 9: [Die Titeleinfassungen Der Reformationszeit, tr. Title Borders from the Reformation] (2 of 2), 1912

        Folder 10: [Colophon Book Shop List], Undated

        Folder 11: [Lustro-Dull Paper samples], Undated

        Folder 12: Miscellaneous Research Material, Various

        Folder 13: Ornaments, Undated

        Folder 14: [Ornaments], Undated

        Folder 15: [Paper Samples] (1 of 2), Undated

        Folder 16: [Paper Samples] (2 of 2), 1972

        Folder 17: [Proportional Scale], Undated

        Folder 18: Samples of Typographic Work, Undated

        Folder 19: Tools and Samples, Various

        Folder 20: Type, Various

        Folder 21: [Typeface Samples] (1 of 2), Undated

        Folder 22: [Typeface Samples] (2 of 2), Undated

        Folder 23: [Typographic Samples], Undated

Box 3a:

        Enclosure: Book of Renaissance Ornaments, 1878

Series IV: Ephemera & Personal Miscellany

Scope and Content Note:
This series contains brochures, invitations, mailings, clippings and a small amount of personal miscellany received or collected by Bert Clarke throughout the course of his life and career, documenting his personal and professional interests and contacts.

Arrangement Note:
This series was arranged alphabetically by the archivist. Items in Box 3b were accessioned November 2015.

Box 3:

        Folder 23a: A. Colish Birthday Card, 1982

        Folder 24: A. Colish Expansion Announcement, Undated

        Folder 24a: Address Book 1, Undated

        Folder 24b: Address Book 2, Undated

        Folder 25: [AIGA, 1972-73 Exhibition Schedule], circa 1972

        Folder 26: American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1941

        Folder 27: American Printing History Association Directory, 1986

        Folder 28: A.M.G.S., 1984

        Folder 29: Antiquarian Book Monthly Review, October 1975, 1975

        Folder 30: Archives of American Art Journal, 1983

        Folder 30a: August Hecksher’s Limited Edition Seasons Greeting, 1985

        Folder 30b: Bert Clarke Bio, Undated

        Folder 31: Book Show Catalogues, 1965-1968

        Folder 31a: Brochure for Bollingen’s The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, 1962

        Folder 32: Chicago Book Clinic Award, Undated

        Folder 33: Citation for Typographic Excellence, Type Directors Club, 1985

        Folder 34: Bert Clarke, Typographer Catalogue, 1987

Box 3b:

        Folder 1: Correspondence, articles, etc. relating to Bert Clarke, Typographer exhibition at NYPL, 1987-1993 (removed from scrapbook, 2015 donation)

        Folder 2: Scrapbook (2015 donation)

Box 3:

        Folder 35: [Felice Feliciano program], 1989

        Folder 35a: [Frick Invitation], Undated

        Folder 36: German Fine Printing 1948-1988, 1992

        Folder 37: [Grolier Club Ephemera], 1948-1952

Box 4:

        Folder 1: [Grolier Club Invitation to Hermann Zapf Exhibition], circa 1987

        Folder 2: [Lee Hatfield], 1964

        Folder 3: [Holiday Cards, A. Colish], Various

        Folder 4: Horace Project, 1992

        Folder 4a: David Hume’s Daughter’s Wedding Announcement, 1982

        Folder 5: Dr. Robert Leslie’s 100th Birthday Celebration Ephemera, 1985

        Folder 6: Limited Editions Club Ephemera, 1954-1973

        Folder 7: [Matsubara Naoko Catalogue], circa 1988

        Folder 8: Miscellaneous Ephemera, Undated

        Folder 9: [New York Printers Wall of Fame – Class of 1976], 1976

        Folder 10: Personal Miscellany, Undated

        Folder 11: Philip Grausman Borgenicht Gallery Catalogues, 1966, 1979

        Folder 11a: Photo of Bert, Abe Colish, ?, Stephen Abramson, Undated

        Folder 12: Printing Impressions, Undated

        Folder 13: [Printing News, September 8, 1979], 1979

        Folder 14: [Printing News, December 1, 1979], 1979

        Folder 15: Publicity Engravers, Inc. Calendars, 1989-1990

        Folder 16: Publishers Weekly, November 22, 1985, 1985

        Folder 17: Ruzicka Exhibition Brochure, Grolier Club, 1948

        Folder 18: Signed Matsubara Greeting Card (for A. Colish), Undated

        Folder 19: The Stinehour Press Newsletter, 1991

        Folder 20: Typography Catalogue 147, circa 1977

        Folder 21: [Unidentified Auction Catalogue], undated

        Folder 22: [The Youth’s Companion, 1905], 1905

Series V: Publications

Scope and Content Note:
This series contains the personal library of Bert Clarke, which includes books, pamphlets, and ephemera on which he worked. The series also contains books that Clarke collected.

Arrangement Note:
This series retains its original order.


Box 4:

        Folder 23: Publication Series Notes from Muriel Clarke, circa 2012


Box 5:

A Walk through the Cloisters
Bonnie Young
(Viking:  1979)

Odysseus Collages
Romare Bearden
(Cordier & Ekstrom: 1977)

 Il Penseroso
John Milton & William Blake
(New York Limited Editions Club: 1954)

Poems of William Wordsworth
(Thomas Crowell, New York: 1964)

An Evening with Thornton Wilder
(Harper & Bros: 1962)

Arshile Gorky, Important Paintings and Drawings
(Xavier Fourcade: 1979)

The Photographer and the American Landscape
(MOMA, n.d.)

Rodin Bronzes
(American Federation of Arts: 1969)

Naum Gabo, Of Divers Arts
(Bollingen: 1962)

Rhythm and Rhymes, Margaret Stillwell (inscribed to Bert Clarke by author)
(Mount Vernon: 1978)

Ancient Art from Afghanistan
Benjamin Rowland
(Asia Society: 1966)

The Canterbury Tales, with illustrations by Arthur Szyk
(Heritage Press: 1935)

More’s Utopia
(Heritage Press: 1935)

Reminiscences of a Long Life
Frieda Schiff Warburg
(New York: 1956)

The Charterhouse of Parma, Stendahl
(Heritage Press: 1955)

Bibliography of the Writings of Noah Webster
(New York Public Library: 1958)

Life on the Mississippi, Mark Twain
With illustrations by Thomas Hart Benton
(Heritage Press: 1944)

Barchester Towers, Trollope
(Heritage Press: 1958)

Box 6:

The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, vols. 1-8
(Southern Illinois UP: 1979)

General Grant by Matthew Arnold
Ed. John Simon
(Southern Illinois UP: 1966)

The Velveteen Rabbit
Margery Williams
Colish: 1974)

Recollections and Reflections
Janetta Whitridge
(New York: 1972, privately published)

Gods, Thrones, and Peacocks
Stuart Cary Welch, Milo Cleveland Beach
(Asia Society: 1965)

Kimball Art Museum, Handbook of the Collection
(Kimball Art Foundation: 1981)

Box 7:

Memorial for William C. Meninger
(New York Academy of Medicine: 1966)

The Principles Behind the Rules of Golf
(USGA: 1989)

Italic Quartet
John Dreyfus
(CU Printing House: 1966)

Golf and Golfers
(USGA: 1991)

Prints & People
Hyatt Mayor
(MMA: 1971)

Monet’s Years at Giverny
(MMA: 1978)

A Flower from Every Meadow
Stuart Cary Welch
(Asia Society: 1973)

Indian Drawings and Painted Sketches
Stuart Cary Welch
(Asia Society: 1976)

The Private Collection of Martha Jackson
(University of Maryland: 1973-1974)

Rodin Bronzes
(American Federation of Arts: 1969)
N.B. This is Dupe of book in Box 5.

 Ark of Bones
Henry Dumas
(Southern Illinois UP: 1970)

Vassar College Art Gallery
(Vassar College: 1967)

The Wonder and the Glory
Edward Alexander Parsons
(Thistle Press: 1962)

Duncan Phillips and his Collection
Marjorie Phillips
(Norton: 1970)

Marjorie Phillips and her Paintings
(Norton: 1958)

The Museum and its Friends, The Whitney, Second Loan Exhibition
(Clarke and Way: 1959)

 The Museum and its Friends, A Loan Exhibition
(Clarke and Way: 1958)

 Notes on Woman Printers In Colonial America and the United States
(New York: The Hroswitha Club, 1976)
N.B. letter to Bert Clarke from Frank “L”? in front flap.

 The Genoese Renaissance
Bertina and Robert Manning
(Houston, Musuem of Fine Arts: 1974)

 Harry Callahan
(MOMA: 1965)

 Louis Comfort Tiffany
(Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York: 1958)

 Selected Paintings, Drawings & Books
(Yale Center for British Art: 1977)

 The American Poster
(American Federation of the Arts: 1944)

 Museum Studies I
(The Art Institute of Chicago:  1966)

 What is American Art?
(Knoedler Gallery: 1971)

Exotic Art
(American Federation of Arts: 1961)

The Murtogh Guinness Collection

Jackson Burke
(In Memoriam, 1975)


Box 8:

Horses, Horses, Horses
(Franklin Watts: 1949)

 Waking in a Tree
Daniel Hughes
(Clarke & Way: 1963)

 BR Today
A Selection of his Books, with comments
(Grolier Club: 1982)

 PROSE (serial) , Nos. 1-6
Old Forge Hollow Road
John Kemmerer, 1979

Along the Raccoon River, Winter
John Kemmerer, 1977

 Along the Raccoon River
John Kemmerer, 1978

John Kemmerer, 1971

 Selected Poems
Oscar Williams
(Clarke & Way: 1947)

 Common Sense
Thomas Paine
Colish: 1976)

Kimball Art Museum, Handbook of the Collection
(Kimball Art Foundation: 1981)

 Balcomb Greene
(American Federation of the Arts: 1961)

 Kandinsky, Parisian Period
(Knoedler: 1969)

Conrad Aiken
(George Braziller: 1967)

 Fifty Books 1966/Exhibition Year 1967
E.E. Cummings, A miscellany revised
(October House: 1967, Third Printing)

(New Directions: 1986)

John Kemmerer, 1979

Eugene Onegin
Alexander  Pushkin
(Bollinger: 1st paperback printing 1981)

 A Dinner for Frank Daniel Fortney
(Feb. 6, 1962)

An Animated Alphabet
Marie Angel
(Harvard College Library: 1971

Box 9a-d:

An Illustrated Catalogue of the Works of Art in the Collection of Henry Clay Frick, with an introduction by Sir Osbert Sitwell. Vols. 1-4


Box 10a-d:

An Illustrated Catalogue of the Works of Art in the Collection of Henry Clay Frick, with an introduction by Sir Osbert Sitwell. Vols. 5-8

Box 11a-d:

An Illustrated Catalogue of the Works of Art in the Collection of Henry Clay Frick, with an introduction by Sir Osbert Sitwell. Vols. 9-12

A Description of the Catalogue of the Frick Collection by Sir Osbert Sitwell and Paul Standard (Pittsburgh: 1949) (Not in box as of 10/23/14)

Photocopy of Article, “The Story of the Frick Catalogue” (Not in box as of 10/23/14)

Unidentified insert (folded) (Not in box as of 10/23/14)

Box 12:

(Medaenas Monograph on the Arts: 1984)

(MMA: 1980)

Frederic Remington
(Amon Carter Museum of Western Art: 1981)

Maurice Prendergast
(Phillips Collection: 1980)

Renoir, The Luncheon of the Boating Party
(Phillips Collection: 1981)

Vincent Van Gogh
(MMA: 1979)

Mary Cassatt
(MMA: 1984)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll, illustrations by John Tenniel
Colish: 1983)

 Giacomo Joyce
James Joyce
(Viking: 1968)

 Treasures from the Pierpont Morgan Library

 Ancient Art from Afghanistan
(Asia Society: 1966)

 American Naïve Paintings of the 18th and 19th Centuries
(American Federation of Arts: 1969)

 To Celebrate the Life of Jack Barrett, 1903-1981
(Morgan Library: December 1, 1981)

 Barnett Newman
Thomas B. Hess
(Walker & Co., New York: 1969)

 Jackson Burke, 1908-1975
(Japan House: June 1975)

 Gustave Caillebotte (pbk.)
(Houston, Museum of Fine Arts: 1976)

 Gustave Caillebotte (hardcover)
(Houston, Museum of Fine Arts: 1976)

 The Anatomy of the Brain
Thomas Willis
(UVS Pharmaceutical Corp, Tuckahoe, NY: 1971)

 Bradley Walker Tomlin
(UCLA Art Galleries: 1957)

 Five Masterpieces
Bruce Rogers’ Books for the Grolier Club
A Talk by Herbert H. Johnson
(Feb. 17, 1983)
N.B. Inscribed to Bert Clarke by Herbert Johnson; held for Grolier Club)

 An Evening with Thornton Wilder
(Harper & Brothers: 1957)

 Contemporary French Tapestries
(Museum of Contemporary Crafts: 1959)

 Artists & Anatomist
Hyatt mayor
(MMA: 1984)

Archives of Asian Art
(Asia Society: 1978)

 Manuscripts from the William S. Glazier Collection
(Morgan Library: 1959)

 Liturgical Manuscripts
(Morgan Library: 1964)

 Harry Dobson Miller Grier
(The Frick: 1972)

 A Private Vision: Contemporary Art from the Graham Gund Collection
(Boston Museum of Fine Arts: 1982)

 Rules of the Thistle Golf Club
John Cundell

 A Few Rambling Remarks on Golf
(A Facsimile Edition)
(USGA: 1983)

 A Barrel of Diamonds
Charles Manfred Newton
(New York: 1980)

 De Rerum Natura
(Heritage Club: 1946)


Box 13:

The Divine Comedy
Dante Alighieri
(Inferno, Text and Translation)
(Bollingen: 1970)

The Divine Comedy
Dante Alighieri
(Inferno, Commentary)
(Bollingen: 1970)

Some Rimes
H.G. Fischer
(Purgatory Press: 1976)

Dorothy Silberberg
In Memoriam, a talk by Brendan Gill
(May 25, 1976)

 “Progress in the Graphic Arts”
T.M. Cleland
(Danbury: 1949)

The Life of Tom Morris
W.W. Tulloch, D.D.
(facsimile of the 1908 edition)
(USGA: 1992)

Great Golfers in the Making
(facsimile of the 1907 edition)
(USGA: 1988)

Golf Architecture in America
(facsimile of the 1927 edition)
(USGA: 1990)

Manuscripts from the William Glazier Collection
(Morgan Library: 1959)

Treasures from the Pierpont Morgan Library, 50th Anniversary Exhibition
(Morgan Library: 1957)

Drawings from Stockholm
(Morgan Library: 1969)

Dali: A Study of his Art in Jewels
(Owen Cheatham Foundation, Clarke and Way: 1959)

 Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy
(MMA: 1983)

Egyptian Studies I, VARIA
(MMA:  1976)

Egyptian Studies II, The Orientation of Hieroglyphs, pt. 1 Reversals
(MMA: 1977)

Archives of Asian Art, XXX/1976-1977
(Asia Society: 1977)

Archives of Asian Art, XXXI/1977-1978
(Asia Society: 1978)

Looking at Art
Alice Elizabeth Chase
(Thomas Crowell: 1966)

Rarities of the Musee Guimet
(Asia Society: 1975)

John Peter Zenger and Freedom of the Press
Colish: 1984)

Okada, Shinoda, and Tsutaka
(Phillips Collection: 1979)

100 European Drawings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
(MMA:  1960{?})

 Ancient Greek and Roman Gold Jewelry
Patricia F. Davidson
(Brooklyn Museum: 1984)

Box 14:

 Homage to the Book
(West VA Pulp & Paper Co.: 1968)

The Game of Croquet
Horace Scudder
(Abercrombie & Fitch: 1968)

Old Bedford Days
(Privately printed, New York: 1953)

 Drawings from New York Collections
The Italian Renaissance
(MMA & The Morgan: 1965)

St. –John Perse
(Bollingen: 1961)

 The Poems of W.B. Yeats
(Thistle Press, Ltd Editions Club: 1970)

 Fable and Fiction: Frank Stockton
Emmaus, PA, The Story Classics: 1949)

 Four Oaks Farm &
Four Oaks Library
(Somerville, NJ: 1967)

 Two Plays of Anton Chekhov
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1966)

Hellmut Wilhelm
(Bollingen: 1960)

 The Twelve Moneths and Christmas Day
(Clarke & Way: 1951)

 Old Dominion Foundation, Report 1941-1966
(New York: 1966)

 Once-Upon –A-Tyne
The Angling Art and Philosophy of Thomas Bewick
(Antiquarian Press, Montreal: 1977)

 Saint-Simon: The Memoirs of Louis De Rouvroy, 2 vols. In case
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1959)


Box 15:

English and Other Silver
(MMA: 1969)

Dali: A Study of his Jewels in Art
(Owen Cheatham Foundation: 1959-1977)

 The Collages of Robert Motherwell
Houston, Museum of Fine Arts: 1973)

(Madison Ave. Church Press: 1966)
N.B. Inscription to Bert Clarke.

 Synchronism and Color Principles in American Painting
(M. Knoedler with Clarke & Way: 1965)

 The Art of Tibet
Pratapaditya Pal
(Asia Society: 1969)

 Exile and other Poems
St.-John Perse
(Bollingen: 1949)

 The Ideal Theater: Eight Concepts, hardcover
(American Federation of Arts: 1962)

 The Ideal Theater: Eight Concepts, paperback
(American Federation of Arts: 1962)

 Treasures of Ancient Nigeria
(Knopf: 1980)

 Georgia O’Keeffe
Some Memories of Drawings
(U of NM P: 1974)
N.B. Contains letter from editor to publisher.

 Georgia O’Keeffe
Some Memories of Drawings, supplemental box of mounted reproductions
(U of NM P: 1974)

 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1968)

 Three Tales
Gustave Flaubert
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1978)

 Twentieth Century Masterpieces from the Musee Grenoble
(U of Maryland: 1973)

Alfred Stieglitz
(National Gallery of Art: 1958)
Designed by Clarke & Way

 Aristophanes: The Birds
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1959)

Box 16:

The House of Enschede, 1703-1953
Joh. Eschede
(Haarlem: 1953)
N.B. Clarke copy has loose spine.

 Raymond Duchamp Villon
(Walker & Co., New York: 1967)

 A Garland for Dylan Thomas
Clarke & Way: 1963)

 Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana
Eli Siegel
(Definition P, New York: 1958)

 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
(A Colish: 1983)

 A Weekend in May
Illustrated by Bee Dabney, bound by Clarke & Way
(Oak Spring, Upperville, VA)
(The Thistle Press: 1965)

 Sea marks
St.-John Perse
(Bollingen: 1958)

 Carl Van Vechten
A Bibliography
(Knopf: 1955)

Eleanor Wolff
(Privately printed: 1972)

 Rowfant Rhymes
Carr Liggett
(Rowfant Club: 1972)

 The Rowfant Club Yearbook
(Rowfant Club: 1972)

BR Today
A Selection of his Books with Comments
(Grolier Club: 1982)

 The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1973)

 Washington Square
Henry James
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1971)

 On Poetry
St.-John Perse
(Bollingen: 1961)

 Two Addresses
St.-John Perse
(Bollingen: 1966)

 Darker Ends
Robert Nye
(Hill and Wang: 1969)

 Shakespeare’s Progress
Frank O’Connor
(World Publishing Company: 1960)

 The Poetry of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, 1953-1965
(October House:  1965)

 The Wanderer
Trans. By Francoise Delisle
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1958)

Herman Hesse
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1977)

 A Toast to Eliza and Derby
(Clarke & Way: 1968)
250 copies

 Two Views of the Mountain
(Tiny Keepsake of Bruce Rogers)
2 reminiscences of Bruce Rogers by Bert Clarke and David J. Way
85 copies printed on the occasion of Bruce Rogers’s 85th birthday,
Presentation copy, inscribed from Tony Glick to Bert Clarke.


Box 17:

From Action to Dynamic Silence
(Institute of Modern Russian Culture: 1991)

 Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman
(Viking: 1959)

 The Collection of John A. and Audrey Jones Beck
(Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: 1974)

 Clinton Genealogy
(Privately printed, New York: 1968)

 Diabetes:  A Medical Odyssey
(USV Pharmaceutical Corp: 1971)

 Life of St. George, from Caxton
(Bruce Rogers: 1957)

 Fantasy in a Wood-Block, on Audubon’s meeting with Bewick
Gordon R. Williams
(The Caxton Club: 1972)

 Their Wedding Journey
William Dean Howells
(Indiana UP: 1968)

A Poem by Michel Ferrand
(Wittenborn, New York: 1958)

 Lord Jim
Joseph Conrad
(Heritage Press: 1959)

 The Indiana Home
Logan Esarey. Designed and illustrated by Bruce Rogers.
(Indiana UP: 1953, 1976)

 Alfred Stieglitz
(National Gallery of Art: 1958)

Abstract Art Before Columbus
Dore Ashton
(Andre Emmerich Gallery: 1957)

Gabor Peterdi, paintings
Bruce Chernow
(Taplinger: 1982)

China Trade Porcelain: Patterns of Exchange
Clare le Corbeiller
(MMA: 1974)

 Gods, Thrones, and Peacocks
Stuart Cary Welch
Milo Cleveland Beach
(Asia Society: 1965)

 Frederic Goudy
D.J.R. Bruckner
(Harry N. Abrams: 1990)

 Railroad Men
Simpson Kalisher
(Clarke & Way: 1961)

Charles K. Wilkinson
(A. Colish & MMA: n.d.)

 Forty Paintings from the Reader’s Digest Collection
Exhibition by Prince and Princess Takamatsu
(Tokyo:  October 1966)

 A Directory of St. Paul’s Churchyard
Trinity Parish in the City of New York
(Thistle Press: n.d.)

 King of the World
Samuel M. Paley
(Brooklyn Museum: 1976)

 The Demands of Art
Max Raphael
(Bollingen: 1968)

Lloyd Goodrich
Doris Bry

Exhibition Catalogue by the Whitney
(Whitney Museum of American Art: 1970)

Box 18:

 Christian Iconography
Andre Grabar
(Bollingen, National Gallery of Art: 1968)

 Degas: The Artist’s Mind
Theodore Reff
(MMA, Harper & Row: 1976)

 Selections from ‘The Fancy’ or, True Sportsman’s Guide
By An Operator
(Imprint Society, MA: 1972)

 The Portrait in the Renaissance
John Pope-Hennessy
(Bollingen: 1966)

 Little Women
Louisa May Alcott
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1967)

 A Study in Dissent
(Carbondale: 1968)

The Odyssey of a Film-maker
Frances Hubbard Flaherty
(Beta Phi Mu: 1960)

 Richard M. Nixon
Inaugural Address
(Jan. 20, 1969)
N.B.  Contains signed letter from Richard Nixon to Bert Clarke.

 The Awakening Interest in Science during the First Century of Printing, 1450-1550
Margaret Bingham Stillwell
(Biographical Society of America: 1970)

The Compleat Gamester
Charles Cotton
(Imprint Society: 1970)

 Sixteen to Sixty, Memoirs of a Collector
Louisine W. Havemeyer
(Privately printed, New York: 1961)

 Notes for a Great-Grandchild
(Privately printed: 1966)

 Take One at Night
Arnold Whitridge
(New York: 1974)

 Reminiscences of a Long Life
Frieda Schiff Warburg
(New York: 1956)

 The Judicial Opinions of Paul Bonynge
(Clarke & Way: 1959

Cicero’s Three Books of Offices, or Moral Duties
Trans. Cyrus R. Edmonds
(Henry Bohn, London: 1856)
N.B. See accompanying excerpt printed by Clarke & Way: 1967

Box 19:
The Nightmare Notebook
Henry Miller
1 of 700 copies
(New Directions: 1975)

 Two Lives, Georgia O’Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz
Essay Collection
(HarperCollins, Callaway: 1992)

 Poems of Emily Dickinson
(Thomas Y. Crowell: 1964)

Poems of Robert Burns
(Thomas Y. Crowell: 1967)

 Poems of Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Thomas Y. Crowell: 1965)

 The Charles B. Hoyt Collection,
in the Museum of Fine Arts: Boston
(Museum of Fine Arts: 1964)

 A Commencement Address
Alistair Cooke
(Knopf: 1954)

 A Toast to Eliza and Derby
Paul Mellon on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding.
(May 13, 1968)
N.B. This is a dupe.

 A Newly Discovered Poem by Wm. Shakespeare,
(A. Colish: 1986)

 The Brick House, Upperville, VA,
(Bert Clarke & A. Colish: n.d.)

Headmaster’s Report to the Parents and Alumni 1990,
Saint David’s School
New York City

 The Fine Book: Rebirth of An Art,
(Shender Eaby: 1977)

 Eugene Onegin
Trans. By V. Nabokov
Vol. 1—Translation
Vols. 2-3—Commentary
Vol. 4—Index, Russian Text
(Bollingen: 1964)

Trans. George B. Ives
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1946)


 Box 20:


The Italian Commedia dell’Arte
(Inkwell: 1983)

 Great Locofoco Juggernaut
Malcolm Johnson
(Imprint Society, MA: 1971)

 Dali: Paintings and Drawings
Thomas B. Hess
(M. Knoedler: 1970)

 The Artist and the Animal
A Loan Exhibition for the Benefit of the Animal Medical Center
(M. Knoedler: 1968)

 Breakfast in Mycenae
Poems by Lee Hatfield
(Clarke & Way: 1961)

 Pre-Columbian Jade from Costa Rica
Elizabeth Kennedy Easby
(Andre Emmerich: 1968)

 Victor Hammer and the Wells College Press
(Privately printed: 1993)

 Early Maps of North America
Robert M. Lunny
(NJ Historical Society: 1961)

 Twentieth Century Masterpieces from the Musee de Grenoble
(U of MD: 1973)

 Four Hundred Years of Dance Notation
(Grolier Club: 1986)

 Carmi e Favole
(Verona: 1969)

 Blueberry: A Boat of the Connecticut Shoreline
David Hume
(J.N. Townsend, NH: 1994)

 Four Great Americans
Tributes Delivered by President Richard Nixon
(Doubleday: 1972)

 A. Hyatt Mayor
Selected Writings and a Bibliography
(MMA, Grolier Club: 1983)

 An Exhibition of the George Macy Collection
Low Memorial Library
Columbia University
Nov. 1968-Feb. 1969

 Everett Spruce
John Palmer Leeper
(American Federation of Arts: 1959)

 Poems of John Keats
(Thos. Y. Crowell: 1964)
N.B.  Index card with Exhibition text from NYPL enclosed.

 Poems of Robert Browning
(Thos. Y. Crowell: 1964)

 Poems from France
(Thos. Y. Crowell: 1967)

 Years of Twenty
Melanie and Ben Grauer
(Between-Hours-Press, NY: 1974)

 Albert Camus
Nobel Acceptance Speech
(December 10, 1957)

H.P. Kraus, In Memoriam

 H.P. Kraus, Gedichte
(New York: n.d.)

 De Kooning, Recent Paintings
Thomas B. Hess
(Walker & Co.: 1967)

 Longitude 30 West
Printed for the 20th Anniversary of the American Branch of Cambridge UP
(Cambridge UP:  1969)

 The New Russian Poets, 1953-1966
George Reavey
(October House: 1966)

 Essays in Illinois History
(Carbondale: 1968)

 Figures in the Shadows
Jess Cloud
(Morris Gallery: 1957)

 Juet’s Journal
Robert Juet
(NJ Historical Society: 1959)

 Eugene Onegin
Aleksandr Pushkin
Trans. V. Nabokov, Revised Edition
4 vols.
(Bollingen: 1964)
N.B. This is revised edition, see earlier set in Box 19.

 Notes on Prosody, accompaniment to Eugene Onegin trans.
V. Nabokov(Bollingen: 1964)

 Notes on Prosody, accompaniment to Eugene Onegin trans.
Offprint from Bollingen Series LXXII
V. Nabokov
(Bollingen: 1963)

 The Hours of Jeanne D’evreux
(NY Graphic Society, MMA:  1957)

She Stoops to Conquer
Oliver Goldsmith
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1964)


Box 21:

On Designing and Devising Type
J. Van Krimpen
(New York, The Typophiles: 1958)

 Address by Paul Mellon
Thoroughbred Club Award
(November 9, 1975)

 Address by John A. Morris
On Racing Hall of Fame Day
August 7, 1980, Saratoga Springs

 Fifty Yeats of Golf
Horace Hutchinson
(Facsimile of the 1919 Edition)
(USGA: 1985)

 Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn
Scultpure, Prints, and Drawings
(Privately printed: 198?)

H.G. Wells
(Ltd. Editions Club: 1960)

 The Sculpture of Thailand
(Asia Society: 1972)

 The Anatomy of a Brain
(USV Pharmaceutical Corp, NY: 1971)

 John Peter Zenger and Freedom of Press
(A. Colish: 1984)

 The Beach of Falesa
Robert Louis Stevenson
(Heritage Press: 1956)

Moliere & The Would-Be Gentleman
(The Ltd. Editions Club: 1963)

 Paul Valery, Collected Works
Bollingen Series, 6 vols.:
1.     Aesthetics (1964)
2.     Plays (1960)
3.     Degas, Manet, Morisot (1960)
4.     History and Politics (1962)
5.     Dialogues (1956)
6.     The Art of Poetry (1958)

 The I Ching
Intro. By C.G. Jung
(Bollingen: 1950)

 Our Lord Don Quixote
Trans. Anthony Kerrigan
(Bollingen: 1967)

 The Story of Frederic Goudy
Peter Beilenson
(Peter Pauper, NY: 1965)

Box 22:

Sons and Lovers
D.H. Lawrence
(Limited Editions Club: 1975)

 The Torrents of Spring
(Limited Editions Club, 1976)

 Up From Slavery
Booker T. Washington
(Limited Editions Club, 1970)

 The Wrightsman Collection Catalogues, Vols. I-V
Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Art & Connoisseurship
Catalogue No. 170 to benefit the Frick Collection
Ursus Rare Books, Ltd, Undated

Renaissance Jewels and Jeweled Objects
The Baltimore Museum of Art, 1968

 A Guide to the Wrightsman Galleries
Ed. James Parker
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1979

 American Art from American Collections
James Biddle
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1963


Box 23:

 The Divine Comedy of Dante
Bruce Rogers and A. Colish, 1955

Illuminated Manuscripts of the Divine Comedy, vols. 1 & 2
Bollingen Series, Princeton University Press


Box 24:

The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection, vols. I-IV
Privately published, 1984

 50 Books 1964
The American Institute of Graphic Arts
Clarke & Way, 1964

 Jonathan Wild the Great
Henry Fielding
The Limited Editions Club, 1943

 Poetry for My People
Henry Dumas
Southern Illinois University Press, 1970


Box 25:


Quarto Millenary: 250 Publications of the Limited Editions Club, 1929-1954
The Limited Editions Club, 1959

Horace, Odes and Epodes, with manuscript pages
The Thistle Press (Limited Editions Club), 1961

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah
Limited Editions Club, 1979

 Specimens: A Stevens-Nelson Paper Catalogue


Box 26:

 Ten Years and William Shakespeare
A survey of the publishing activities of the Limited Editions Club from October 1929 to October 1940
Limited Editions Club, 1940

 Georgia O’Keeffe, printers proofs
National Gallery of Art, 1987

 The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection, printers proofs
Privately published, 1984

Georgia O’Keeffe
Jack Cohart and Juan Hamilton
National Gallery of Art, 1987

 The Garden and the Wilderness
Charles Pratt
Horizon Press, 1980

 Milton Avery
Bonnie Lee Grad
Stratheona Publishing Company, 1981


Box 27:

Freedom of Religion & Separation of Church and State
Ed. Henry Steele Commager
A.Colish, Inc., 1985

 Helmut Ackerman: A suite of eight woodcuts to illustrate Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse published exclusively for the members of the Limited Editions Club
The Print Club, 1979

 Mendes I
Robert K. Holz, David Steiglitz, Donald P. Hansen, & Edward Oschsenschlager
American Research Center in Egypt, 1980

 The Houghton Library, 1942-1967
Harvard College Library, 1967


Box 28:

 Xylon 21, Naoko Matsubara USA

 Georgia O’Keeffe:  One Hundred Flowers
Ed. Nicholas Callaway
Knopf, 1987

 Georgia O’Keeffe
Limited Edition with prints
The Viking Press, 1976


Box 29:

Moby Dick, or The Whale
Herman Melville, preface by Jacques Cousteau
The Artist’s Limited Edition, 1975

 Georgia O’Keeffe
The Viking Press, 1976

 Shakespeare’s Progress
Frank O’Connor
World Publishing Company, 1960.


Box 30:

 Etchings from Ecclesiastes
William Majors
Museum of Modern Art, 1965

 Georgia O’Keeffe - In the West –Advertisement
Knopf, Undated

 Georgia O’Keeffe – In the West
Eds. Doris Bry and Nicholas Callaway
Knopf, 1989

 Georgia O’Keeffe:  The New York Years
Eds. Doris Bry and Nicholas Callaway
Knopf, 1991

Series VI: Objects

Scope and Content Note:
This series consists of objects used by Bert Clarke in his work, as well as collector’s items and plaques commemorating awards that Clarke won.

Arrangement Note:
These items were separated into their own series due to their unique format. They occupy their own box.

Box 5b:

        Object ID 1: New York Printers Wall of Fame Plaque, 1979

        Object ID 2: Spool of Gold Thread, Undated

        Object ID 3: Spool of Silver Thread, Undated

        Object ID 4: The American Friends of The Gutenberg Museum Certificate of Honor,


        Object ID 5: Commemorative United States Coin, 1871


Oversize Series I: Project Files

The Scope, Content, and Arrangement of this series replicate that of Series I: Project Files.

Box 5a:

        Folder 1: [Catalogue for the National Symphony Ball], 1966

        Folder 2: [David and Peggy Rockefeller Foundation], Undated

        Folder 3: [Trouvaille Française], 1992

Print Room, 5th Floor, Grolier Club:

        Print 1:  Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival with signatures and Georgia O’Keeffe Image, 1979

        Print 2:  Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival with signatures and Georgia O’Keeffe Image, 1980

        Print 3:  Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival with signatures and Georgia O’Keeffe Image, 1975

        Print 4: Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival with signatures and Georgia O’Keeffe Image, 1973

        Poster Tube 1:

           Print 5: Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival with Georgia O’Keeffe Image, 1989

Print 6: Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival with signatures and Georgia O’Keeffe Image, 1983



Oversize Series II: Correspondence


The Scope, Content, and Arrangement of this series replicate that of Series II: Correspondence.


Box 5a:

        Folder 4: Correspondence, 1970

        Folder 4a: Correspondence, 1981


Oversize Series IV: Ephemera

The Scope, Content, and Arrangement of this series replicate that of Series IV: Ephemera.

Box 5a:

        Folder 5: [Retirement Certificate, A. Colish (removed from frame)], 1986

        Folder 6: [Untitled Photograph of Bert Clarke, et. al. (removed from frame)], Undated

Box 3b barcode number: GC302200010197 

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